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UPS found Tucker Carlson's documents relating to Biden Scandal that vanished in systemGDP grew at record 33.1% annual rate in third quarterWoman decapitated, two more killed outside French church in suspected terrorism attack

Riots erupt in downtown Philadelphia this week after a black man armed with a knife was shot and killed by police after he resisted arrestTrump officials praise nearly 400 miles of finished border wall ahead of electionTwitter suspends Border Patrol chief's account after he praised border wall

Pelosi: Don’t mail your ballots in reversal of “Vote-by-mail”Wisconsin Republicans say hackers stole $2.3M just days before the electionBiden plan would tax wealthy estates as much as 67%, unrealized capital gains would be taxed at 43.3% at deathNearly one-third of black voters will vote for Trump, Rasmussen report finds

MOST READ: “Plausible Deniability:” Tony Bobulinski says Joe Biden knew about Hunter Biden’s China deal pursuits Byron York's Daily Memo: Another sign of intensity for Trump in PennsylvaniaJoe Biden introduces himself as Kamala Harris's running mate in Atlanta“Free speech just got thrown out the window:” Pro-Trump billboard removed days before election Washington Examiner

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Twitter, Facebook Confess There Is No Evidence Of Russian Disinformation Behind Hunter Biden StoryTwitter CEO Jack Dorsey Just Lied To Congress And Claimed Twitter Never Censored President Donald TrumpWATCH: Ted Cruz Slams Jack Dorsey For Twitter Censorship And Election Interference

With CNN Contract, Another ‘Resistance’ Leaker Cashed In On Anti-Trump VendettaEverything You Need To Know About The Polls Leading Up To Election DayThe U.S. Has Neither Systemic Voter Fraud Nor Voter Suppression

MOST READ: Trump Is Doing Better In Michigan And Wisconsin Than Polls SuggestTrump Resistance Plans ‘Mass Mobilization’ After Election To Shut Down The Country If Biden Doesn’t WinWith Biden Corruption, Democrats Are Once Again Reaping The Consequences Of Their Gentle PrimaryThe Hunter Biden Scandal Has Exposed The Corporate Press’s Corruption And Condescension

There’s No Going Back To ‘Normal’ After Trump. The Republican Party Is Changed ForeverTrump Admin Establishes Center To Combat Human Trafficking, Only To Be Ignored By Corporate MediaSEVEN Open Leftist Threats That Political Terror Is Coming To America Whether Trump Wins Or NotThe DOJ’s Lawsuit Against Yale Is How To Win The Culture War The Federalist

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Police In Philadelphia “Discover Van Loaded With Explosives, Suspicious Equipment”, Report Says“A Joyful Duty”: MAGA Mask Nuns Unapologetic For Supporting Trump Because Of His Abortion Views

Tucker Carlson Releases Alleged Audio Of Biden Allies: If ‘Story’ Is Verified ‘It Blows Up Big Time’‘Confidential Documents’ Obtained By Tucker Carlson On Biden Family Go Missing, Report

Crenshaw Rips Twitter’s Dorsey: ‘Partisan And A Hypocrite’Expensify CEO Tells 10 Million Customers To Vote For Biden Or Face Possible ‘Civil War’ - Clients Pummel Him

WATCH: “Black Lives Matter” Activists Reportedly Beat Journalist During Left-Wing Riots In PhiladelphiaWATCH: Rioters Threaten, Assault, Chase Jewish Residents: ‘Synagogue Of Satan’

Bezos, Who Owns Amazon And WaPo, Might Buy CNN, Report SaysAOC Suggests She May Seek Higher Office Daily Wire

CORRUPTION CHRONICLES - Mainstream Media Scream: (Watch Dog On-Line Publications) CORRUPTION CHRONICLES: Judicial Watch: Briefing Memo Shows Democratic Lobbying Firm Met with U.S. Officials in Ukraine in February 2019, Discussed Burisma Holdings

“Investigating the Investigators:” New Strzok-Page Emails, Fauci’s Emails, and Important Updates on Illegal ImmigrationJudicial Watch: New Strzok-Page Emails Show ‘Missing’ Meeting Entries

