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Panel advances bipartisan cybersecurity bills in race against ransomware attacksFeatured: Behind the big debate: Clarity on gain-of-function research

Justice Department declines to investigate blue-state nursing home policies after pandemicFauci, Wuhan scientist cite same study to cast doubt on COVID lab leak

Top Biden official praises Iranian-American journalist targeted by alleged kidnapping plotDefector from Iran to fight Iranian competitor in Tokyo Olympics

U.S. investigates Qatar over claims that it finances Iran’s Revolutionary Guards CorpsGeorge Soros funneled $1M to defund the police movement as violent crime continues to surge

St. Louis chief prosecutor Kim Gardner accused of dereliction of dutyPennsylvania senator to seek subpoenas for election audit

National Security: Texas Republican Rep. Chip Roy takes aim at Pentagon chief diversity officers: Bill would ax positionsBusiness: Prescription drug “sticker prices” expected to rise in 2021, reversing a trend of the past five yearsHealthcare: Italy and France requiring COVID-19 vaccination or negative tests to engage in nightlife and recreationEditorial: The New Trustbusters

MOST READ: Voting machines in Pennsylvania's Fulton County decertified after auditGavin Newsom invites world's homeless to CaliforniaNew York Times No. 1: Mark Levin’s American Marxism sells 400,000 in first week Washington Examiner

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Obama Ethics Chief Smacks Biden Admin For Claim They Have “Highest Ethical Standards” Of Any Admin EvelBiden On If Some Democrats Support Defunding Police: Do Some In Republicans “Think We’re Sucking Blood Out Of Kids?”

WATCH: Reporter Grills Biden Admin Over Their Sanctions On Cuba: “It Doesn’t Do Anything New”Ex-Obama Doctor Predicts Biden To Resign Or Face 25th Amend: “A National Security Issue At This Point”

Justice Department Launches Regional Gun Trafficking Strike ForcesMaxine Waters Asks Justice Derpartment To Investigate Alleged “Rogue, Violent Gang” Of Deputies Within L.A. County Sheriff’s Department

Psaki On Hunter Meeting Potential Buyers Of His Art: Won’t “Discuss Anything Related To The Selling Of Art”U.S. Extends Land Border Closures With Canada And Mexico As Canada Lifts Restrictions

Pelosi Says It Would Have Been “Ridiculous” To Include Two Republican Members On January 6 CommitteeFive Arrested In Hong Kong For Producing Pro-Democracy Children’s Books: Report

Girl Scouts Push “Anti-Racism” Guide That Claims Color-Blindness “Perpetuates Racism”The Craziest Examples Of “Critical Race Theory” In Schools Daily Wire

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The Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer Kidnapping Case Reveals The FBI’s New Counterterrorism Target Is YouWokeness Means Forcing Everyone To Live Inside The Prison Of Mental IllnessTheologian Shows Evangelicals How To Truly Keep Racism At Bay

Bishops Should Give Democrats Who Support Murder The Saint Ambrose TreatmentStop Blaming The United States For Communism’s Effects On CubaMichigan Legislature Yanks Emergency Powers That Enabled Whitmer’s COVID Tyranny

MOST READ: LeBron James Bent The Knee To Dictator Xi But China Still Isn’t Releasing “Space Jam 2”USA Women’s Soccer Team Crushed At Olympic Opener After Kneeling In Support Of “Black Lives Matter”My High School Taught Me Critical Race Theory Six Years Ago And Tried To Reeducate Me When I Fought BackJohns Hopkins Study Found Zero COVID Deaths Among Healthy Kids

Biden Gets Roasted For Bumbling Through Mostly Empty Town HallThese Americans Are So Fed Up With Portland And Sacramento They Want To Redraw State BordersHouse Democrats Block Bill Declassifying The Origins Of COVID-19Why Is American Enterprise Institute (AEI) Hosting The New York Times And The Atlantic To Tell Us How To Produce Honest Journalism? The Federalist

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Texas Begins Arresting Illegal Immigrants for Trespassing as Part of Governor Greg Abbott’s Border Security PlanSigns of the Times: When Should You Be Concerned about Inflation?29 Victims Rescued, 363 Human Trafficking Arrests In FloridaIsrael Reports 39 Percent Effectiveness of Pfizer Vaccine in Halting Delta Variant Infections: Reports

