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National School Board Association apologized for its letter to President Joe Biden calling for help from federal law enforcement to assist with “threats and violence” from parents and protestersEmail shows Loudoun County, Virginia superintendent knew of bathroom sexual assault on same day

Illegal immigration soars under Biden to third highest in 97 yearsBorder wall “Not an effective policy”, White House says, despite backing from Biden U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) nominee

Fact-checking President Biden's town hall in BaltimoreFauci shows that trusting scientists and trusting science aren't the same

Featured: Psaki Sspars With Reporters: Carl Sandburg once said, “If the facts are against you, argue the law. If the law is against you, argue the facts”. If the law and the facts are against you, pound the table and yell like hell.

National Security: Hungary accuses Biden of anti-Orban election interference while hosting US officials at D.C. celebrationHealthcare: Federal employees can submit claims for “adverse reactions” to vaccine including accidents while traveling to and from the vaccination site or slips and falls in the process of getting the shot at the vaccination siteBusiness: Proposal for banks to report more information to the IRS continues to get pushbackEditorial: The Supply Chain Crisis is exacerbated by Biden's union allies

MOST READ: Special Counsel John Durham provides 81,000 pages of discovery to indicted of a Hillary Clinton campaign-linked lawyer Michael Sussmann in his criminal inquiry into the Russia investigation, court filingsNational Institutes of Health (NIH) admits Fauci lied about funding Wuhan gain-of-function experimentsRep. Adam Schiff reveals “assurance” from FBI Director Christopher Wray under former President Donald Trump Washington Examiner

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Former President Barack Obama To Virginia Voters: Don’t Pay Attention To “Trumped Up Culture Wars”, It’s All “Fake Outrage”Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Building $455K+ Security Fence Around Biden’s Beach Home After Halting U.S.-Mexico Border Wall Construction: Report

Harris To Paris: Veep Flying To Europe, Will Discuss COVID-19, Climate Change, Relations With Macron

Psaki Uses Kamala Harris Tactic To Defend Biden Not Visiting The BorderPsaki On Biden’s Claim That He’s Been To The Border: He “Did Drive Through” It Over A Decade AgoPsaki Doesn’t Deny Biden’s Approval Has ”Declined Sharply”, Blames Part Of The American Public

After High School Goes Viral For Massive Brawl, Community Dads Organize To Help Fatherless StudentsFather Of THREE Daughters Tells School Board: Put Abigail Shrier’s Powerful Expose Dealing With Transgender Transitions, “Irreversible Damage” On The Shelves

Afghanistan Debacle: State Department Admitted Hundreds Of Americans Still Left In Afghanistan, 176 Want To Leave: ReportMore Illinois Sheriffs Departments Refuse Request To Staff Chicago Streets During Possible Police Shortage

Legal Expert Weighs In On Alec Baldwin Shooting Incident; Discusses Potential Prison Time, Co-Producer Role Crew Member Yelled “Cold Gun” While Handing Prop Weapon To Alec Baldwin: ReporttReport: Eyewitness Details Alec Baldwin Shooting Incident, Says Actor Asked Why He Was Given A “Hot Gun” Daily Wire

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Texas Governoor GregAbbott Deploys Armed National Guard To Border To Arrest Illegal Aliens For TrespassingTrump Launches “TRUTH Social” To Combat Fake News, Big Tech CensorshipSpecial Counsel John Durham Filing Reveals More About Clinton Campaign’s Attempt To Sell The Alfa Bank Conspiracy Theory

When Did Sexual Assault In Schools Become A Partisan Issue?Two Transgender Specialists Wonder: Has The New Orthodoxy Gone Too Far?Biden Forced Americans Into A Game Of Chicken Over Their Livelihoods, And They’re Not Flinching

MOST READ: Leftist Shadow Governments Control A Lot More Than Our ElectionsRotherham Child Sex Abuse Scandal Looms Over Loudoun County, VirginiaCondoleezza Rice Draws Fire For Slamming Critical Race Theory And Jan. 6 Obsession On “The View”If You Can’t Tell A Man From A Woman, You’re Not A Health Official, You’re A Health Threat