Judicial Watch Statement on Senate Confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett

Overwhelming Majority of MS-13 Defendants are in U.S. Illegally, DOJ Charges 127 This Year Judicial Watch

CNN Contributor and Former Administration Bureaucrat Miles Taylor Revealed He Was The So-called “Senior Administration Ifficial” Who Wrote: “Anonymous” Claims “Nazi-Like” Trump Wants to Kill Women, Kids at BorderNight Two: Tucker Unloads New Bobulinski Audio, Reveals Biden Docs ‘Vanished’

Networks Censor Senate Hearing on Big Tech Censorship of Hunter Biden StoryTucker Carlson Pulls in MONSTER Ratings for Tony Bobulinski Interview

Tech CEO’s Struggle to Give Single Example of Liberals Getting Censored on PlatformsOn ABC's “The View”, Chelsea Handler Brags About “Assaulting” Conservatives in Airports News Busters

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PM fetes ‘important victory’ as U.S. extends bilateral agreements to settlementsShalom and welcome to Bahrain

Over 500,000 new COVID cases confirmed worldwide in new daily recordNational Security Council (NSC) said weighing changing travel policies due to rise in COVID carriers from abroadIran’s Rouhani warns insulting Mohammed may encourage ‘violence’ after Macron defends cartoonsAncient church found where Jesus said to tell Peter to establish Christianity

MOST READ: What did Germans know? Secret anti-Nazi diary gives voice to man on the streetAt Brooklyn Trump rally, Orthodox anger at mayor and governor take center stageMinisters decide grades 1-4 will go back to school Sunday, salons to reopen Times of Israel

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Tucker Carlson reveals new trove of documents implicating Joe Biden in dodgy deals has gone MISSING from courier company - as recording reveals Hunter's two business partners were concerned their secrets would “Blow Up Big Time”“Hunter is the smartest guy I know:” Joe Biden praises his son to Oprah Winfrey as she fails to ask him a single tough question about their controversial business deals

'Who the hell elected you?' Ted Cruz tears into Jack Dorsey for CONTINUING to censor tweets about Hunter's emails as Republicans rip apart Twitter, Facebook and Google for 'bias'Mark Zuckerberg tells Republican senators Facebook 'throttled' Hunter Biden revelations because FBI privately warned him that Russians might dump 'trove' of dodgy documents before the election

Joe Biden “could be compromised by the Chinese Communist Party and must answer key questions before the election” says Texas Rep Dan Crenshaw“Would you please stop bothering me?:” Joe Biden's brother Jim REFUSES to answer questions about whether the Democratic presidential nominee was involved in their family's China business

F-16 fighter jet fire flares to warn off aircraft that had entered restricted air space over Donald Trump's Arizona rallyDonald Trump says he hopes courts will ban counting of ANY votes arriving after November 3 in new attack on mail-in ballot deadlines “Boy, you're scary!” Ivanka smiles as seven-year-old dressed as President Trump joins her on stage at MAGA rally in Pennsylvania

FBI warns ransomware assault threatens the U.S. healthcare system with at least four hospitals already hit and hundreds more at riskSt. Louis couple who pulled guns on protesters seek removal of Democrat chief prosecutor saying she used the 'politically charged' case to better her re-election chances

Rioters hurl fireworks at D.C. police, loot and smash store windows during second night of protests over death of black manJewish men are chased by “BLM” protesters and accused of being from the “Synagogue of Satan” in Philadelphia

Socialist Democrat Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC) appears in Vanity Fair in $14,000 of designer suits and Louboutins to call Trump a motherf****r for not paying tax - as she compares herself to Hillary and Pelosi (and gets to keep a $3,000 outfit)North Korean leader's pop-star ex - who had a hit with Excellent Horse-Like Lady - may have usurped the leader's sister in the power stakes as his wife steps aside Daily Mail

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China’s digital yuan aims to halt U.S. “dollarisation”, boost retail paymentsChina’s Mr Renminbi says Beijing must dismantle capital controls to create a more globally accessible yuan

In Indonesia, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo makes last gasp push for Trump’s China agendaTeenager arrested outside U.S. consulate in Hong Kong denied bail after being charged under National Security LawHong Kong expecting three new, traceable Covid-19 cases

Pilot killed in Taiwan jet crash, all F-5E fighters grounded“Eyes and ears everywhere:” Hong Kong police to launch national security hotline“I’m no agent:” Bilahari hints Asean should expel pro-China CambodiaUnited States charges EIGHT as Chinese agents, accusing them of targeting dissidents in U.S.