Border Patrol Encounters Large Group of 197 Illegal Immigrants, Mostly Children: CBPTwo Parent Advocacy Groups Sue California Gov. Over COVID-19 Mask Mandate for School ChildrenMan Who Filmed Ashli Babbitt’s Death Pleads Guilty to MisdemeanorAtlanta, Chicago to Require Masks When Schools Reopen in Fall

Electrical Engineer Gets Five Years in Prison for Selling Missile Technology to ChinaRep. Jim Jordan Asks Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz for More Evidence on FBI Official’s Alleged MisconductHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi Says She Won’t Let Republican “Antics” Distract From Jan. 6 ProbeArchbishop to Pelosi: Devout Catholics Do Not Support Abortion The Epoch Times

CORRUPTION CHRONICLES - Mainstream/Blamestream Media Scream: (Watch Dog On-Line Publications) CORRUPTION CHRONICLES: Judicial Watch Files Civil Rights Lawsuit for High School Teacher Fired for Facebook Posts Criticizing Chicago Riots, Looting, and Violence in the Aftermath of George Floyd KillingJudicial Watch Sues for Records of Critical Race Theory Training at West Point, Fights to End Gender Quota Requirements, and Much More!

“Investigating the Investigators:” Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Redacts Fauci Email on Funding Recommendation and Hides WHO Information in Judicial Watch/Daily Caller Lawsuit For COVID-19/China/WHO CommunicationsJudicial Watch Sues Defense Department for Records of Critical Race Theory Training at West Point

Judicial Watch to Court: Gender Quota Requirement for Corporate Boards is Gender Discrimination Judicial Watch

Column: CNN's Don Lemon of a Town Hall MeetingUnivision and Telemundo Cover for Super-Spreading Texas DemocratsLesbian Love Triangle Leads to Abortion on New CW Drama: “I Was in No Place to Be a Mother”Paranormal Paramount+ Show Features Amazon-like Corporation as “Evil” Entity

President Biden’s CNN Town Hall In Ohio Onslaught: Psaki Finds Herself Under the Gun on Covid Cases, CRT, Hunter Biden, MasksMSNBC Doubles Down On Biden’s Lies About Republican Voting LawsADMITTED IT! This Politician Says ‘We Have Everyone Else’ in Media (Except Fox)Conservative Leaders Call on Feds to Cease Collusion with Social Media Platforms News Busters

Top News Stories - Photos (Daily Mail)

Biden praises Republican Governor of Alabama, Kay Ivey for saying it’s “time to start blaming unvaccinated”: President gloats he “whipped Trump in Virginia” but is interrupted by hecklers at campaign event for governor hopeful St. Louis brings back mask mandate amid surge in Indian “Delta” COVID cases

Military translator who helped U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan is beheaded by the Taliban renewing fears among the hundreds of interpreters left in the country after Biden ordered withdrawal“You cannot coddle violent criminals:” D.C. police chief says he's “mad as hell” as he slams rising crime in his city after daylight shooting left two people injured and diners fleeing for their lives

Justice Department decides not to open a civil rights investigation into New York state nursing homes after Gov. Cuomo ordered facilities to take COVID-19 patients in early days of pandemicDr. Fauci slams Senator Rand Paul for saying he should be “criminally referred” for prosecution and praises NFL for bringing in penalties for non-vaccinated players

“None of your business:” White House press conference, Jen Psaki refused to say how many staffers tested positive despite being vaccinated after a tense exchange with a reporter over “transparency”What about YOUR boss, Jen? Psaki vows to continue “fight against misinformation” after Biden falsely told CNN town hall “you're not going to get COVID if you're vaccinated” and struggled to explain FDA approval

CIA inspector general launches investigation into handling of “Havana Syndrome” cases that have hit 200 US diplomatic staffers in every continent except Antarctica Another day on lawless Venice Beach! Videos show brazen naked man with his pants around his ankles touching himself and scantily-clad woman in blue wig playing a ukulele as homeless crisis worsens Daily Mail

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Tokyo 2020 Olympics: Hong Kong team lights up opening ceremony Top Chinese officials likely to be absent from Tokyo Olympics opening 20 Chinese gold medal hopefuls at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Zhengzhou mops up but other cities prepare for flood havoc to come Desperate Chinese villagers wade through waist-high floods to reach safety China reins back tutoring in education reform that sets off stocks rout