U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Isn’t Tracking COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects Because It Doesn’t Want To Undermine Biden’s Shot Campaign“Let’s Go Brandon Challenge” Goes Viral On TikTokGovernor Ron DeSantis Invites Shipping Companies To Florida Ports As Vessels Idle In California BacklogsWatch Bari Weiss Embarrass CNN's Brian Stelter On His Own Show The Federalist

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Controversial Wuhan Lab Seeks to Staff New Facility With Chinese Communist Party (CCP) MembersBlacklisted Chinese Tech Giant Huawei Pays Longtime Democrat Lobbyist Tony Podesta Half a Million to Lobbyist to Influence White House“They Choose to Steal Rather Than Innovate:” Experts Sound Alarm on China’s Theft of American Intellectual Property (IP)INFOGRAPHIC: COVID-19 Outbreak & Cover-upThe Dark Origins of Communism Ep. 5: Destroying the Soule

Hamstrung by New Law, Portland Police Make No Arrests in Latest RiotDepartment of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas Chief Orders ICE to End Mass Raids of Workplaces of Suspected Illegal AliensThousands of Haitians Leave Colombia for the United StatesFed’s Quarles Warns Additional Government Spending Could Lead to Extended Period of Transitory Inflation

School Enrollment Across U.S. Dropped by Almost 3 Million From 2019 to 2020: ReportBiden Says Police Officers Who Refuse the COVID-19 Vaccine Should be FiredSeveral Sheriffs Won’t Send Deputies to Chicago Amid Vaccine-Related Police Staffing ShortageDoctors Can Prescribe Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine Off-Label for COVID-19: Nebraska Attorney General The Epoch Times

CORRUPTION CHRONICLES - Mainstream/Blamestream Media Scream: (Watch Dog On-Line Publications) CORRUPTION CHRONICLES: “Critical Race Theory” Roils Virginia Governor Race“NO GOOD REASON” for Ashli Babbitt Shooting Death by Capitol Police

“Investigating the Investigators:” Rights Lawsuit Against City of Asheville over Racially Discriminatory Scholarship ProgramCalifornia board diversity requirements face legal challenge

Judicial Watch: Records Reveal Coordinated Effort to Advance “Critical Race Theory” Initiatives in Loudoun County, Virginia Judicial Watch

COLUMN: “Free Speech” Media Allies with Transgender TyrannyCNN Treats Biden to Another Clownish Pep Rally Littered With Watered-Down SoftballsNetworks Disregard Attorney General Garland Grilled in Hearing for Targeting Parents

ABC’s Robin Roberts Whines to Jill Biden About Loss of “Free” College in Democrat Spending BingeMSNBC Gets Upset At Chuck Todd and NBC News Being Told To Actually Read Anti-“Critical Race Theory” LawNew York Times columnist Thomas Friedman on CNN: Senators Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley Seek to “Burn Down the Country” News Busters

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National School Boards Association apologizes for likening parents to “domestic terrorists” in letter - but Attorney General Merrick Garland still plans to set FBI on “intimidating'”mums and dadsFurious father says Florida school TIED mask to his nonverbal seven-year-old daughter's face for SIX WEEKS

Chinese and Russian warships team up for their FIRST ever joint patrols in western Pacific as tensions mount over TaiwanBiden will only “exacerbate” supply chain crisis if he doesn't delay vaccine mandate NOW, National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors' president warns

Caravan of 3,000 migrants including some carrying “Biden for all” banners push past outnumbered Mexican police as they storm toward the US borderWHISTLEBLOWERS EXPOSE FACEBOOK: Facebook services were used to spread religious hatred and may have inflamed 2020 riots in Delhi that left 53 dead, leaked internal documents claim

“I wasn't gonna sit around:” Marine who thwarted armed robbery reveals he would have been shot but the gun JAMMED

Gun that went off in Alec Baldwin's hands and claimed the life of Halyna Hutchins was used for off-set target practice by crew members and live ammo and blanks were stored together, sources sayMourners attend candlelit vigil for cinematographer shot dead by Alec Baldwin Daily Mail

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Democratic Republic of Congo’s rethink of logging deals ahead of COP26 climate change summit could hit Chinese firmsChina’s power crisis may cast a pall over its performance at UN climate summit

Coronavirus: northern China battens down to contain outbreaks China reports highest number of Covid-19 cases in over a month No mixed Covid-19 booster shots for China until ‘scientists are sure’

