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Interpreting Year II Of The President Biden Administration

ELON MUSK TWITTER FILES ELON MUSK TWITTER FILES: Elon Musk says some of the “Most Important” Twitter data was “Deleted” or ”Hidden” from former boss and founder Jack Dorsey - as he vows “Everything We Find Will Be Released”

Silence Is Deafening... Continued: White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre REFUSES to comment when asked if the Biden campaign communicated with Twitter about Hunter Biden's laptop

Musk FIRES Twitter's General Counsel James Baker For “Secretly Vetting Internal Files on Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal and DELAYING Release of Second Tranche”: Ex-FBI lawyer was Comey's deputy and involved in Russian collusion probe

White House FINALLY Breaks Its Silence on the Hunter Biden Twitter Files... Only To Call It A “Distraction” and “OLD NEWS”: White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre played down its impact. Karine Jean-Pierre says Elon Musk just wants to divert attention away from site's “hate and disinformation”

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ELON MUSK EXPOSES TWITTER CENSORSHIP CONSPIRACY THEORIES COME TRUE ELON MUSK EXPOSES TWITTER CENSORSHIP CONSPIRACY THEORIES COME TRUE: REVEALED: FBI warned Twitter about a “Hack-and-Leak” operation targeting Hunter Biden in weekly 2020 meetings BEFORE the laptop story was censored

But censorship allegations don't end with Twitter. A lawsuit by two Republican attorneys general accuses the federal government of working together with Big Tech to limit unfavorable media coverage.

EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Laptop Whistleblower Says He's “Not Surprised” The New Times Times And Other Liberal Media Have Failed To Cover Elon Musk's “Twitter Files” - because they are in thrall to Biden's White House

Elon Musk Alleges Disgraced Former FTX Crypto Exchange CEO Sam Bankman-Fried Donated More Than $1Billion To Democrats And Asks “Where Did It Go?”

Disgraced Crypto Exchange Billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried Says He WILL Testify Before The House But there is one BIG hurdle as Democrat Maxine Waters praises FTX founder for his “candidness”

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Elon Musk Crackdown On Tyrannical Freedom MUSK EXPOSES TWITTER CENSORSHIP: Elon Musk Crackdown On Tyrannical Freedom: Elon Musk slams New York Times for ignoring his exposé of how Twitter censored Hunter Biden laptop - as woke outlets including Washington Post, CBS News and ABC all avoid the story too

Elon Musk Says Twitter's Censorship Of Hunter Biden Laptop Story Was The “Definition Of Election Interference” and that firm “was acting as an arm of the Democratic National Committee (DNC)”

Liberal Journalists Rush To Smear Reporter Matt Taibbi For Releasing Elon Musk's Explosive “Twitter Files” that exposed censorship of Hunter Biden laptop

Musk's Huge Twitter Reveal Proves Biden Put His Finger On The Scale Before The 2020 Election. It's A Scandal: He MUST answer for itDaily Mail

Elon Musk Releases “Hunter Biden” Files: Tweets Deleted At Behest Of Team Biden, Executive Was Key Behind Censorship Decision

Apple CEO Tim Cook Hides Behind Staffers As He’s Grilled For Enabling Communist China’s Human Rights AbusesDaily Wire

Top FIVE Revelations From Musk's Hunter Laptop Twitter Thread: Elon Musk drops new details on Twitter's suppression of Hunter Biden laptopWashington Examiner

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Macron and Cheese Macron and Cheese: “Kiss and Make Up”: Biden Hopes Tensions With France End With First State Visit: French President Emmanuel Macron raises election denialism during White House state dinner toast

Democrat lawmaker slams Biden for fancy lobster dinner while “regulating” fishermen

President Joe Biden has been taken to task by a Democratic lawmaker for his plans to serve 200 lobsters in night's state dinner with France's Emmanuel Macron - while his administration is regulating the lobster industry out of business.Washington Examiner

BIDEN ADMINISTRATION: Awkward moment Biden gives Macron a 42-second long handshake during welcome ceremony at the White House - before the French President has to GUIDE Joe back to the crowd

“A Toast To Everyone Getting Along!” Fashion world Vogue editor Anna Wintour joins the Bidens, Republicans, Democrats and celebs for White House state dinner with Macron - as Republican leader Kevin McCarthy brushes off question about dining with investigation target HunterDaily Mail

Washington Examiner 12/01/2022 - 12/02/2022 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Similarities Between Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and United States Democratic Party Similarities Between Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and United States Democratic Party: Pornography, Escort Service Advertisement Bots Flood Twitter Feeds Preventing Chinese Citizens From Accessing COVID Protest News

Elon Musk Releasing Files On How Twitter Suppressed Free Speech “This is necessary to restore public trust”, Musk replied.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and Chief Medical Advisor to the President, Repeatedly Defends Communist China From COVID Cover-Up Accusations When Asked About The Origins Of The COVID-19 Pandemic

