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SOUTHERN BORDER CRISIS: Refugee cap row shows fractures between Biden and liberal House DemocratsEXCLUSIVE: Biden Administration to release 400 migrant families per day by June, up from 50 in JanuaryBiden refers to border situation as a “crisis”Biden calls 29-year-old Masters winner a “Japanese boy”

Vladimir Putin tests Biden in Eastern Europe after Russia massed 85,000 troops near UkraineHunter Biden twists U.S. intelligence on emails into false “Russian operation” narrative and business deal with Chinese Communist Party-linked company

Biden's decision to leave Afghanistan pressures U.S. rivalsObama's words hang over his former vice president's Afghanistan withdrawal decisionJustice Department investigating whether “Russiagate” inquirer former high-ranking Trump administration official Kash Patel leaked classified information: Report

THREE times John Roberts has moved left in Supreme Court rulingsWashington Examiner Reports: Stacking the Supreme CourtHouse Democrats hit the brakes on liberal wish list

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis spurns CDC advice, says vaccines are effective and “you’re immune, and so, act immune”Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer set to make coronavirus restrictions on businesses permanentMichigan to expand access to promising COVID antibody treatment amid surge

MOST READ: AOC just revealed her dangerous constitutional illiteracyMan chucks bobcat that attacked his wife in viral video“There is no morale:” Nineteen officers resign from emergency response team after protestCNN director shown on undercover video boasting about removing Trump from office and admitting to spreading propaganda Washington Examiner

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New National World War I Memorial Is A Moving Tribute To Bravery, Sacrifice, And The Indomitable American Spirit“BLM” Co-Founders’ Million Dollar Housing Binge Underscores The Marxist Movement’s Hypocritical Power GrabFor Liberalism To Hold Any Meaning, Colleges Need Religious ExemptionsWhy Washington D.C. Is A Magnet For Crackpots, Corrupt-O-Crats, And Conspiracy Theorists

Biden Breaks Promise To Increase Refugee Admissions, Keeps Quotas Kamala Harris Condemned Under TrumpSome Of Hong Kong’s Most Prominent Pro-Democracy Activists Were Just Jailed For Resisting Communist TakeoverSuicides Fell In 2020 While Rates Of Anxiety, Depression, And Overdoses Continue To ClimbThe Left’s Inability To Take A Joke Is Emotionally Crippling Our Culture

MOST READ: Federal Government Caught Buying ‘Fresh’ Flesh Of Aborted Babies Who Could Have Survived As PreemiesLiz Cheney Was A Primary Culprit Of Spreading Fake News On Russian Bounties To Undermine TrumpCBS News Edited Police Body Cam Video To Mask Teen Holding A Gun Before He Was Fatally ShotOregon Newspaper: Man Fatally Shot By Police Was White So There’s No Reason To Riot

A Loudoun County Teacher Explains How Leftist Institutional Racism Is Devastating Public SchoolsSurprise! The ‘Russian Bounty’ Story Hyped Up By Corrupt Media To Hurt Trump Turned Out To Be Fake NewsTwitter Refuses To Show Evidence Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe Created Fake Accounts To Justify BanThis Man Is All Of Us: America Is ‘Bootied Out’ And It’s A Shame The Federalist

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California Democrat Representative Maxine Waters In Minnesota - If Derek Chauvin Is Acquitted: ‘Get More Confrontational’ On ‘The Street’CNN’s Chris Cuomo: ‘White People’s Kids’ Need To ‘Start Getting Killed’ For Police Reform To Happen

Biden Finally Admits That The Border Crisis That Has Erupted Under His Presidency Is A ‘Crisis’WATCH: CNN’s Brian Stelter Confronted Over Explosive Videos Released By Project Veritas - Create “Propaganda” To Get Rid Of President Donald Trump

Journalist Glenn Greenwald on Fake ‘Russia Bounties’ Story: Conveniently Timed to Hurt Trump, Now Conveniently Discredited To Help BidenU.S. Intel’s Claim That Russia Put Bounties On U.S. Troops Softens. Biden, Harris Used It To Attack Trump.

Russia Expels American Diplomats, Bans Several U.S. Officials From Entering The Country After Biden SanctionsDr. Fauci: ‘Very Frustrating’ To Talk About ‘Infringement’ Of ‘Liberties’ When Discussing ‘Public Health’

Portland Police Declare Third Riot In Five DaysCanadian Court Grants Alberta’s Request To Forbid Jailed Pastor From Challenging Health Order During Trial

Raúl Castro To Step Down As Leader Of Cuba’s Communist PartyCanadian Court Grants Alberta’s Request To Forbid Jailed Pastor From Challenging Health Order During Trial Daily Wire

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Indianapolis FedEx Shooting EIGHT Dead, Multiple Wounded Suspect Used 2 Assault Rifles He Purchased Legally: Police - Despite Being On A Mental Health Hold Last Year After Mom Reported Him To The FBIIndianapolis Shooting Victims Identified as FBI Reveals Suspect Was Detained for Mental Illness

