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U.S. taking “whole of government response” to apparent China-backed Microsoft hackMINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota - Death and 'autonomous zone' grip George Floyd Square ahead of Chauvin trialDefense Secretary Lloyd Austin: 'We demand the right to protect our troops' after missile strike in Iraq

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) won’t test thousands of migrants before releasing into U.S. and is relying on border communitiesWhite House Press Secretary Jen Psaki: Abbott 'declined' money for illegal immigrant COVID testsCrenshaw tours 'unstable' border in helicopter

New York Democratic leaders call on Cuomo to resign from officeSwitzerland bans face coverings in narrow voteGreta Thunberg says Biden's climate policies don't go far enough

MOST READ: White House scrambles on immigration, blames Trump, and calls in first lady‘Dump’ New York, Cuomo: NRA move to Texas cheered by Cruz, Jordan, and PompeoDevin Nunes: Missing House Intelligence Committee appointments a 'big mystery' Washington Examiner

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15 Insane Things In Democrats’ H.R. 1 Bill To Corrupt Elections ForeverBig Tech Thinks You’re An Idiot Child Who Can’t Govern YourselfStopping The Next Cultural Revolution Starts With Your Home Library

Oprah Interview Proves Harry And Meghan Are BoringHow Democrats’ Capitol Fortifications Undermine Their Plans For DC StatehoodEBay Treats Dr. Seuss Worse Than ‘Mein Kampf’ And ‘Birth Of A Nation’

MOST READ: Demi Lovato Calls Gender Reveal Parties ‘Transphobic’Illinois Teachers Shamed For Color Of Their Skin In Taxpayer-Sponsored ‘Antiracist’ TrainingThe Capitol Police Chief And Her Democratic Bosses Are Lying To You All To Hold Our Capital HostageEvangelicals For Biden ‘Feel Used And Betrayed’ By Biden Fulfilling His Radical Abortion Promises

Washington, D.C. Will Remain Under Military Occupation As Long As Pelosi RulesFBI Spied On Fox News, Recorded Phone Call Between Fox Exec And George Papadopoulos, New Texts ShowIf We Can’t Stop Wearing Masks Now, Then When?Disastrous George Floyd Policing Act Is A Hodgepodge Of Anti-Cop Buzzwords That Wouldn’t Make Anyone Safer The Federalist

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Biden Admin Allows Child Migrant Detention Centers To Open At 100% Capacity, Eyes Giving Them New Name: ReportsDemocrat Lawmaker: Biden Admin ‘Purposely Withholding’ Number Of Migrants ‘Being Released’ Into U.S.

Biden Signs Executive Order ‘To Make It Easier’ To Vote, Calls Republican Election Reform Efforts ‘An All-Out Assault’ On Voting Rights‘Huge Development:’ Democrat Senator Joe Manchin Starts To Crack On Filibuster, Signals Openness To Change

After ‘Defunding The Police’, NYC First Lady Pleads For Citizens To Intervene In Violent Crimes As Assaults SpikeDemocrat Congressman Allegedly Failed To Disclose Stock Trades During Pandemic: ‘Extremely Concerning’

Heads Of Democratic State Senate, State Assembly Urge Cuomo To ResignNew York Lawmaker Pushes Sex Ed Overhaul: Teaching ‘Gender Identity’ To 5-Year-Olds, ‘Anal Sex’ To 11-Year-Olds

‘Anti-Racist’ Organization Says It Can No Longer Use Dr. Seuss Books To Teach Tolerance Because They Don’t Address Structural RacismComedian Gabriel Iglesias Hits Back After NYT Columnist Says Cartoon Mouse ‘Speedy Gonzalez’ Stereotypes Mexicans Daily Wire

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Biden Administration First to Invite Rejected Asylum-Seekers to Reapply: Texas SheriffManchin Backs Filibuster, But Says ‘It Should Be Painful’ to UseCruz Puts Hold on Biden’s CIA Pick to Pressure Admin Over Nord Stream 2White House Calls on Texas Governor to Accept Federal Funds for Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus Testing of Illegal Immigrants