BBC Journalist “Beaten And Kicked” By Communist China’s Police

Chinese police arrested a journalist for the BBC who was covering the massive protests that were breaking out across the country in responses to the communist nation’s draconian coronavirus lockdown measures.Daily Wire

CHINA PROTESTS: Beijing beatdown begins: Chinese cops use violence and intimidation to curb anti-Covid lockdown protests after crowds chanted for the end of Communist leader Xi's rule

Xi Jinping's censors are overwhelmed as they try and fail to scrub Chinese rebels' blank sheets of paper from the Internet as anti-lockdown protests rumble across Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong

Chinese government TV CENSORS World Cup games to avoid showing fans who aren't wearing face masks as protests against country's ultra-tough Covid measures explode

White House REFUSES to condemn China's crackdown on COVID protesters chanting “freedom” - as U.S. embassy urges Americans to keep a TWO-WEEK supply of medications, water and food at home because of threats of strict lockdownsDaily Mail

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Round Up The Usual Suspects Of Blame Round Up The Usual Suspects Of Blame: Conservatives Blamed Or Broken Home, Absentee Father and Mother - COLORADO GAY CLUB RAMPAGE: “I'm glad he's not gay:” Colorado club killer's porn star dad says his first concern was that his son was gay when he heard he massacred five people and injured 18

Colorado Gay Club Shooter Is NON-BINARY And Uses They/Them Pronouns, Lawyer says - as it's revealed estranged father is MMA fighter and PORN STAR named “Dick Delaware”

Pelosi Blames MAGA For Colorado Gay Club Massacre: Points finger at Republicans for “Undermining the Safety of Trans People” after gunman, 22, killed FIVE... Even though police have NOT confirmed it was a hate crime

REVEALED: WALMART MANIFESTO: Cops find MANIFESTO on Walmart shooter's phone outlining his unhappiness at recent “change to his employment status” and anger towards colleagues who were “harassing him” - as neighbor says he left in silence to slaughter six

MSNBC's Joy Reid Is Slammed As A “Race-Baiter” after calling Thanksgiving a “simplistic fairytale” that Republicans need to cover up America being founded on “GENOCIDE”

IDAHO BLOOD BATH EXCLUSIVE: Floorplans show where each Idaho student was found stabbed to death in their off-campus three-story house - with slayings taking place on top two floors while two surviving roommates slept downstairs

No Weapon, No Suspects And No Clue! Hapless Idaho cops appeal for public AND the media's help in solving brutal murders of four students - 10 DAYS after gruesome crime that shocked America

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Biden-Putin Exchange“Merchant of Death” Biden-Putin Exchange “Merchant of Death” - Brittney Griner Is FREED Moment WNBA star Brittney Griner was swapped for Russia's grinning “Merchant of Death” arms dealer Viktor Bout at Abu Dhabi airport in deal brokered by Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince

“I'm Being Held Hostage:” Devastated Marine Vet Paul Whelan Breaks His Silence From Russian jail to slam Biden administration for not securing his release along with Brittney Griner as he approaches his FOURTH YEAR inside

Putin's blood-soaked “Merchant of Death” jailed for 25 years for trying to KILL Americans: Viktor Bout tried to sell missiles to down U.S. passenger jets, armed Al Qaeda, stole $32BN of weapons from Ukraine and inspired Nicholas Cage film “Lord of War”

Russians mock America for swapping “Merchant of Death” arms dealer Victor Bout for Brittney Griner - with freed spy Maria Butina crowing “we made them an offer they couldn't refuse”

“We Still Not Voting For You!” Cowboys star Micah Parsons refuses to back Biden after White House negotiated prisoner swap to bring Brittney Griner back from Russia

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“The Destractionator” ELON MUSK TWITTER FILES, Biden “The Destractionator”: White House FINALLY breaks its silence on the Hunter Biden Twitter files... Only to call it a “Distraction” and “OLD NEWS”: White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre played down its impact. Karine Jean-Pierre says Elon Musk just wants to divert attention away from site's “Hate and Disinformation”

Representative James Comer, who will likely take over the House Oversight Committee when the new Congress sits, said Twitter executives would have to answer to him.

“I can promise you this”, Comer said. “Every employee at Twitter who was involved in suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop story will have an opportunity to come before Congress and explain their actions to the American people.”

“This was a huge story.Daily Mail

TWITTER FILES: Editorial: Exposing the truly ugly about America's Big Tech companies

Before Elon Musk purchased Twitter, the company's ever-so-woke senior employees censored a factual news story at the request of Joe Biden's presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

Not only that, but they were in the habit of doing this. And the very people who engaged in this un-American and immoral activity are decrying Musk's takeover of Twitter as a tragedy - the worst thing that could happen to the national conversation.Washington Examiner

Daily Mail 12/05/2022 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

CORRUPTION CHRONICLES: Beware Of The Flim Flam Man And Its Followers CORRUPTION CHRONICLES: Beware Of The Flim Flam Man And Its Followers: Hunter Biden Gun Scandal!