Arizona Senate to Start Major Audit of 2.1 Million 2020 Presidential Election BallotsIn San Francisco, Drug Overdoses Claimed Twice as Many Lives as COVID-19Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Joins Rumble After YouTube CensorshipGeorgia Rep. Taylor Greene Defends ‘America First’ Effort, Pushes Back on CriticsTed Cruz Done With Face Masks After Being Fully Vaccinated Against COVID-19

ANTIFA ‘Panicking’ About Police Informant Inside NetworkProsecutor Placed on Leave After He ‘Failed to Fully Present the Facts’ About Adam Toledo ShootingIllegal Immigrant Who Was Ordered to Be Deported Convicted of Child RapeWhite House Walks Back Statement on Agreements With Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras

Hong Kong’s Fall a Harbinger of Communist China’s Takeover of Free World: Epoch Times HK DirectorHong Kong Court Hands Down Hefty Sentences to Pro-Democracy Activists, Drawing International CriticismLive Updates: Global Lawmakers, Experts, Organizations Condemn Attack on Hong Kong Epoch TimesBeijing-Backed Officials and Media Threaten to Shut Down Hong Kong’s ‘Apple Daily’ Newspaper‘Very Dangerous Time:’ Beijing Advancing Timeline to Seize Territory in Asian Region, Says Former Navy Intelligence Officer The Epoch Times

CORRUPTION CHRONICLES - Mainstream/Blamestream Media Scream: (Watch Dog On-Line Publications) CORRUPTION CHRONICLES: Judicial Watch Sues for Records about Reparations Program in Evanston, IllinoisWhere’s Hunter? Left Promotes Racism, Capitol Riot Cover-Up

“Investigating the Investigators:” Packing the Supreme Court means "Blowing up the Constitution!" | Tom Fitton Can Congress Secretly Subpoenas Phone Records? Voter ID & Much More

Southern Border Crisis: Border Patrol Arrests Twice as Many Criminal Aliens in Six Months than All of Last YearDozens of Gitmo Captives Confirmed to Reengage in Terrorism after Release are At Large Judicial Watch

Hunter Biden Book Is a Bust Despite All the Media HypeFormerly of ABC News, Matthew Dowd Trashes Republicans on Gun Rights by Citing Martin Luther King's Words In JailNew York Times Touts Black CEOs Stepping Up for Democrat Voting BillsHow Fox Stands Up to the Woke Cancel Mob of Bullies Targeting Tucker

Now That’ Trump’s Gone, Will Sucking Up to Biden Doom SNL’s Ratings?CNN Pushes Disputed Claim U.S. Leads World in Mass ShootingsSomeone Tell 2021 MSNBC About 2013 “Conservative-Sounding” Scarborough on Voter ID!

MUST READ: NewsBusters Explainer Video: How the Media Are Botching Coverage of Georgia’s Election LawFLASHBACK: Republicans Are Racist for Requiring Voter IDWATCH: Media Lie, Smear, and Spin Election Security Laws to Push for HR-1 News Busters

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California Representative Maxine Waters tells Minnesota “BLM” protesters “to get more confrontational” one day after violent anti-police clashes erupted across United StatesFedEx killer legally bought two assault rifles prior to his deadly spree say police, despite him being put on a mental health hold last year after his mom reported him to the FBI“Someone had to speak out:” Father who pulled his child from NYC's $53K-a-year Brearley School - whose pupils include Chelsea Clinton's daughter - slams its “woke weaning” agenda and says it's “teaching kids what to think”

BIDEN ADMINISTRATION: “We are going to increase the number:” Biden U-turns and says he WILL raise the 15,000 refugee cap by May 15 after Squad members said he was “upholding Trump's xenophobic and racist policies”Putin bites back and expels ten U.S. diplomats and bans top officials including Secretary of State Blinken from Russia in response to Biden's sanctionsTehran names Natanz “saboteur”: State identifies Iranian-born prime suspect who fled country “hours before” cyber strike at nuclear facility - as tensions heat up between Iran and Israel

“Who needs a gun that fires 100 rounds?:” Biden says it's a “national embarrassment” the Senate won't act on gun legislation following the country's latest mass shootingBiden's press secretary Jen Psaki says fatal shooting of Adam Toledo, 13, is a “reminder“ that cops use “unnecessary force too often“ - despite fact the teenager had just dropped a gun“It's clear there is systematic racism in the U.S.:” Biden's press secretary Jen Psaki backs UN ambassador's claims that white supremacy is “weaved” into the founding documents

Portland erupts in a riot after angry “BLM” protestors loot businesses and set fire to an Apple store after cops shot a white man in a local parkREVEALED: Father of Ohio teen who was arrested in Times Square with an AK-47 was killed in a police shootout last MONTHWild moment man, 28, opens fire and shoots three Georgia police officers with AK-47 before cops return fire and kill himClashes break out in Chicago, New York City and Minnesota and dozens are arrested after thousands of “BLM” demonstrators march to protest the fatal police shootings of Adam Toledo, 13, and Daunte Wright

Elite Hollywood school where parents say white children are taught they are all racists: “Woke weaning” is sweeping liberal states as youngsters face identity politics, literary classics are banned and they can't say Mom or DadNYC motorist throws an “unknown chemical” on officer before “firing a Molotov cocktail at a patrol car” during an 8am traffic stop amid anti-cop protests across the U.S.New York EMTs are being “targeted by anti-cop agitators” who smash ambulance windows and tag “f*** the police” on rigs Daily Mail

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China looks to recreate ancient Silk Road through African ports Can China’s ‘digital silk road’ ensure dominant role in information super highway?

