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White House urges FDA to hurry vaccine rollout after Britain beat U.S. to approvalMore than 1,000 researchers linked to Chinese military left US after summer crackdown beganPresident Trump swipes at U.S. attorney John Durham after special counsel appointment

Ivanka Trump, President Trump's daughter and adviser, deposed by D.C. attorney general's office in inauguration lawsuitJustice Department probes presidential pardon bribery schemeSidney Powell gets expedited appeal in Georgia Dominion caseSidney Powell, Lin Wood host rally in Georgia, urging boycott of January runoffs

Labor board: Google illegally spied on, fired workersTrump: Section 230 is a “Serious threat to our National Security & Election Integrity”Kamala Harris's reckless fearmongering over “Trump vaccine” is proven a cynical lie“Trust the Science” until the science doesn't support the nanny state

MOST READ: Whistleblowers: Postal Service labeled Trump mail “Undeliverable” 388,000 ballots backdated, “disappear”Trump campaign files Wisconsin lawsuit seeking to toss some 221K ballotsSenate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer admits in private call that Democratic chances to regain Senate control were squashed: Report Washington Examiner

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Were Insecure Voting Processes This Year’s ‘Insurance Policy’ For Democrats?Trump Lawyers Claim Widespread Election Fraud In Nevada, And They’re About To Have Their Day In CourtWhy Identity Politics’ Speech Controls Will Cancel Self-Government If We Don’t ResistRules For Thee But Not For Me: A Rundown Of Lockdown Leftists Ignoring Their Own Rules

MOST READ: Media Elites, Not Trump Supporters, Are Disconnected From RealityConsulting Firm Founded By Biden’s Secretary Of State Pick Just Scrubbed Its Website Of All Business Ties To Communist ChinaFIVE More Ways Joe Biden Magically Outperformed Election NormsIowa Democrat Who Lost Her House Race Wants Nancy Pelosi To Overturn The Election Result

The ‘Not My President’ Crowd Needs To Sit Down And Shut UpPro-Lifers Arrested For Protesting San Francisco Hospital Transplanting Aborted Baby Organs Into Lab RatsMasks Are As Much A Religious Symbol As A Health PrecautionTrump Derides 2020 Election As Stolen In What He Calls ‘The Most Important Speech’ He’s Ever Made The Federalist

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James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas CNN Tapes: Execs Discussed Burying Hunter Biden Story, Advocated Helping Biden With Miami Cubans‘I Trust This Science:’ Barack Obama Plans To Take COVID-19 Vaccine, Open To Televising It

Politico: RNC ‘So Dishonest’m We ‘Feel No Obligation’ To Ask Them For Comment AnymoreMichael Moore Urges Trump Supporters To Wear Masks: ‘If Millions Of You Die Off, That’s A Lot Less Republican Voters’

Alleged Pro-Trump Lawyer Lin Wood, Cautioning Republican Voters In Georgia, Has Donated, Voted For Democrats: ReportsIowa Democrat Who Lost By Six Votes Will Appeal Race To Democrat-Controlled House Of Representatives

Beverly Hills And Other Cities Consider Splitting Off From Los Angeles County Health Department Over Restrictive COVID-19 OrdersState Senator, Supporters Confront Cops After Man Arrested For ‘Trespassing’ At Own Bar, Cops Block Door

Austin Mayor Promoted ‘Stay Home’ Message While On Vacation In MexicoGeorgia Voter Group Founded By Stacey Abrams Under Investigation For Allegedly Registering Out-Of-State, Dead Voters Daily Wire

CORRUPTION CHRONICLES - Mainstream/Blamestream Media Scream: (Watch Dog On-Line Publications) CORRUPTION CHRONICLES: State Legislatures Have a Constitutional Duty to Make Sure Ballots Were Counted Appropriately! Voting Process is Compromised if You Don't Allow Observers to Watch Ballots Being Counted!How Can ANYONE Trust the Vote Count in Pennsylvania Given the Irregularities That Occurred?

“Investigating the Investigators:” Unmasking General Flynn, Asylum for Child Abusers & Drunk Abusers

Three Members of Congress Star in Forum with Terror Financiers, Anti-Semites Judicial Watch

‘Fake News’ CNN Hack Gets Pulverized by FNC’s Bret Baier After He Tweets Out Misleading Video‘Keeping Them Honest:’ White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany RIPS CNN’s ‘Fake News’ About Her Husband

Networks Push Trump Family Pardon Speculation, Ignored Barack Obama Helping TerroristThe Secret ‘Fake News’ CNN TapesABCs ‘The View:’ Sunny Hostin Rejects Obama's Advice to Drop ‘Defund’ Police: ‘He’s Wrong...Knows Better’CBS Goes Full Climate Propaganda: Why Are Humans ‘at War With Nature?’ News Busters

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Biden: U.S. will rejoin Iran Nuclear Deal if Tehran Returns to “Strict Compliance”Iran’s Rouhani calls bill to boost uranium enrichment “harmful” to diplomacyUN Security Council said disinclined to act over death of Iranian nuke scientistIranian-Swedish academic will likely be executed by Iran on Wednesday, wife says

Bahrain will treat settlement goods as made in Israel, visiting minister saysThousands attend Jerusalem funeral for Haredi rabbi in violation of virus rulesKissing the ground, hundreds of Ethiopian immigrants welcomed to IsraelAmerican Jewish doctor shocked to find Nazi tattoos on COVID-19 patient Times of Israel