Investigating the Investigators: Judicial Watch: Secret Service Has Repeatedly Changed Story on Existence of Hunter Biden Gun Records

George Soros-Funded Nonprofit Gets $12 Million from U.S. to Empower Workers in Three Latin American Countries Brazil, Colombia and Peru

U.S. taxpayer dollars will go to the Solidarity Center, a Washington D.C.-based group closely allied with OSF as well as the country’s largest union conglomerate, the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO).

The project will bolster unions and advocate for the full and free exercise of collective bargaining rights and freedom of association, the agency writes, adding that the focus will be on underserved communities and advancing gender and racial equity.

Specifically, the American taxpayer dollars will support activities that improve respect for the rights of Brazil’s Afro-Brazilian, migrant, women and LGBTQI+ workers in the digital platform economy and the manufacturing sector.

In Colombia, the focus will be on increasing the capacity of women, migrants, and indigenous people to organize and advocate for workers’ rights.

In Peru, the goal is to improve access to mechanisms for labor rights compliance in the mining and agriculture sectors, particularly for indigenous and migrant workers

U.S. Funds Workshops in India to Counter Stigma, Prejudice in Transgender Community

Though years ago India passed a sweeping law giving transgender people rights - and prohibiting discrimination in education, employment, and healthcare - the Biden administration is spending American taxpayer dollars to counter stigma and prejudice against the transgender community in the south Asian nation with the world’s largest democracy.

Judicial 12/02/2022 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Biden Successfully Buys Votes With Student Loan Bailout Right After Biden Successfully Buys Votes With Student Loan Bailout, Supreme Court Will Weigh InThe Federalist

New York House Republican Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik's campaign claims U.S. Postal Service workers stole nearly $20,000 in donor checks from packages they sent through the mailWashington Examiner

Freudian Slip: Obama Talks About “Crazy” “Uncle Joe” Not Having Any “Serious Responsibilities” During Warnock Campaign RallyDaily Wire

The Federalist 12/01/2022 - 12/02/2022 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Biden's Nightmare Before Christmas Southern Border Crisis, Biden's Nightmare Before Christmas: Border Patrol agents reveal fears about collapse of Title 42

“Title 42 was a cracked dam. We all know that when it breaks, a huge flood is coming. The flood of people coming in at once will cripple our already broken immigration system”, a senior agent in West Texas told the Washington Examiner. “Customs and Border Protection will have no other choice but to release virtually everyone.”

Border guards, victims of migrant crime and top ex-immigragtion officials urge Congress NOT to pass amnesty for migrants during lame-duck session - and instead hold Biden's “utter failure” at the border to account

Washington Examiner 11/28/2022 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Biden's Gaslighting and Greenlighting Through His Presidency Biden's Gaslighting and Greenlighting Through His Presidency: White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre Claims Without Evidence That President Biden Has Visited The Border

“So, look, he’s been there. He’s been to the border”, Jean-Pierre claimed without evidence. “And since he took office -”

The Washington Post previously fact-checked a claim from Biden about visiting the border and found that he only went once during “a brief drive-by” while ”on a campaign swing in 2008.”

“Put America Last Again:” Biden Gives Chevron Greenlight To Start Pumping Oil In Venezuela Again

The move from the leftist Biden administration reversed restrictions that the Trump administration had put on companies in an effort to oust socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro.

“Hundreds Of Billions, If Not Trillions Of Dollars Wasted:” Top Republican Says Pandemic Fraud At Top Of Oversight Committee’s To-Do List

Lefist actress Alyssa Milano Blasted For Trading Her Tesla For A VW Over “White Supremacy”: VW “Literally Founded By Hitler”Daily Wire

Merriam-Webster Dictionary Reveals 2022 Word Of The Year:“Gaslighting” After Searches On Its website Soared 1,740% In A YearDaily Mail

Daily Wire 11/30/2022 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Biden's Thanksgiving Computer From Hell - “Heads Must Roll On Turkey Day” Biden's Thanksgiving Computer From Hell - “Heads Must Roll On Turkey Day”: Biden says “The Only Red Wave Coming Is When Commander Knocks Over Cranberry Sauce” as he pardons turkeys Chocolate and Chip: President mocks Republicans, tells Hunter's son Beau “Don't Jump” from White House balcony and promises not to “Gobble” up time

Now CBS FINALLY wakes up and admits Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop IS REAL, 20 months after authenticated its contents and broke dozens of stories about his shady dealings: So, why did it take them so long?

Hunter Biden watches White House turkey pardoning with two-year-old son Beau as Republicans prepare to investigate his foreign business dealings - and extent of Joe's involvement

Daily Mail 11/21/2022 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search