Beijing hits back at Western criticism of hefty sentences for opposition figures U.S. and China pledge to work together on climate change ahead of summit Japan must be transparent on Fukushima water discharge, experts say

Coronavirus set to scar world economy for decades to come Hong Kong confirms second local case of mutant Covid-19 strain; city logs 30 infections Why is India, the world’s No 1 vaccine maker, struggling to inoculate its people?

Is Joe Biden set to end the guessing game about what US will do if Taiwan is invaded? China will keep its word on climate agreements, Xi tells Merkel, Macron China to be in focus at Biden and Suga’s US-Japan summit Xinjiang: will the West’s sanctions on China force the issue or unravel?

North Korea Nuclear Crisis: Biden and South Korea’s Moon to meet at White House in May / China set to be on agenda as Japan, Germany hold first “2 plus 2” dialogue / North Korea calls president Moon “a parrot raised by America” in new salvo South China Morning Post

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Iran says it has enriched 60%-pure uranium - Middle East in the wake of an attack at a nuclear plant south of TehranU.S.: Shooter kills 8 and himself at FedEx facilityigray crisis worsening with Eritrea still there: UNPakistan blocks social media platforms

Hong Kong: Pro-democracy activists jailedChina's economy grows at record paceJapan and the U.S. have shared concerns about China's aggressive expansionist policies in the Indo-Pacific region - This will be Biden's first in-persopn meeting with a foreign leader since becoming president.

CORONAVIRUS: Germany's company doctors ready to vaccinateMedia 'should not play doctor' on vaccinesFact check: How effective is Sputnik V?Is there a link between vaccines and thrombosis?COVID hug wins World Press Photo of the Year Deutsche Welle

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Russia claims ‘Western allies of Ukraine supplying ‘Kiev regime’ with weapons & inciting ‘bloody, distructive’ force in DonbassFrance finally outlaws sex with children under 15 after Duhamel-Kouchner incest scandal reignites age-of-consent debateMOST POPULAR: Chicago mayor calls for calm & braces for riots after bodycam footage shows police shooting of 13yo boy (DISTURBING)

FAKE NEWS all along: Confidence game with ‘Russian bounties’ story shows one shouldn’t trust spies & self-serving media Op-edNew Zealand wants to ban cigarette sales to anyone born after 2004 as part of plan to make nation ‘smoke free’ by 2025 Turkey bans use of cryptocurrencies for payments, citing possible ‘irreparable’ damages

Biden calls for de-escalation of tensions with Russia following sanctions over unproven charges of hacking & election meddling 8 people killed & ‘many’ wounded in mass shooting at FedEx facility in Indianapolis CNN director privately reveals how network covers race when it comes to protests and shootings on hidden camera (VIDEO) U.S. House committee approves decades-old bill to study reparations for slavery

First high-level Greek-Turkish diplomatic talks in a year descend into verbal spat during news conference WATCH: Police and demonstrators scuffle in Berlin as thousands protest court ruling overturning city's rent cap EU Parliament session gets chaotic as MEP accused of 'fake news' for daring to question OPCW on whistleblower scandal (VIDEO) Twitter suspends Project Veritas founder James O'Keefe after undercover scoops on CNN's pro-Biden, BLM & Covid-19 propaganda RT Russia Today

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FEATURED: A new super-Earth detected orbiting a red dwarf starDesigned proteins assemble antibodies into modular nanocages

Oldest piece of writing ever found in Israel identified on ancient shard of potteryNew photo colorizing technique uses skin reaction to light for life-like resultsTarantula's ubiquity traced back to the cretaceous

Simulations reveal how dominant SARS-CoV-2 strain binds to host, succumbs to antibodiesTwo Russian cosmonauts, NASA astronaut return from ISSSpaceX's next crew arrives in Florida for Earth Day launchExperiments cast doubts on the existence of quantum spin liquids / MedicalXpress / TechXplore

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Absolute abundance and preservation rate of Tyrannosaurus rexDNA from cave dirt tells tale of how some Neanderthals disappeared

This ancient shark fossil is exquisite. But some researchers wonder if they’ll be able to study itLab-grown embryos mix human and monkey cells for the first time

Vaccines that can protect against many coronaviruses could prevent another pandemicButterflies provide ‘extraordinary’ help pollinating cotton fields

FEATURED: Alaska’s forest fires are shifting the region’s carbon balance—sometimes for the betterCalifornia to hunt greenhouse gas leaks and superemitters with monitoring satellites Science AAAS