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Biden gears up for showdown with “killer” Putin on Lake GenevaBiden commits “cascade of errors” ahead of Putin meeting, Polish official warnsBiden, G-7 leaders conclude summit with host of promises on vaccines, China, and more

Lara Trump suggests residents near southern border “arm up” to combat immigration influxBorder Crisis: Border Patrol arrests over 100 people in 'stash house' Energy Department seeks to cut hydrogen cost 80%Colonial Pipeline attack: How did the FBI recover the ransom money?

National Security: Colonial At NATO summit, a discussion of collective defense against cyberattacksHealthcare: Nurses union plans tough negotiations for safety measuresBusiness: SolarWinds hack emboldened cyberattackers for ransomware attack spreeEditorial: Throw the book at IRS leakers and cancel any IRS budget increasesFeatured: Critical Reaction: What to tell the children

MOST READ: Trump releases list of claims he says he got right and media “missed”: “Right about everything before election”Justice Department “relentless pursuit” has fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe talking about John DurhamHalf of the pandemic's unemployment money may have been stolen by criminals and funneled out of the country Washington Examiner

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Biden Bumbles Through G7 Summit, Leaving A Trail Of Gaffes In His WakeWhy It’s Impossible To Teach History Only Using “The Facts”America Has An Existential Civics Education Crisis That More “Civics Education” Will Only Make Worse

Biden’s Justice Department Threatens To Abandon Legal Protections For Religious CollegesLoudoun County Parents Rally Against “Critical Race Theory” “Indoctrination”FIVE New Big Tech Antitrust Bills Are A ‘Put Up Or Shut Up’ Moment For Republicans

MOST READ: The Media Didn’t “Get It Wrong” On Lafayette Park, They Lied To America - And They’re Still LyingToo Fat To Fly: FAA Updates Guidelines As American Obesity Crisis GrowsWhat Happens When Hedge Funds Buy Up NeighborhoodsBiden’s Climate Change Stance Exposes A Delusional Administration

Flashback: DC Mayor Honored At DNC For Riot Response - New Reports Reveal She, Not Trump, Teargassed ProtestersOcasio-Cortez (AOC) And Others Opposed To Childbearing Suffer From “Prolonged Adolescence”YouTube Bans Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson For Discussing Early Treatment Of COVID-19Read This History Of The American Flag, Then Go Put One In Your Yard The Federalist

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G7 Summit Woke Agenda: Boris Johnson Wants World More “Feminine” And “Gender Neutral”

House Minority Leader Kevin Kevin McCarthy Sends Letter To Members Outlining America’s Declining Condition Under Biden, DemocratsNo One Will Be Held Accountable For Illegally Leaking Billionaire Tax Documents - That Should Scare EveryoneCDC Examining Reports Of Heart Inflammation In Young Males After COVID-19 Shot

Top Democrat Economist Warns Of Biden Inflation: “Hard To Put Out Fire Without Doing A Lot Of Damage”SIX Takeaways From Biden’s G7 Speech: From Fulfilling A “$40 Trillion Need” In Other Nations To GaffesJanet Yellen Asks Congress For Billions To Help Other Countries’ “Debt Relief”, “Climate Change”

YouTube Bans Republican Senator For Discussing COVID-19 TreatmentThe Racial “Crisis” In WisconsinLet’s Get Our Filibuster History Right

Rashida Tlaib Blasted For Claiming “Freedom Of Speech Doesn’t Exist For Muslim Women In Congress”Ocasio-Cortez (AOC)’s Alleged Aunt Disputes Claim Trump At Fault For Puerto Rico Aid Issues: ‘We Had The Assistance And It Didn’t Get To The People’How The Media Cherry-Picks “The Science” To Ignore The Vaccination Success Of Republican-Led States

CNN;s Jim Acosta, Whose Network Employs Chris Cuomo And Jeff Toobin, Calls Fox News A ‘Bulls*** Factory’The Media’s Hypocrisy: CNN Banned Me For Saying “Boobs” But Welcomed Back “Guy Caught Masturbating On A Zoom Call”WATCH: Vaccinated G7 Leaders Share Awkward Unmasked Elbow Bumps Daily Wire

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U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken Says Beijing Must Cooperate in Future Investigations Into Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus OriginsTaiwan Thanks G-7 Leaders for Support Despite China’s AggressionPelosi Says Creating Panel to Investigate January 6 an “Option” With Power as SpeakerPelosi: Omar Is a “Valued Member” of the Democrat Caucus - “We Did Not Rebuke Her”

