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Republican National Convention: Trump’s journey from “I alone can fix it” to a united Republican Party

There Is Death, and Political Death

Tensions flare among Secret Service, law enforcement, and Congress after Trump shot

“Gladiator” Trump nominated for president at macho Republican convention

Trump is right on Taiwan

Taiwan “willing to take on more” defense responsibility after Trump barb

Houthi terror group launches drone strike in Tel Aviv

Congress must act to prevent “tax Armageddon”

Biden and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad month

RNC Buzz: Upscale ear bandages, cheese heads, and a dancing queen

Convicted felon' doesn't sting when you’re convicted for being a Republican

Washington Examiner Wakeup: Trump accepts Republican nomination, Trump and Vance hosting rally in Michigan, Senator Marco Rubio opens up about Trump’s Vice President pick video Washington Examiner

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J.D. Vance Appeals To The “Cast Aside And Forgotten” In Republican National Convention (RNC) Speech

Local Police Told Secret Service They Didn’t Have Manpower To Secure Building Used By Trump’s Would-Be Assassin

Mission Fail: Perspective On The Trump Assassination Attempt From A Former Secret Service Agent

Why Would Any Legit Democratic Presidential Prospect Jump Into This Mess?

FEATURE: Trump Security Scandal Follows Yearslong String Of Secret Service Failures

Trump Security Scandal Follows Yearslong String Of Secret Service Failures

Biden Couldn’t Even Make It 48 Hours Without Using Extreme Rhetoric Against Trump

Jesus Christ Is Donald Trump’s Security Detail

Cleveland: In His Desperation, Biden Pledges Unconstitutional Attacks On Supreme Court video

Hemingway: If Republicans Want To Win, They Must Get Ballots Into The Box video

Hemingway: Biden Threatens Supreme Court, The One Functioning Institution We Have video The Federalist

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TOP STORIES: Republican National Convention (RNC) Day 3: Introducing J.D. Vance

The Palace Coup Is On

After Almost Getting Trump Killed, The Secret Service Cries About Mean Tweets

Top Dems Believe Biden Will Decide To Drop Out As Soon As This Weekend: Report

“Inexcusable:” Speaker Johnson Calls On Biden To Fire Secret Service Director

Biden Now “Receptive” To Ending Presidential Campaign, Greenlighting Harris For Nomination: Report

Biden Tests Positive For COVID, Cuts Short Campaign Swing

Whistleblowers Say Secret Service Knew It Was Understaffed In Days Leading Up To Attempted Trump Assassination

MSNBC Refused To Show Grieving Gold Star Families At Republican National Convention Daily Wire

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“The Walls Are Closing In;” Networks Pummel Biden on Dems Ordering “The Code Red”

Collusion Cackles? Washington Post's Max Boot's Wife Indicted as Agent of South Korea

ABC, NBC Skip Gold Star Families at Republican National Convention (RNC); Netorks Give Vance Surprisingly Good Marks

Worst Media Outburst of the Republican National Convention (RNC);, Night Three: Reid Claims Biden Getting COVID and Trump Getting Shot Are the “Same”

Morning Joe Admits: We've Known For “A Long Time” That Biden Was Losing

On ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! Anthony Anderson Slimes Republicans As “Wu Klux Klan“ And “Fascists”

Show Me The Facts: MSNBC’s Alex Wagner Peers Into J.D. Vance Speech, Finds a White Supremacy audio News

Top News Stories - Photos (Judicial

CORRUPTION CHRONICLES: Judicial Watch Statement on Judge Cannon’s Decision to Dismiss Trump Documents Prosecution

INVESTIGATING THE INVESTIGATORS: Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Can’t Assure Mexican Border Air Marshal Assignments Did Not Impact Transportation Security

Judicial Watch Sues Treasury Department. for Records on Foreign Purchases of U.S. Farmland

Packs of “Fighting Age Males” in Military Uniforms Entering U.S. through Remote Arizona Town

Judicial Watch Announces Publication of Rights and Freedoms in Peril: An Investigative Report on the Left’s Attack on America Judicial

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HISTORY SHATTERING WEEK: America now faces a presidential plot twist that no one could've predicted

TRUMP ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT: Incredible details are revealed from “one-in-a-million” sniper shot that took down Trump shooter Thomas Matthew Crooks

EXCLUSIVE: Doctors say antidepressants may have pushed Trump shooter Thomas Crooks over the edge - as concerning new details emerge

NOW Anthony Fauci DISMISSES Trump's wounds from assassination attempt as CNN doctor makes shock demand of former president

Trump shooter used a DRONE to scope out rally grounds just HOURS before ex-president's speech - as stunning details are revealed in another huge security failure

REVEALED: Trump shooter Thomas Matthew Crooks' disgusting final internet search

DEMOCRATS IN CRISIS: Insiders reveal “bitter” Biden's fury with long-time allies for turning on him - and who he believes is 'puppet master' behind campaign to push him out

“Loophole” that could see Biden booted out the election race if he refuses to go

“DIGITAL PANDEMIC“ UNLEASHES CHAOS: America Reboots: Country desperately scrambles back to its feet after grinding to a halt during world's worst EVER IT meltdown - here's how you're affected

Inside Japan's WWII “Horror Bunker” where evil scientists cut prisoners open alive in dissection rooms and kept them in low-pressure chambers until their eyeballs exploded Daily Mail

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ISRAEL AT WAR - Day 288: Report: U.S. mulling sanctions on “far-right” ministers Itamar Ben Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich

Report: Biden won’t give Netanyahu “satisfaction” of quitting before Prime Minister’s trip to D.C.

Protesters rallying Saturday night to urge Netanyahu to seal hostage deal before U.S. trip

Israeli Air Force (IAF) tracked drone that hit Tel Aviv for 6 minutes, but failed to classify it as threat

World Court - International Court of Justice (ICJ): Israeli presence in East Jerusalem, West Bank is illegal and must end

Now online, diary of teen shot by Nazis tells of desperation, fear, hope in Vilna Ghetto

Daily Briefing July 19: Day 287 Times of Israel (ToI) reports from the Republican National Convention audio Times of Israel

Top News Stories - Photos (South China Morning Post)

China’s Communist Party eyes cross-border bribery law to fill anti-graft gaps

Xi Jinping tells party to show “unwavering faith” in China’s reform plans

Trump, accepting Republican presidential nomination, threatens high car tariffs

CrowdStrike CEO blames “defect” in software update for global Microsoft outage; Hong Kong airport hit

China escapes Microsoft outage, thanks to Beijing’s tech self-sufficiency drive

North Korea Nuclear Crisis: North Korea threatens “unimaginably harsh” price over U.S.-South nuclear plans

South Korea risks “crossfire” by partnering NATO amid Ukraine war

Opinion: U.S., China owe the world their best effort to avert war in East Asia South China Morning Post

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FEATURE: NASA's Curiosity rover discovers a surprise in a Martian rockNew framework allows robots to learn via online human demonstration videos

Scientists integrate solid-state spin qubits with nanomechanical resonatorsObservations detect a nearby hypervelocity stellar/substellar objectEarly Riser: The sun is already starting its next 11-year solar cycle—despite being halfway through its current one

Of ants and trees: “Evolutionary déjà vu” in the tropical rainforestStudies find China-based emissions of three potent climate-warming greenhouse gases have spiked in past decadeNew AI approach accelerates targeted materials discovery and sets the stage for self-driving experiments

Exploring how astrocytes respond to spinal cord injury or stroke-induced tissue damageNew humidity-driven membrane removes carbon dioxide from the airResearchers create insect-inspired autonomous navigation strategy for tiny, lightweight robots