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“It's statistically impossible that I lost:” White House releases 46-minute address by Trump and pleading with the Supreme Court to OVERTURN Biden's “victory”Dominion contract worker claims votes were processed “Thousands of Times” in Michigan after witness arguing for stronger voter ID laws said “All Chinese Look Alike”Newly-pardoned Mike Flynn calls for Trump to suspend the Constitution, declare martial law and order military to hold a re-run election - and claims the alternative is “CIVIL WAR”

Tapes leaked to Project Veritas reveal CNN boss Jeff Zucker approved burying the Hunter Biden story in run up to election while another senior exec said Cuban-Americans would vote for Trump “Because they like bullies”The Squad teams up on Obama: AOC, Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley slam president for saying “Defund the Police” is a “Snappy slogan that alienates voters” by insisting it is a mandateClinton confidante tells how he confronted Bill over his cheating, how ego-driven former president sabotaged Hillary's 2008 run and how Chelsea befriended Ghislaine Maxwell to get access to her yachts and nice homes

Los Angeles residents are ordered to stay in their homes: Mayor Garcetti tells 4million citizens to remain indoors, restricts travel, closes non-essential businesses and says it's “Time to Cancel Everything” as hospitalizations and cases surgeCDC tells Americans not to travel at Christmas as U.S. hits its HIGHEST daily COVID death toll: 2,733 people are killed in 24 hours, hospitalizations reach a record 100,226 and Biden warns another 250,000 will die by JanuaryHow did Covid REALLY spread around the world? As damning test results show antibodies were in U.S. in December - WEEKS before China raised alarm - growing global evidence points to a cover-up

REVEALED: Austin's Democrat mayor told residents to “Stay home” in a video from his CABO vacation home, two days after flying in on a private jet from his daughter's weddingSan Francisco bans tobacco smoking and vaping inside all apartment buildings in the city - but pot use is ALLOWEDGovernor Andrew Cuomo says New York will get 170k doses of Pfizer vaccine on December 15 if HIS panel of experts and the FDA approve it Daily Mail

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“River deep, tensions high:” China assures India over Tibet dam plans amid spectre of droughtChina faces uphill struggle to win over Mekong neighbours

Ex-opposition lawmaker admits he may not return to Hong Kong to face charges One-third of 90 new Covid-19 cases in Hong Kong from unknown sources Editor of nationalistic Chinese newspaper says he was a target of blackmail and rumours by deputy

Explainer: How much U.S. debt does China own and why is it important? Chinese cities latest to tighten rules on how firms can use personal data Beijing tells Chinese vaccine makers to get ready for mass production U.S. House passes bill to delist Chinese companies from stock exchanges

North Korea Nuclear Crisis: U.S. official accuses China of undermining North Korea sanctions / How might China test new President Biden? / Kim Jong-un and his nuclear arsenal add to Biden’s list of challenges South China Morning Post

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UN: COVID-19 to worsen poverty in 47 poorest nationsWorld food prices hit 6-year high amid pandemic

French police to inspect “separatist” mosquesEurope's “Magnitsky Act” - FIVE things to know“We're still compromised by the legacy of slavery”

A city in mourning: The day after in TrierEU pushes for “right to disconnect” from work at homeGerman rail operator rolls out plan for 'safer' Christmas travelGerman travel giant TUI receives third billion-euro package

CORONAVIRUS: IBM detects hacking ploy to target vaccine supplyU.S. COVID hospitalizations cross 100,000U.S. tightens visa rules for Chinese Communist Party membersFormer French President dies from COVIDGermany's “lockdown light” to stretch into January Deutsche Welle

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Beijing slams Australia’s ‘destabilizing’ actions as it partners with U.S. to develop air-launched hypersonic missile Tulsi Gabbard backs Trump’s call to rip up Big Tech-shielding Section 230, Twitter predicts she’ll ‘get canceled’ - again WeChat deletes Australian PM Morrison’s post on China amid row with Beijing over doctored image of Aussie soldier and trade

‘Matrix microscopy:’ Powerful stargazing tech allows scientists to see directly through skulls without need for surgery Massachusetts set to become first U.S. state to ban use of facial recognition by police A split in Belarus’ opposition? Kolesnikova hints at talks with embattled Lukashenko but Tikhanovskaya favors West’s intervention

Britain’s Pfizer vaccine announcement gives anti-vaxxers unlikely boost blamed on Russia without any evidence U.S. to draw down staff from Baghdad embassy amid ‘security concerns’ as anniversary of Soleimani assassination draws near - reports NATO says 'intimidating' Russia BIGGEST threat to bloc till at least 2030 - plans to send warships to Black Sea

Obama’s establishment ‘theory of change’ is as wrong as ever at a time when Democrats need a progressive push Op-edRaise a glass to war crimes: Global campaign to buy Aussie wine in China trade battle is shockingly ill-timed Op-edNorth Korea flashpoint could be on the cards for U.S. under Biden Op-ed RT Russia Today

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Kim’s nukes: $5 million to spotlight busted sanctions. audio  

President seeks exit, residence, library and book deal. audio  
Attorney General William Barr indicates the fraud allegations must answer the high bar of criminal evidence. audio  
The authority and limits of Special Counsel Durham before and after January 20. audio  

State of the City, the State, the Union: The good news that the vaccine arrives in London and soon New York. audio  
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