U.S. and South Korea Agree on Cost-Sharing Deal for American Troop PresenceMass Rape, Sexual Abuse: Communist China’s Genocidal Tool to Eliminate FaithCuomo to Sign Bill Stripping His Emergency COVID-19 Powers2 Dead, 2 in ICU After 83,400 Receive China's Sinovac Vaccines in Hong Kong The Epoch Times

CORRUPTION CHRONICLES - Mainstream/Blamestream Media Scream: (Watch Dog On-Line Publications) CORRUPTION CHRONICLES: SAY NO TO BIG-TECH CENSORSHIP—Free Donald Trump! Left Seeks to Abuse IRS Info—AGAIN Defending the Rule of Law

“Investigating the Investigators:” Judicial Watch and Allied Educational Foundation File Supreme Court Brief Objecting to California Targeting of Donor Privacy

‘Equity’ Drives Virginia Vaccine DistributionBiden Corruption, Saving Elections, Justice for Trump & Pelosi Cover Ups! Judicial Watch

Fake Outrage: CNN's Don Lemon Comes Unglued Over Republican Leader Reading Dr. SeussNew York Times Rips Republicans for Opposing Enormous Spending, Despite 'Mr. Biden’s Good Intentions'Surprise! NBC Highlights Florida Stealing Businesses from Blue Lockdown States

Godless ‘American Gods’ Shocks with Trans Orgy Party on StarzFLIP! FLOP! Before Mocking Andrew Cuomo, CNN's Chris Cillizza Adored HimABC Warns Viewers Republicans, Manchin Will Be Problem for Liberal Agenda

Glass House Alert! MSNBC Lets Ex-Lincoln Project Adviser Accuse OTHERS of 'Grift' News Busters

Top News Stories - Photos (Daily Mail)

Oprah interview bombshells: Meghan claims she was suicidal when she was five months pregnant, Kate made HER cry and Royals refused to make Archie a prince because they were worried how 'dark' he would be'I was trapped until I met Meg, I just didn't know it': Harry says he feels sorry for William and Charles who can never escape and reveals his father stopped taking his calls during Megxit

Biden sends warning to Iran by deploying two U.S. B-52 bombers over Mideast for SECOND time since coming to power - and days after Israel blamed Tehran for explosion on its cargo ship in Gulf of Oman Biden appoints two women as four-star generals months after their promotions 'were delayed by defense secretary over fears Trump would nix them in favor of white males'

Nearly 50 New York lawmakers call for Gov Cuomo to resign or be impeached after two more women accuse him of harassment, bringing total to fiveThousands of protesters march through Minneapolis to courthouse where ex-cop Derek Chauvin's trial over the death of George Floyd

Bar owner says: 'We're selling more $3 beer than $7 masks'Why the roots of the EU's vaccine catastrophe lie in Angela Merkel's shadowy past in Communist East Germany

Jeff Bezos sends congratulations as ex-wife MacKenzie Scott - worth $53billion - marries science teacher at her kids' Seattle school Pepe Le Pew is CUT from Space Jam 2 following allegations that the amorous French skunk 'normalized rape culture' and taught boys that 'no didn't really mean no' Daily Mail

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China is ‘30 years off being a top-tier industrial powerhouse’Chinese capital Beijing sets sights on building ‘trillion yuan’ hi-tech manufacturing clustersChina and Russia should combat ‘colour revolutions’: foreign Chinese foreign minister

World Health Organization (WHO) readies Covid-19 origins report as demands grow for more transparency on China investigation‘Third person dies’ days after receiving China’s Sinovac vaccine; city logs 9 new Covid-19 casesBeijing prepared to accept the pain to ‘fix’ Hong Kong, observers say

