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Macron and Cheese: Here's whats on the menu for Biden's first state dinnerDemocrat lawmaker slams Biden for fancy lobster dinner while “regulating” fishermen

French grievances with Biden climate bill overshadow dinner with MacronConservative lawmakers have label new leader of House Democrats Hakeem Jeffries an “election denier” because he claimed the 2016 presidential election was fake.

Former Colorado election worker under Tina Peters pleads guilty in equipment tampering caseColorado election officials announce recount in Boebert-Frisch race

Drug lord “La Barbie” no longer in federal custody, officials sayBorder arrests of deported child sex offenders up on Biden’s watch

Key unanswered issues on COVID-19 and Fauci as top doc bids farewellIdaho Murders: Police backtrack on claims slayings were targeted

National Security: Army awards Raytheon contract to provide air defense missile systems to Ukraine

Policy Healthcare: More than 6 million people have already gotten the flu this season: Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

Business: Job openings edged down in October as Fed hiked interest rates

Editorial: Why is Joe Biden coddling Dictator and Tyrant Nicolas Maduro?

Most Read: “I don't know about that:” Biden casts doubt on 2024 runNonbinary Biden official Sam Brinton charged after stealing luggage at airport, using it for a month“Vassal to the Chinese Communist Party:” Apple blasted for limiting AirDrop function for Chinese protesters Washington Examiner

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Feds Pay Journalism Group $5M To Create Software To Turn People Into Anti-“Misinformation” BotssJean-Pierre Dodges Question On If Biden Will Try To Shut Down Twitter If It Hosts Offensive Content

Facebook Reportedly Failed To Block Ads Of Death Threats To Election WorkersSenator Graham: Apple Is Making A Big ‘Mistake’ By Caving To The Chinese Communist Party

Oath Keepers Founder Convicted Of Seditious Conspiracy Over Capitol RiotCalifornia City Approves Program To Give Residents $100 To Donate To Political Campaigns

“Roadkill:” Kennedy Says Biden’s Energy Policy Reminds Him Of What His Beagle Brought HomeIranian Man Celebrating Soccer Team’s Loss To U.S. Allegedly Murdered By Government Forces

“Gender-Fluid” Biden Administration Official Placed On Leave After Being Charged With Felony“The World Needs Fact-Checking” Tech Giants Giving $13 Million To Fund Global Fact-Checking Initiatives

Transgender Activist Eli Erlick Continues To Boast Of Potentially Illegal Drug SchemeTop Republican Senator Demands Biden Admin Fire, Revoke Clearance Of ‘Gender-Fluid’ Official Charged With Stealing Luggage

Appeals Court Upholds Ruling Protecting Air Force Service Members Who Refuse COVID-19 Vaccine For Religious ReasonsCNN Layoffs, Disney Denies It’s Political, Killer Robots In San Francisco

Elon Musk Meets With Apple CEO Tim Cook, Reveals “Resolved” IssueSam Bankman-Fried On Whether He Lied: “There Are Certainly Times When” I Was “A Marketer For FTX” Daily Wire

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“The UN Climate Summit Was Actually The China Empowerment Summit” - “The West will be more reliant on China as we go forward with this UN Green New Deal agenda.”

Apple Can’t Ignore Its Giant China ProblemMissouri And Louisiana Attorneys General Grill Fauci Over Feds’ Collusion With Big Tech To Squash Covid Dissenters

TWELVE Ways The New Congress Should Hold Big Pharma Accountable For Covid EvilsThe Most Passionate Science Deniers Are Pro-Trans “Experts” Who Profit From Carving Up Kids

Despite Media Hysteria, Twitter Is Far From DyingWestern Liberalism Is Doomed Without A Shared Understanding Of Reality

Balenciaga Campaign Is A “Bad Misstep’” Because Republicans PouncedAfter A Perfect Week Of Sports, Can The Universe Deliver Another Gift To American Soccer Fans?

Most Read: Maricopa County Made Arizona’s Elections Even More Of A Disaster Than People RealizeLawsuit Could Force The FDA To Rescind Approval Of Abortion Pills That Endanger Mom And Baby Alike

Trans Ideologues Who Cheer Cutting Off Healthy Genitals Shouldn’t Set Federal Medical StandardsWhy Are We Allowing Dangerous Chinese Tech Companies To Operate On American Soil? The Federalist

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Biden Urges Congress to Intervene, Avert Rail Strike That Could Inflict “Billions” in Economic DamageJudge Rejects Trump’s Claim of Immunity in Civil Rights Case

Texas Bartenders to Be Trained as “First Responders” in Strategy to Reduce Fentanyl DeathsArizona County Board Supervisor Says He Voted to Certify Election “Under Duress”

Editor's Pick: “White Paper Revolution” Shakes the Chinese Communist Regime, Foreign Leaders Voice Their SupportThe Shadow State: Documentary

Most Read: Fauci Couldn’t Name Any Studies Showing Masks Work Against COVID-19: LawyersNBC News Reporter Not Seen on Air Since Paul Pelosi Attack Report RetractedSmoking Marijuana More Harmful to Lungs Than Cigarettes: Study The Epoch Times

CORRUPTION CHRONICLES - Mainstream/Blamestream Media Scream: (Watch Dog On-Line Publications)

Lemon on CNN: “I Don't Think We Ever Were Liberal”DEFUND PBS Welcomes Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Hack to Praise Zero-COVID Policy, Trash Anti-Xi Protestors

