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Major Columbia Protest Organizers Have Ties To Left-Wing Donors: The pro-Palestinian occupation, called the “Gaza Solidarity Encampmen”, organized by a coalition of 116 different groups called Columbia University Apartheid Divest. The organizations involved are numerous chapters of national organizations

Supreme Court Starbucks case could grind down agency powers requiring Starbucks to rehire fired union activists

Judge to decide if Trump violated gag order Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg will urge a judge to hold Donald Trump in criminal contempt

Trump was warned not to “give them a noble reason to indict you”

Russia escalates attacks in Ukraine in race against massive new aid package from U.S.

Speaker Johnson’s first big win making good on the first promises he made in leadership to send much-needed aid to our allies Israel and Ukraine

Democrat senator profits from the Washington D.C. lobbyist “revolving door” she slams - as “spinning out of control billionaires and special interests rig the system”

Transgender student accused of beating pre-teen student, attacked sheriff deputies at hearing Washington Examiner

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Joe Biden Says There Are Very Fine People On Both Sides Of The Oct. 7 Debate

Hillary Clinton And Russia Hoax Architect Warn Of Republican “Disinformation Campaigns”

Strong Voter ID Laws Confirm Not Just Who You Are But Where You Live

How China’s Flood Of Cheap Exports Boosts Its Economy And Kills Ours

Biden’s AI Executive Order Embraces Radical Ideology Over Innovation

Hemingway: Biden Should Be Forced To Condemn His Hamas Wing Repeatedly And Publiclyh audio

Hemingway: Americans Love Trump Because He Fights Even Under Unbelievable Attack audio

FEATURE: Why Making Babies In Test Tubes Is Not Pro-Life

Is Biden’s Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Meddling In The Inspector General (IG) Investigation Of Hunter Biden Whistleblowers?

Ignoring Primaries Gives The Republican Establishment Permission To Be Awful

A Truly “Impartial Jury” Is Hard To Come By The Federalist

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TOP STORIES: Criminal Prosecutions Of Illegal Immigrants Stopped When Coronavirus Hit. They Never Resumed

Anti-Semitic Left Strikes At Columbia University

Biden Administration Declares That Criminal Background Checks Are Racist Against Black People

FLASHBACK: Columbia President After 9/11 Said Terrorism Is “A Form Of Protesting”

Mistrial Declared For Arizona Rancher Accused Of Murdering Illegal Immigrant Trespassing On Property

Trump Lawyer: Democrats Care More About Keeping Trump Off Campaign Trail Than They Do Winning In Court

Law Professor Defends Trump As Trial Gets Underway: “Trump Is Right”

DeSantis Rips Anti-Semitic Protests At His Alma Mater; Calls For Deporting, Expelling Students Daily Wire

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“No Evidenc!” Dana Bash Yells at South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem Over Who's Behind the Trump Trial

NewsBusters Podcast: Hillary Clinton Says Trump Wants to 'Kill His Opposition' audio

CBS Manages Story On Sticker Shock With No Mention of Inflation, Biden

“DEFUND” PBS Host Smears Republicans as “Influenced By Russia” and Neo-Nazis

ABC World News Tonight SUPPRESSED Biden’s “Very Fine People” Moment

Networks Decry House Passing Bill to Protect America from China, TikTok

CNN Virtue Signals to Save Planet by Releasing Hysterical Letter: “To My Son, Born in the Climate Crisis” News

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CORRUPTION CHRONICLES: Judicial Watch Sues Energy Department for Records on Retroactive Termination of President Trump’s Security Clearance

INVESTIGATING THE INVESTIGATORS: Judicial Watch: FBI Records Indicate Fauci Agency Funded Gain-of-Function Wuhan Lab Research ‘Would leave no signatures of purposeful human manipulation’

Judicial Watch Sues Intelligence Chief for Damage Assessment on Joe Biden’s Mishandling of Classified Documents

Judicial Watch Statement on Prosecution of President Donald Trump in the “Hush Money” Trial

