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Biden opens secret amnesty door, swamping border facilitie Washington Secrets: Biden Opens Secret Amnesty Door, Swamping Border Facilities

The Biden administration, desperate to mute headlines about record illegal migrant crossings, has secretly started a new system to let in potential law-breakers that also puts them on a fast-track to legal status.

Word of the program has spread like wildfire, swamping border camps involved in the program, according to a new report by immigration expert Todd Bensman with the Center for Immigration Studies.

In his report, shared with Secrets today, Bensman said, “Thousands are hearing about this new legal way in - and swamping an expanding system of Mexican shelters that gradually feed their occupants through American ports of entry with temporary legal status and opportunity to make the big move permanent.”

Bensman, who has revealed several loopholes in Biden immigration policies, called the program “part of a purposeful strategy to create work-arounds to court-ordered expulsion policies but also to reduce politically painful illegal crossing statistics by channeling ever more people through these legalized crossings.”

“While neither Department of Homeland Security (DHS) nor the White House has publicized this legalized entrance program, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has repeatedly telegraphed it in his oft-stated intentions to create ‘legal pathways’ as part of the administration’s overarching ‘safe, orderly, and humane’ vision for southern border immigration.”

Washington Examiner 11/21/2022 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

DEMOCRATS CRY WOLF AGAIN! DEMOCRATS CRY WOLF AGAIN! Yet Another Special Counsel Probe On Trump At Taxpayers Expense: “I Have Been Proven Innocent For Six Years:” Trump Slams “Unfair” Special Counsel War Crimes Prosecutor Jack Smith To Lead Probe: Trump Says he won't cooperate, asks why “nothing happens” to Hunter Biden - and insists it's “only happening because I am leading in every poll”

EXCLUSIVE: Shocking Voicemail, Shared Bank Accounts, Dodgy Partners and Whistleblowers: breaks down the jaw-dropping evidence as House Republicans target “Chairman of the Board” Joe Biden - and could lead to possible impeachment

Daily Mail 11/18/2022 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Chief U.S. District Judge Mark Walker, “Clown Dumb As Dirt” Chief U.S. District Judge Mark Walker, “Clown Dumb As Dirt”: Obama Judge Faces Backlash For Halting DeSantis’ “Stop WOKE Act”: “This Clown Is Dumber Than Dirt”

“The law officially bans professors from expressing disfavored viewpoints in university classrooms while permitting unfettered expression of the opposite viewpoints”, Walker writes in his order. “Defendants argue that, under this Act, professors enjoy ‘academic freedom’ so long as they express only those viewpoints of which the State approves. This is positively dystopian.”

Walker claims that “our professors are critical to a healthy democracy” and referred to them as “priests of democracy” who “shed light on challenging ideas”.

Christopher J. Scalia, the son of former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, responded to Walker’s sentence referring to professors being the “priests of democracy” by saying, “That whole sentence is embarrassing.”

Political commentator David Reaboi writes “We need to start getting rid of these repulsive judges - or giving them IQ tests“, “This clown is dumber than dirt.”

Attorney Will Chamberlain writes “Whatever happened to separation of church and state“, “If professors are “priests of democracy” then universities are churches, and must do without all government funding.”

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Pennsylvania Governor Elect Josh Shapiro Charges Former Political Consultant With “Wide Scale” Voter Fraud After Midterm Elections And Three Years Later, Pennsylvania Governor Elect Josh Shapiro Charges Former Political Consultant With “Wide Scale” Voter Fraud Forging Thousands Of Democrat Primary Ballots

Currently serving as the commonwealth’s attorney general, Shapiro said authorities arrested Rasheen Crews and charged him with Criminal Solicitation to Commit Forgery and Theft By Failure to Make Required Disposition for duplicating signatures on nomination petitions to get his clients on the ballot for the Philadelphia city elections in 2019.

Pennsylvania’s incoming governor often criticized his gubernatorial opponent for his endorsement from former President Donald Trump and casting doubts about the 2020 Presidential Election results.

Daily Wire 11/16/2022 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

ABC's “The View” Panics - Demonizes Republicans; Their Mental And Physical Qualities, Including Their Looks! ABC's “The View” Panics - Demonizes Republicans; Their Mental And Physical Qualities, Including Their Looks! “The View:” DeSantis “Looked Like the Devil”, Kari Lake “Has Ugly Face”

“It's Coming Back!” “The View” Panics Over COVID, Whoopi Got It AGAIN

For the second time this year, “The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg has contracted COVID-19 despite being vaccinated and boosted out the wazoo.

Co-host Joy Behar announced the diagnosis at the start of the episode and kicked off a panicked discussion about how “It’s Coming Back” and “A Lot Of People Aren't Getting That New Booster!”