China-India border dispute: how one doctor coped with conflict and Covid-19 on the front lines of a face-off between two world powersInside China’s “ghost cities” where some thrive, others barely survive

11 of the highest-paid world leaders revealed - so who’s on top? The world’s 6 richest families making - and spending - billions

North Korea Nuclear Crisis: North Korea fires submarine-launched ballistic missile into sea / North Korea’s Kim Jong-un blames U.S., South Korea for tensions / Opinion: With North Korea on the edge, Kim has three options South China Morning Post

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Afghans evacuated to Germany face legal uncertaintyTaliban pleads for recognition at Moscow talks

Leaks show attempts to water down UN climate report, Greenpeace saysClimate crisis: Why do we need Conference of the Parties (COP) anyway?

Russia puts Navalny's ally Lyubov Sobol on wanted listKremlin critic jailed Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny wins 2021 Sakharov PrizeOpinion: Navalny's struggle goes beyond an anti-corruption crusade

GERMANY: Afghans evacuated to Germany face legal uncertaintyGermany: Police seize weapons in raid on far-right groupGerman Interior Minister Horst Seehofer sees key to Belarus migrant problem in MoscowGerman Bundestag president appointment puts spotlight on gender inequality

MOST READ: U.S.: Remains found with Brian Laundrie's possessions Pandemic of anti-vaxxers and COVID deniers hits RomaniaBiden airs hypersonic missile fears as probable ambassador labels China “untrustworthy”COVID: UK hospitals on the brink amid warnings of 100,000 cases a day Deutsche Welle

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Trump announces launch of new media group & social network to &ldquoStand up to the tyranny of Big Tech&rdquo “Testing the same weapons:” North Korea denounces US ‘double standard’ after Washington condemns submarine missile test MOST READ:Letting Ukraine join NATO would be a dangerous escalation with Russia. But it would also be a disaster for Kiev & the West itself

European businesses run risk of shutting down due to rising gas prices, EC president warns “Central Intelligence Corporation:” Twitter’s Dorsey dunks on Zuckerberg’s reported rebranding plans Santa Bezos: Amazon is offering £3,000 to get people to work for them over Xmas - this isn't festive altruism, it’s a power grab Op-ed

Iran begins air drills, featuring both manned and unmanned aircraft, as it complains about “Zionist presence” on borders WATCH: Asylum seekers stuck on Poland-Belarus frontier for more than two months attempt to destroy border fence with rocks & logs HIGHEST EVER number of illegal migrants detained along U.S.-Mexico border, “skyrocketed” since Biden took office - reports

All the money in America won’t bring children back, U.S. must just leave Afghanistan in peace - Kabul drone strike victim’s brotherRussia continues to add gold to the country’s huge forex reserves Biden “concerned” over rumored Chinese hypersonic missiles that caught U.S. by surprise RT Russia Today

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FEATURED: Controlling light with a material three atoms thickData suggests oil giants are not looking very hard to find ways to reduce their carbon footprint

Astronomers discover infant planetMachine learning predicts antibiotic resistance spreadNASA targeting Feb. 2022 to launch new lunar program Artemis

Nature-inspired coatings could power tiny chemistry labs for medical testing and moreExperiments confirm a quantum material's unique response to circularly polarized laser lightDiscovery of ancient Peruvian burial tombs sheds new light on Wari culture

New study suggests that breastfeeding may help prevent cognitive declineNovel approach to treating type 2 diabetes shows prolonged normal blood sugar levels after a single one-time procedureChemists discover mechanism in controlled growth of tetrahedron-shaped nanoparticles / MedicalXpress / TechXplore

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Grab in amber reveals an early colonization of nonmarine environments during the CretaceousLightweight, strong, moldable wood via cell wall engineering as a sustainable structural material

Polar bear hunting a reindeer caught on tape for first timeBreakthrough or bust? Claim of room-temperature superconductivity draws fire

Dinosaurs thrived until the moment asteroid hit, excavators of controversial site claimGolden mussels are devastating South American rivers. The Amazon may be next

A cancer survivor had the longest documented COVID-19 infection. Here’s what scientists learnedNews at a glance: COVID-19’s toll on TB care, new rules on nonstick chemicals, and a spinning spider Science AAAS