North Korea Nuclear Crisis: Meet the Danish chef who spent 10 years spying on North Korea / How a President Joe Biden would rethink U.S. strategy on North Korea / U.S. accuses China of aiding North Korea cyber thefts South China Morning Post

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Three dead in 'terror' attack at French churchMerkel defends 'necessary' new lockdownBelarus partially closes borders amid security shakeup

The Council of Europe is the first international political institution to look into the poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei NavalnyTurkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan condemns the French magazine after it mocked him with a front-page cartoonFranco-Turkish quarrel could 'widen divide'

CORONAVIRUS: Vaccinating Germany could take until 2022Berlin's hospitals bracing for second waveCoronavirus: France announces second lockdownEuropean Commission: EU faces a long pandemic Deutsche Welle

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Attack in Nice carried out by ‘Islamist terrorist’, Macron says, ordering troops to patrol churches & schools in France (VIDEO)‘Radical Islamic terrorist attacks’ must stop! Trump tweets support for France after Nice church attackKnifeman beheaded TWO victims in church terrorist attack, Nice first deputy mayor (VIDEO)

What is known about suspected French church attacker: Media reveal details about man believed to have killed 3 in NiceAnkara condemns ‘heinous terrorist attack’ in Nice, offers ‘condolences’ to France in break from Erdogan-Macron spatFrance raises national terror alert system to MAXIMUM level after Nice church attack

Twitter’s Dorsey raises eyebrows with ‘wizard’ beard & comment that Holocaust denial doesn’t violate ‘misinformation’ policy Philadelphia police discover van ‘loaded with EXPLOSIVES’ as sporadic looting continues for 3rd night despite curfew What happened to that censorship, Twitter? Ex-Malaysian PM says Muslims have RIGHT TO KILL millions of French

‘How about we stop talking about race?’ Cartoon Network PSA teaching anti-racism sparks outrage onlineJournalists protest as BBC bans ‘virtue signaling’, emojis & ‘controversial’ takes on social mediaAnother race faker? Professor resigns from university & deletes social media after accusations of fake Mexican heritage

Western attempts to rewrite history of WW2 & turn conflict into political football have incensed Russians, now Moscow strikes back Op-edTrump is really a THIRD PARTY candidate, taking the first pickaxe to the foundations of the two-party U.S. dictatorship in 170 years Op-edThese new totalitarians now want to police what we say around the dinner table. This is Soviet-style denunciation, 2020-style Op-ed RT Russia Today

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North Korea advances missiles to U.S. West Coast, under China’s wing & selling to Iran. audio   China militarizes and weaponizes space with a strategy, which the United States doesn’t have. audio  

Twitter shuts down political opponents - naturally: it's a private enterprise. audio   The lockdowns are the threat, not herd immunity. audio   No 1 Documentary at Amazon Prime: “The Plot Against the President” audio  

State of the City, the State, the Union: Presited Trump vs Mayor DeBlasio over the "Ghost Town" of Manhattan. audio   Watching Trump-voting Ohio counties on Election night; and watching Philadelphia County in turmoil. audio   What Western and Northern Pennsylvania counties to watch for turnout on Election night; and the Coal Miner's Daughter of Washington County is a Coal Miner. audio   Supreme Court again weighs Pennsylvania's request to extend Election Day. audio  

New Hunter Biden transcript names convicted felons as Biden associates. audio   . . . as Wall Street and major corporations write checks to Biden. audio   Will the major media newsrooms turn on Biden after the Election? audio  

Birth of a proto-star Solar System like ours. audio   2 of 2 audio   John Batchelor (10/26/2020)

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