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Trumpty Dumpty Trumpty Dumpty “Takes A Great Fall”: Not 2016 Anymore: Six reasons Trump can't do to DeSantis what he did to Jeb BushWashington Examiner

Former President Donald Trump Launches Unprovoked Attack On Florida Governor Ron DeSantis For His Handling Of COVID Pandemic

DeSantis has been widely praised by conservatives, moderates, and even some liberals for the way that he responded to the pandemic as he battled against measures touted by Dr. Anthony Fauci and refused to shut down his state’s economy and public school system.

Trump “Furious” Over Dr. Oz Losing To Fetterman, Blames His Wife Melania: ReportDaily Wire

How “Trump With A Brain” Wants To Make America The Place Where Woke Goes To Die: Scourge of the Left. Navy Hero. Harvard Lawyer. And a steely wife who beat cancer. Now, writes TOM LEONARD, Ron DeSantis is tipped for the White House

“Toxic” Trump Is Branded “Disaster” by senior Republican figures for “sabotaging” expected Republican “red wave” backing “hardcore MAGA” candidates over traditional Republicans - while aide urges ex-president to DELAY 2024 announcement next week


Biden Is Branded “Arrogant” for saying he won't change “anything” after midterms - despite Democrats being on the verge of losing control of the House and Senate - even after Trump's candidates bombed

Trump Claims He Sent In FBI To Stop “Ballot Theft” In 2018 Florida Governor Race and helped DeSantis win - sparking calls for Justice Department probe - as ex-president launches into “scorched earth” rant at rival

“‘Ron DeSanctimonious’ Is Playing Games!” Trump Says HE Made The Florida Governor A Star By Endorsing Him When He Was “Desperate” And “Politically Dead” - and calls him DISLOYAL for considering a run in 2024

Trump Attacks Republican New Hampshire’s U.S. Senate Nominee U.S. Army Brigadier General Don Bolduc For Losing After Trump Endorsed HimDaily Mail

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Democrat Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney’s idea to combat inflation: Have Some Chef Boyardee Midterm Elections 2022: Democrat Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney’s Idea To Combat Inflation: “Have Some Chef Boyardee”

Sean Patrick Maloney admits defeat - “Best Served Cold: Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) Chief Maloney’s Chef Boyardee on ice: A tearful Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney conceded to his Republican rival Mike Lawler on Wednesday - becoming the first active Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairman in 40 years to be ousted from his seatNew York Post

Ousted Democrat Rep. “Have Some Chef Boyardee” Sean Patrick Maloney slams AOC for being “nowhere to be found” to help Democrats keep the House during midterm electionsDaily Mail

New York Post 11/05/2022 - 11/09/2022 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Biden Says “No More Drilling” Biden Says “No More Drilling”, Stumbles onstage in last-ditch effort to save New York Governor Kathy Hochul from surging Republican Lee Zeldin, slamming Republican Zeldin’s tenure as a congressman for voting against the Democrat agenda, including Biden’s “Inflation Reduction Act”New York Post

Biden Says There Will Be “No More Drilling” As He Almost Falls Off Stage At New York Rally For Governor Kathy Hochul - just a day after he was blasted by key Democrat West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin for “Ignoring Severe Economic Pain” with vow to close Coal PlantsDaily Mail

New York Post 11/06/2022 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Biden says “Economic Growth is up and Inflation is down” Under Him “Democracy is on the Ballot:” Economic with the truth! Biden says “Economic Growth is up and Inflation is down” Under Him - Despite both being WORSE than when he took over as he launches four-state campaign sprint to boost Democrats in tight races

Hillary Clinton Says Republican Crime Ads Offer “No Solutions” And Are Just “Scary Pictures And Scary Music” as she campaigns with Kamala Harris for New York Governor Kathy Hochul

Republican Candidate's Children Are In HIDING After gunman Almost Killed Them by shooting North Carolina house on day Democrat rival posted campaign ad outside their home: Shocked grandmother says her son is “terribly stressed about his children”

For Years, The Left Has Willfully Ignored The Kind Of Horrific Crime The Pelosis Suffered And Let Criminals Run Rampant. Now they're finally waking up… shame about the forgotten victims!

Daily Mail 11/04/2022 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Biden's Celebration Denied Biden's Celebration Denied: White House Deletes Tweet After Getting Humiliated By Fact-Check

Celebrating Biden Claims Responsibility: “Seniors are getting the biggest increase in their Social Security checks in 10 years through President Biden’s leadership”.

Twitter’s Birdwatch program, which has existed for a while, attached a note to the tweet noting that the reason seniors have gotten an increase is because of the inflation rates that have exploded under Biden. (Which high inflation rate, Biden has vehemently denied.)

Fact-Check: Biden's Claim Was Missing Key Context: “Seniors will receive a large Social Security benefit increase due to the annual cost of living adjustment, which is based on the inflation rate”, the note said, which included a link to the U.S. Social Security Administration. “President Nixon in 1972 signed into law automatic benefit adjustments tied to the Consumer Price Index.”