China looks to developing world as U.S. stages global comebackExplainer: South China Sea: what are rival claimants building on islands and reefs?Toilet dispute leaves flight attendant with broken arm and pilot with missing tooth

North Korea Nuclear Crisis: North Korea looms as next big test for China-U.S. relations / North Korea’s Kim slams officials for lacking ideas to save economy / Australian ‘agent’ for Pyongyang pleads guilty to breaching UN sanctions South China Morning Post

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German lawmaker resigns over face mask scandalItalian police arrest suspect in Paris attacksMeghan and Harry interview: The reactions

From stay-at-home mom to democratic leader'Racy' women on Google image searchLatin America's new feminist iconWomen's Day is a day of mourning for Africa

CORONAVIRUS: Germany rolls back some lockdown restrictionsSyrian president tests positive for COVIDEU expects major vaccine boost starting in AprilFact check: The risk of catching coronavirus outdoors Deutsche Welle

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Biden preparing to launch series of ‘clandestine’ cyberattacks against Russia - New York Times Ivan Safronov case: How a Russian space agency adviser & ex-journalist crash-landed at the centre of a NATO-linked espionage drama MOST READ: ‘Concerns about how dark his skin might be:’ Meghan drops racism bombshell on why UK royals didn’t want her son to be prince

WATCH: Israeli jets escort American B-52 bombers in apparent ‘show of force’ to Iran Brussels deploys plainclothes police officers to sexual harassment ‘hotspots’ where nearly 80% of women fear leaving home #AbolishTheMonarchy trends after Meghan’s tell-all with Oprah sparks Twitter revolt

South Korea agrees to ‘meaningful increase’ in payouts for the privilege of hosting 28,500 U.S. troops 500 injured, at least 15 killed after multiple explosions level military base in Equatorial Guinea’s largest city (VIDEOS) Hourglass running out: Sand becoming scarce world over due to soaring demand

Texas launches 'Operation Lone Star', sending National Guard & state troopers to secure border after Biden opened floodgates The latest episode of the vapid Harry and Meghan saga shows they’ve replaced the Kardashians as the world’s biggest reality show Op-edExposed: How British state tries to weaponise Russian-speakers in Baltics as ‘agents of change’ in operation to ‘weaken’ Moscow Op-ed RT Russia Today

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Self-parody Cancel Culture vs the Treasured Dr. Seuss. audio  
Stanford academics attack their own scholars. audio  

Biden was fifth in New Hampshire because there was no sixth.. audio  
What’s wrong about $1.9 trillion? audio  
Biden's $1.9 Trillion slush fund in a Springtime bursting recovery. audio  

State of the City, the State, the Union: Waiting on the multiple investigations of Governor Andrew Cuomo. audio  
Insurrection: impossible without firearms, of which none was found. audio  

The Biden breach with Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) pushes the Kingdom toward the People's Republic of China (PRC). audio  
Suspect Iran for the environmental war crime on Israel's beaches. audio  

The Lost Bank: The Story of Washington Mutual—The Biggest Bank Failure in American History. audio   2 of 4 audio   3 of 4 audio   4 of 4 audio  

81 Days Below Zero: The Incredible Survival Story of a World War II Pilot in Alaska's Frozen Wilderness. audio   2 of 4 audio   3 of 4 audio   4 of 4 audio  

Last Man Off: A True Story of Disaster and Survival on the Antarctic. audio   2 of 4 audio   3 of 4 audio   4 of 4 audio   John Batchelor (03/06/2021)

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FEATURED: A technique to track Earth’s subtle movements with orbiting radars is heating upTraces of psychedelics make you feel good, but so does placebo, finds unusual ‘self-blinding’ study

New study suggests humans evolved to run on less water than our closest primate relativesFacebook enhances AI computer vision with SEER

Butterflies are vanishing in the western U.S. - but not for the reasons scientists thoughtThese bacteria-gobbling immune cells help the body heal - but also cause surgical complications Science AAAS