After a decade, Xi returns to Tibet to lead 70th anniversary celebrations Australia’s Great Barrier Reef escapes Unesco endangered listing Most Covid-19 cases in Chinese airport cluster were vaccinated World Health Organization (WHO) calls for all countries to help in Covid-19 origins hunt

North Korea Nuclear Crisis: Opinion: South Korea’s 2022 election could reshape its US-China balancing act / South Korean defensive push “risks response from North and Japan” / China stresses support for North Korea after special envoys’ phone call South China Morning Post

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The Tokyo 2020 opening ceremony and many more are missing as western Germany contends with the effects of massive floodingReturning home after Germany's deadly floods

Climate change, migration: How Merkel’s successors measure upMixed responses to U.S.-Germany Nord Stream 2 deal

Amnesty “categorically” backs Pegasus findings amid denialsPegasus: Macron changes phone, weighs government response

EU slams Russia's “continued crackdown” on journalistsGermany: TV reporter apologizes for smearing mud on herself at flood site

CORONAVIRUS CRISIS: Coronavirus digest: Australia approves BioNTech-Pfizer for childrenUK eyes plan to end coronavirus “pingdemic”Delta variant: Will returning to school put kids at risk?

MOST READ: Germany, U.S. strike Nord Stream 2 compromise dealCoronavirus digest: TWO Pfizer doses “effective” against deltaPegasus spyware allegations leave Indian democracy hanging by a threadTokyo 2020 chiefs fire opening ceremony director over Holocaust joke Deutsche Welle

Top News Stories - Photos (RT Russia Today)

Sign of increasing cooperation? Since Biden's inauguration, Russia & U.S. have held four discussions on cybersecurity, Moscow says Instagram restores posts issuing DEATH THREATS against Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei, claiming these are in “public interest”MOST READ: Austria’s Kurz vows “no stop” to deportations of Afghan asylum seekers after policewoman assaulted

Vaccinated employees of California city required to wear stickers if they want to work without masks Rather than letting the recent revelations about UFOs spell hope and intrigue, the U.S. government is spreading “fear porn” Op-edIf the world wants a WHO that functions properly, America has to stop scapegoating it Op-ed

Let the Games begin: Tokyo Olympics declared open at scaled-back ceremony in front of near-empty stadium Canadians in favor of renaming Toronto street bearing name of Scottish counter-abolitionist… until they hear the cost Biden's belief that Putin is conspiring with China to take down democracy betrays his complete ignorance of Russia's own politics Op-ed

CDC pitches Covid boosters for “immunocompromised” after Israel’s suit, as Pfizer jab loses efficacy against Delta infections Legendary Trans-Siberian Railway halted in both directions after heavy flooding causes a bridge to collapse in Russia’s Far East West working to create “belt of instability” around Russia by turning “brother against brother”, says Moscow's top diplomat Lavrov The Putin Doctrine? How the ideas of a 20th century thinker ostracized by the Soviets help to shape Russia’s new foreign policyOp-ed RT Russia Today

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FEATURED: A device that cracks milk proteinAutonomous self-healing seen in piezoelectric molecular crystals

New composite material has potential for medical useHow the brain paints the beauty of a landscapeAmericans with higher net worth at midlife tend to live longer

Phase 2 CD19-antibody-drug conjugate trial demonstrates promise for aggressive lymphoma“Feel good” brain messenger can be willfully controlled, new study revealssBetter behaving bots: Researcher helps robots problem solve and care

Meeting global climate targets will lead to 8 million more energy jobs worldwide by 2050The potential role of “junk DNA” sequence in aging, cancerThe electrical control of domain wall devices based on perpendicular magnetic tunnel junctions / MedicalXpress / TechXplore

Science AAAS

FEATURED: Mom’s powerful friends keep high-ranking hyenas on topNASA’s Perseverance rover to drill first samples of martian rock

Australia’s cockatoos are masters of dumpster diving - and now they’re learning from each otherBlood tests could help screen anticipated flood of patients seeking new Alzheimer’s drug

DNA pulled from thin air identifies nearby animalsWhen will COVID-19 vaccines be fully approved - and does it matter whether they are?

How COVID-19 has transformed scientific fieldworkHow scientists are subtracting race from medical risk calculators Science AAAS