Daily Wire 11/02/2022 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

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The Flying Pig with Lipstick

“California Dreamin'” “California Dreamin':” Chuck Schumer wants amnesty for “11 MILLION” migrants who came here illegally. Doesn't he realize that he's hanging a giant “Come On In” sign on our borders?

Schumer announced in front of the U.S. Capitol, “The only way we’re going to have a great future in America is if we welcome and embrace immigrants.”

“Our ultimate goal”, he said, “[is to] get a path to citizenship for all 11 million, or however many undocumented immigrants.”

Schumer's justification for this dose of political extremism: “American’s just aren’t having enough babies and we need the workers.”

“Depressed birth rates and depressed workers - if that’s not a sad commentary on the state of the country, and a grave threat, I’m not sure what is.”

Daily Mail 11/17/2022 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Jen Psaki The Allegory of Bad Government Jen Psaki The Allegory of Bad Government: Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki dealt a legal blow in free speech court case - Psaki, alongside Dr. Anthony Fauci and a handful of other Biden Administration officials collaborated with Big Tech to quell speech about COVID-19, election integrity, and other topics unfairly

Psaki had stoked ire from conservatives last year when she claimed at the White House podium that the administration was “flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation.”. Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt and Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry sought additional information about the Biden Administration's content flagging apparatus.

Eleven lawyers for Psaki reportedly participated in a courtroom hearing. A Department Of Justice lawyer has hinted he will appeal the ruling, per reports.

Washington Examiner 11/18/2022 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Maricopa County Is Still Counting Votes Maricopa County Arizona Is Still Counting Votes, But They Had Time To Lash Out At “Disinformation Super Spreaders”

At the heart of the scrutiny is Arizona Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate Katie Hobbs and Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake - whose race is among those that are still too close to call - because, as the sitting Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs is Arizona’s top election official in certifying the final vote.

Nevada County Confirms Livestream Video Of Vote-Count Areas Went Dark For 8 Hours, Responds To CriticismDaily Wire

“Election denier” and Trump ally Kari Lake cries “BS” and signals she will fight on after Democrat Katie Hobbs flips Arizona blue: Rival Liz Cheney is the first to gloat on TwitterDaily Mail

Daily Wire 11/13/2022 - 11/15/2022 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Joe Biden Creepy Comedy Clown “It's Just Comedy:” Biden wishes Republicans “Luck” with their threats to investigate Hunter, his family and impeach him if the Republicans take the House majority

“Here we Joe AGAIN!” Biden says Russia is pulling out of “Fallujah”, Iraq instead of “Kherson”, Ukraine in latest brutal slip of the mind for 79-year-old president

“I Hope Jill And I Get A Little Time To Sneak Away For A Week Around, between Christmas and Thanksgiving:” Biden hints he is looking for a break after midterms and Asia trip and will talk to his family about a 2024 race

Daily Mail 11/09/2022 - 11/10/2022 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Biden's Slick Oil Salesman Elixir Biden's Slick Oil Salesman Elixir, From The Files Of “Hunter's Laptop From Hell”: EXCLUSIVE: “My Dad's Speaking...You Should Come Meet Him.” Hunter Biden's Ex Business Partner Is Set To Blow Whistle With Explosive Trove Of Never-Before-Seen Messages, Photos and Recordings That Could Expose Alleged Criminal Activity By The First Family

On eve of Midterms, Whistleblower to tell investigators that Hunter AND then-VP Biden were part of call to discuss online Gambling Venture in Latin America - with Joe asking about revenues and talking like he was Chairman of the Board

Daily Mail 11/06/2022 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Sunny Hostin “Cockroach” Hysterics Rampant Racism Joy Reid Liberal Media Sacred Cow - Why Is She Named “Joy” When She Is Never Happy? MSNBC host “Joyless” Reid claims Americans had NEVER heard the word “Inflation” until the Republicans “Taught It To Them” - as it rises to 40 year high under President Joe BidenDaily Mail

“Joyless” Reid Liberal Media Scream, Often Wrong, Never In Doubt: Joy Reid Claims Americans Didn’t Know The Word “Inflation” Until Republicans Taught It To ThemDaily Wire

Daily Mail 11/04/2022 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Sunny Hostin “Cockroach” Hysterics Rampant Racism Sunny Hostin “Cockroach” Hysterics Rampant Racism: (Take Away Critical Thinking, Reason, Logic and Add Hysteria and Very Loud Voices): ABC’s “The View”'s Sunny Hostin Calls White Women “Roaches” for Voting RepublicansNews

Outrage at ABC's “The View” as host Sunny Hostin likens White Women voting Republican to “Roaches Voting For Raid”, Joy Behar calls party a “Cult” and Sara Haines says all Republican candidates are “Election Deniers”Daily Mail

News 11/03/2022 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search