Judicial Watch: Hearing Set for Tuesday in Lawsuit for Release of “Manifesto” in Nashville School Shooting Judicial

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ANTI-SEMITISM ON CAMPUS - COLLEGE “FORGIVENES” REMORSE: Anti-Israel protesters vow to fight and defend Columbia University encampment as counterterrorism police gather near campus after mob ignored president's midnight deadline to leave

“Don't Negotiate With Terrorists!” DEFUND The Ivy League NOW... before this vile campus infection of violent Islamism and anti-Semitism leads to Jewish bloodshed

ISRAEL-GAZA WAR: Jewish New York University (NYU )professor lashes out at brainwashed student protesters: “If I said lynch the blacks or burn the gays, I'd never work again”

Nancy Pelosi Teams Up With Chuck Schumer - Demand Netanyahu Resign calling him an “obstacle” to peace as Israel continues war in Gaza

More than 200 pro-Palestine protestors seen rallying outside Chuck Schumer's New York home are taken into custody as they call for U.S to halt providing weapons to Israel

RACE FOR THE WHITE HOUSE: “How Many Times Does He Have To Prove WE Can't Be Trusted?” Biden, 81, suffers ANOTHER embarrassing gaffe as his attempt to brand Trump untrustworthy after the overturning of Roe v. Wade spectacularly fails at Florida rally

FBI director issues chilling warning about possible terror attack on U.S. soil similar to Russian concert hall massacre which left 144 people dead: “We are increasingly concerned”

Biden Plans Executive Order that would grant amnesty to the more than ONE MILLION illegal immigrants who married U.S. citizens giving them “parole in place” and work permits

Soaring gas prices hit $7.29 a gallon in parts of California which is above the current the national hourly minimum wage

America Gets Hungrier Under Biden: The staggering number of households struggling to put food on the table because of inflation revealed in stark new report Daily Mail

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South China Sea: U.S. and Chinese navy chiefs discuss “challenges in Indo-Pacific”

Philippines flags “upsurge” in Chinese militia as joint drills with U.S. kick off

EU targets China medical technology market with launch of new procurement weapon

U.S Senate passes bill to force ByteDance to sell TikTok or face ban of the app.

China reveals Shenzhou-18 crew for next space station mission

North Korea Nuclear Crisis: North Korea’s Kim Jong-un could chart own path in “calculated move” away from idolising forebears

A message for China: U.S. plans to deploy medium-range missile launchers in the Asia-Pacific

How a new Korean war may unfold - if Kim Jong-un follows through on his threats South China Morning Post

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ISRAEL AT WAR - Day 201: Israel Defense Forces (IDF) intensifies operations against Hamas terrorists in the Central and Northern Gaza Strip

Columbia University threatens to remove anti-Israel encampment as protests roil universities

U.S. Senate okays aid package that includes billions for Israel; Biden to sign it Wednesday

Hostage families hold public Q&A panel to mark 200 days of loved ones’ captivity

On war’s 200th day, Israel intensifies Gaza operations; soldier killed in action

Biden’s Gaza humanitarian envoy to be replaced after overseeing aid boost

Argentina asks host countries to arrest visiting Iranian minister over 1994 bombing

Daily Briefing April 24: Day 201: Gaza heats up as Hezbollah drones reach Israeli beaches audio Times of Israel

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FEATURE: Earth can more easily form in outer space, says new researchGiant galactic explosion exposes galaxy pollution in action

Scientists assess paths toward maintaining British Columbia caribou until habitat recoversTechnical trials for easing the (cosmological) tensionGhost particle on the scales: Research offers more precise determination of neutrino mass

Scientists discover new way to extract cosmological information from galaxy surveysCosmic rays streamed through Earth's atmosphere 41,000 years ago: New findings on the Laschamps excursionMerging nuclear physics experiments and astronomical observations to advance equation-of-state research

Saturday Citations: Irrationality modeled; genetic basis for PTSD; Tasmanian devils still endangeredStudy uncovers neural mechanisms underlying foraging behavior in freely moving animalsLemur's lament: When one vulnerable species stalks another