Texas Border Patrol Arrests Over 100 Illegal Immigrants Held in ‘Inhumane’ Stash HouseU.S. Water and Power Are Shockingly Vulnerable to CyberhacksWhite House Says NATO Will Launch “Ambitious” Security InitiativesJournalist Andy Ngo on Antifa Attack: “I Knew If They Got Me, They’d Kill Me”

National Parent Group Emerges to Fight “Woke” Education, Says It Harms ChildrenJournalist Andy Ngo on Antifa Attack: “I Knew If They Got Me, They’d Kill Me”“Like Hell Went to Hell”, The Tragic Demise of Venice Beach Kash’s Corner: Dr. Fauci Attacked Trump for Lab Leak Theory Despite Not Having Access to the Intelligence The Epoch Times

CORRUPTION CHRONICLES - Mainstream/Blamestream Media Scream: (Watch Dog On-Line Publications) CORRUPTION CHRONICLES: Judicial Watch Files Two New Federal FOIA Lawsuits for Information on COVID and Wuhan Institute of Virology“Fresh and Never Frozen:” The Horrifying Government Purchase of Fetal Organs

“Investigating the Investigators:” Judicial Watch: Federal Court Hearing Monday on Motion to Preliminarily Enjoin Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Racist Interview Policy

Biden Plan to Address Racial Injustice, Inequity Allots $1 Billion to Boost Healthy Food Access Judicial Watch

Fox News Calls Out Media’s Doting Praise of Biden on Russia for NothingABC Gives Boost to Florida Congresswoman Val Demings' Campaign Against Rubio, Before Democrat PrimaryHow Corrupt Is MSNBC? The Network Now OPENLY Lobbying to Pack the Supreme CourtLincoln Project 2.0: MSNBC Cozies Up to Another Group of Fox-Hating Grifters

Burying the Shocking N-Word Claims Against Hunter Biden CNN Wonders How Democrats Will “Settle Their Differences” After Omar's Terrorist ComparisonsC-SPAN vs. CNN's Brian Stelter: Enjoy the Verbal Beating the CNN Host EnduredLincoln Project 2.0? MSNBC Cozies Up to Another Group of Fox-Hating Grifters News Busters

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BIDEN ADMINISTRATION: “I'm going to get in trouble with my staff:” Biden says he isn't allowed to answer any more questions amid criticism his “handlers” are stopping him talking to journalistsBiden's “handlers” say he WASN'T agreeing to Putin's proposal to extradite cyber criminal when he said “Yes, I'm open to it” as his warm words are walked backJoe Biden's royal protocol breach: U.S. President broke rules by revealing Queen asked him about Putin and Xi Jinping and by not taking off his sunglasses when he met monarch

Joe Biden repeatedly mixes up Syria and Libya while discussing ways of working with Russia in latest press conference blunder ahead of meeting with PutinBiden prepares to talk tough on China and Russia at NATO as he vows to rebuild “sacred” bond with transatlantic allies that were frayed by TrumpSpy countermeasures WERE behind mystery phone jamming at the G7: White House admits sessions on China took place in a “more secure format” blaming spotty cell service in Cornwall

CNN panel criticize VP's “cringeworthy” and unprepared response to questions about when she would visit the border and warn her “allies” in the White House are losing faith in her“Arm up and get ready:” Lara Trump says those on the border should prepare to take matters into their own hands while VP Harris is busy 'laughing off the crisis'

Hospital employees must get COVID vaccine or find a new job, judge rules as he slams contention that vaccines are “experimental and dangerous”“They are literally branding our kids:” Fury as teachers label unvaccinated students with black MARKERS ahead of prom at New Hampshire high school CDC KNEW the coronavirus hospitalization rate had fallen among teens but chose to “cynically exploit the fears of parents in cover-up to boost vaccination rate”

Netanyahu blasts Biden in “scorched earth” departure speech and says Iran will be “celebrating” his defeat because Israel will be “weak”The commando turned tech millionaire who ended Netanyahu's 15-year rein to lead Israel: How Naftali Bennett fought in undercover unit before making a fortune from cyber-security company

School board member encourages high schoolers to remember “jihad” as they “enter a world of white supremacy and capitalism” during graduation speech - 14 years after her father was fired for using the word Daily Mail