ABC's “The Good Doctor” Praises Parents Who Reject “Selective Reduction”MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle Suggests Republican Party is Party of Racists & Anti-Semites

CNN Reporter Finds Daylight Savings Time “Sheds Light” on America's Structural RacismWhite House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre (KJP) Issues Veiled Threat to Pro-Free Speech Musk: We’re ‘Keeping a Close Eye’ on Twitter

COLUMN: Elon Musk vs. the “Defamation” CensorsMSNBC's The ReidOut: New York Times' Mara Gay: Modern Republican Was Founded on Backlash to Civil Rights

Must Read: Evening News Spends ONLY 11 Seconds on Warnock Child Support Scandal News

CORRUPTION CHRONICLES: Paul Pelosi Assault Records Update!rJudicial Watch: San Francisco District Attorney Refuses to Release Details of Police Response to Assault of Paul PelosiReport: TSA Director Accused of Fraud, Waste for Unlawfully Deploying Assets to Mexican Border

Investigating the Investigators: Judicial Watch Files Appeal Challenging FBI’s Withholding of Communications with Banks Regarding January 6 DisturbanceTaliban Uses U.S. Military Equipment, Inspector General (IG) Withholds Records of Afghan Security Forces Collapse;Dozens on Terrorist Watchlist Among Record 2.4 Million Migrants Caught in Fiscal Year 2022

Obama Library SecretsObama Corruption Cover-Up – Judicial Watch SUES!Judicial Watch Sues Obama Library for Obama White House Records about the 2016 “Russia Collusion Hoax” Judicial

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BIDEN ADMINISTRATION: White House says rail strike deal Biden begged Congress to fix needs to be done by the WEEKEND - as Senate prepares to go to battle over seven days of sick pay for workersCorporate America slashes thousands of jobs on recession fears: Cuts jumped 13% in October - as private employers added 100,000 FEWER jobs since last month

Picture emerges of Biden's non-binary nuclear waste “guru” grinning at LGBTQ engineering conference after they stole woman's $2,325 luggage at Minneapolis airport“Terminate their employment immediately:” Ranking Rep. member of Senate Energy Committee demands Biden's non-binary nuclear waste “guru” is FIRED after admitting stealing $2,325 luggage

Failed crypto king Sam Bankman-Fried fumed over spotlight on his polyamorous sex life as staff reveal FTX's wild spending on private jets, free massages and $200 daily DoorDash limit for EACH employeeShocking video shows pupil attacking teacher who told his parents he was underperforming - as woke school board sees 31% spike in fights after making it harder to discipline pupils

IDAHO MURDER MYSTERY NO CLUE: Idaho cops now insist they do NOT know if murdered university students were “targeted” in major backflip as father of one of the girls tells vigil his daughter died in the same bed as her best friendOhio man, 31, sits motionless as he is found GUILTY of carrying out Pike County Massacre - where eight family members were slaughtered in their sleep in 2016

Stevie Nicks shares moving tribute to her “best friend” Christine McVie - as Fleetwood Mac keyboardist dies at 79: “See you on the other side, my love”Unravelling the mystery of Westminster Abbey's lost chapel: Study reveals how England's “White Queen” Elizabeth Woodville worshipped a disembowelled saint at the Chapel of St Erasmus Daily Mail

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Conceding to extremists, Netanyahu hatches intolerant, alienating, vulnerable IsraelOfficials said bracing for Gaza rocket fire after top Islamic Jihad terrorist killed

He campaigned for Soviet immigration. Now Avi Maoz is poised to fight against itUN General Assembly votes in favor of commemorating Palestinian “Nakba”

Palestinian who filmed Hebron soldier taunting activists barred from home for a week“Do not come” Security for Herzog’s trip to Gulf said boosted due to online threats Times of Israel

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China-EU relations: Xi meets European Council President, pledges supply chain cooperationChina trip by European Council chief shows tilt away from U.S. hard line, but marked lift in ties unlikely, analysts say

Late president Jiang Zemin: Leader who counted Hong Kong’s return to Chinese rule as one of his proudest achievements“A new situation:” is China on the verge of changing its zero-Covid strategy?

What can be expected from China’s economic work conference in December?“I want my US$20,000 back:” man demands wife refund wedding costs after 33 days

North Korea Nuclear Crisis: South Korean President says China can denuclearise North Korea / Yoon warns of military build-up if China doesn’t keep North Korea in check / Kith and Kim: is Ju-ae North Korea’s next leader, or just daddy’s little girl? South China Morning Post

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FEATURE: Researchers report finding first bidirectional color-changing flower varietyIntegrated platform promises to accelerate drug discovery process

Physicists produce symmetry-protected Majorana edge modes on quantum computerMysteriously bright flash is a black hole jet pointing straight toward Earth, astronomers sayA strategy to monitor electrolyte evolution in Na- and Li-ion batteries under real working conditions

mRNA vaccines offer one-two punch to combat malariaFitness levels can be accurately predicted using wearable devices - no exercise requiredBuprenorphine, not methadone, may be safer treatment for opioid-use disorder during pregnancy

Soft robots make virtual reality gloves feel more realLong-term benefit of wearing masks for endemic diseases depend on the biology of transmission and immunityFossil overturns more than a century of knowledge about the origin of modern birds / MedicalXpress / TechXplore