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China accuses G7 leaders of “small circle” power politics after rebuke G7 singles out China, calls for renewed Covid-19 origin search and respect for rights in Hong Kong, Xinjiang

China-US competition will heat up but ‘we can work together’ Will China drop its coronavirus travel restrictions any time soon? China’s soybean imports ‘exceptionally large’ as pig population booms

Taiwan looks for deeper partnerships after unprecedented G7 support G7 singles out China, calls for respect for rights in Hong Kong and Xinjiang G7 leaders fail to agree on deadline for ending use of coal for electrical power

Joe and Jill Biden have tea with Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle after G7 summit China expands nuclear arms stockpile in 2021, Swedish think tank saysChina’s plan to double carbon capture capacity by 2025 hinges on funding

North Korea Nuclear Crisis: Is North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un learning to delegate? / North Korea slams U.S. “double dealing” over end of South’s missile limits / China promises economic support for sanctions-hit neighbour North Korea South China Morning Post

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After Netanyahu, Israel ready for change - A new government, a new prime minister: After 12 years, Israel is marking the end of the Netanyahu era“Climate-proofing” NATO - For the first time, NATO leaders are expected to adopt a statement pledging more climate action

China slams G7 “manipulation”G7 pledges 1 billion vaccinesWas the G7 summit a success?SIPRI warns of growth in nuclear weapons as World powers such as the U.S., Russia and China are rapidly modernizing their nuclear arsenals

Belarus opposition leader: Need “harsh” sanctionsFather-son duo helped ex-Nissan chief fleeAung San Suu Kyi trial begins in Myanmar as Suu Kyi faces a widening array of charges such as flouting coronavirus rules and “illegally” importing walkie-talkies

CORONAVIRUS CRISIS: Germany's sinking COVID figures fuel mask debateUK to decide on fully lifting COVID curbs Deutsche Welle

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SIX injured after gas station fire triggers powerful explosions with mushroom clouds in Siberia’s largest city (VIDEOS) Iran says it’s reached agreement with U.S. on lifting of Trump-era economic sanctions MOST POPULAR: “He’s clearly suffering from dementia:” Conservatives jeer as Biden mistakes Syria for Libya ahead of talks with Putin

Putin hopes Geneva summit with Biden will help improve strategic stability & lead to resumed Russian-American personal contacts “Painful to watch:” Joe Biden apparently gets lost at G7 summit, wanders into cafe That cheeky blighter President Biden says the Queen’s like his mum - he’s way slower than she is! Op-ed

U.S. sanctions on Russia’s sovereign debt come into force “Painful to watch:” Joe Biden apparently gets lost at G7 summit, wanders into cafe “We must address security challenges posed by China”, NATO chief Stoltenberg says ahead of military bloc’s summit in Brussels

China blasts G7 group & “sinister” intentions of U.S., urges West to stop interfering following communiqué criticizing Beijing Probe into infamous 1987 murder of British sleuth may reveal links to Murdoch media, “institutional police corruption” - reports Novavax Covid-19 vaccine “extremely effective”, says CEO, 100mn doses per month to be produced by end of Q3 after successful trial By painting Russia as an enemy, Biden is now caught in a trap of his own making ahead of his crucial Geneva showdown with Putin Op-ed RT Russia Today

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FEATURED: Irish potato famine pathogen stoked outbreaks on six continentsFrom milk protein, a plastic foam that gets better in a tough environment

Barks in the night lead to the discovery of new speciesPacific islanders likely found Antarctica first: studyTrip to space with Jeff Bezos sells for $28 mn

“Space pups:” Mouse sperm stored on ISS produces healthy youngNew discovery shows human cells can write RNA sequences into DNAAstronomers spot a 'blinking giant' near the center of the galaxy

Smartphone camera can illuminate bacteria causing acne, dental plaquesImproving dialysis through redesign of arteriovenous graftsALMA discovers earliest gigantic black hole storm / MedicalXpress / TechXplore

Science AAAS

FEATURED: Scientists evolve a fungus to battle deadly honey bee parasitePowerful new COVID-19 vaccine shows 90% efficacy, could boost world's supply

Are advertisers coming for your dreams?Europe picks categories for three flagship space missions

Research on ocean plastic surging, U.N. report findsNewly detailed nerve links between brain and other organs shape thoughts, memories, and feelings

Europe announces mission to study volcanoes on VenusA “landmark” trial to test mRNA vaccines against COVID-19 in Africa can’t get the coveted shots Science AAAS