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Democrats increase coronavirus spending demand to $3.7 trillion U.S. sanctions Chinese Communist Party leaders in Hong KongGovernor Andrew Cuomo says New York schools will open in the fall

Liberal group sends mail-in ballot apps to voters - many with errorsTrump signs order banning transactions with TikTok in 45 daysBiden issues clarification: 'In no way did I mean to suggest' black Americans are 'a monolith'

MOST READ: Trump to sign executive orders cutting payroll tax and extending jobless benefitsPortland fines DHS $672,000, $48,000 a day, for protecting federal courthouseMaria Bartiromo on Biden: ‘There's a gaffe every day, there's clearly a cognitive issue' Washington Examiner

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Why Bombing Hiroshima Was The Moral Thing To DoGirl Slaughtered After Her Alleged Rapist Was Released From Jail Over COVID ConcernsRashida Tlaib Fined $10,800 In Campaign Finance Violation

Trump Lays Out 6 Promises For America In His Second TermDirector Of Feminist Film ‘Dollhouse’: ‘I Actually Didn’t Feel As Exploited Being A Stripper As I Do As A Screenwriter’The Insanity Of Cancel Culture And Media Narratives

MOST READ: Teachers Unions Are Attempting Political Blackmail - It’s Time To Break Them UpJoe Biden’s Capitulation To The Crazy Left Is Alienating Democrats Like MeDemocrats Claim Stopping Two Months Of Portland Rioting Is An ‘Attack On Democracy’

Sally Yates’ Testimony Showed She’s Either Ignorant Or Lying About RussiagateBiden Asks Black Reporter If He’s A Junkie On CocaineTwitter Appears To Censor Joe Rogan Episode With Gender Expert Debra Soh The Federalist

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Revisionist History: The New Left and the Revision of American HistoryTrump Seizes Opportunity After Biden Gaffe: Biden ‘No Longer Worthy Of The Black Vote’eChina Working To Ensure Trump ‘Does Not Win Re-Election’, Most Top Threats Want Him Out, U.S. Officials Say

Police: Rape Suspect Gets Released From Jail Over COVID, Allegedly Murders His AccuserHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi Flips On PBS News Hour anchor Judy Woodruff, Accuses Her Of Being An ‘Advocate’ For RepublicansReport: Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer Traveled To Visit Biden Ahead Of Upcoming VP DecisionQuarantine For Thee, Not For Me Daily Wire

CORRUPTION CHRONICLES - Mainstream Media Scream: (Watch Dog On-Line Publications) CORRUPTION CHRONICLES: Judicial Watch Sues for Health & Human Services (HHS) Records of Sales of Unusable Respirator Masks to the Indian Health Service

“Investigating the Investigators:” Judicial Watch: Susan Rice Admits Under Oath She Emailed with Hillary Clinton on Clinton’s Non-Government Email System and Received Emails Related to Government Business on Her Own Personal Email Account

Virus Update: The FDA & The War Over Hydroxychloroquine (HC) Judicial Watch

OUTING FAKE NEWS OMISSIONS and DISTORTIONS: ‘It’s a Peaceful Protest:’ Trump NUKES WashPost Hack Concerned About Press Conference CrowdHere's the Other Hard-Left, Extreme Biden Quotes the Media Are BURYING Covering for Biden: Networks Practically Ignore Intel Finding Iran Wants Biden to Win

The Horse Is Dead: Desperate Dems at MSNBC Still Crying Collusion MSNBC’s Joy Reid - Joy-Filled Lies: Reid Claims Trump Purposefully Won’t Fight Virus, Was Banned from TwitterColumn: DEFUND PBS Anchor Judy Woodruff Adores Democrat Wives, Hates Republican Wives News Busters

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Police sappers neutralize balloon-borne incendiary device near Kibbutz Nir OzProtesters file incitement complaint against peace activist’s killerNazi hunter teams up with Lithuanian journalist to investigate Holocaust crimes

UN set for showdown over U.S. Iran arms embargo pushIsrael TV: Hezbollah apparently wanted Beirut’s ammonium nitrate for Israel warPhotos show sunken ship that brought ammonium nitrate to Beirut – and never left

MOST READ: Lebanese PM: 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate caused ‘disaster in every sense’Mystery swirls around what caused ammonium nitrate to explode in BeirutCountdown to Beirut catastrophe: A Russian businessman, a decrepit ship, a spark Times of Israel

Top News Stories - Photos (Daily Mail)

President Trump bypasses Congress and hands out $400 per week in additional unemployment benefits as part of his COVID executive order and signs a payroll tax holiday for those on less than $100KOutrage as Manhattan's district attorney DROPS the felony charge against “Black Lives Matter” leader accused of assaulting an NYPD cop and releases him on bail

Portland Riots Continue: A Pool Noodle covered in Nails, Explosives and Body Armor: Portland police release images of the confiscated after they arrest 24 people on the 72nd night of violenceBiden says Trump is waging a 'reckless war' on Social Security with his payroll tax holiday while Pelosi blasts the President's COVID relief orders as 'weak' and 'meager'

REVEALED: Los Angeles councilor who voted to slash police funds has 'called the cops to his home EIGHT TIMES' asking for protection from protestersThousands more bikers pack Sturgis in South Dakota for 10-day festival and fill the bars without social distancing as mayor tells his residents 'we can't stop the crowd of up to 250,000 from coming'Washington man is arrested for punching a 72-year-old disabled veteran in the face because he complained of not wearing a COVID mask in a hotel Daily Mail

Top News Stories - Photos (South China Morning Post)

Coronavirus vaccine will not be a magic bullet, scientists warn Coronavirus: Chinese firm signs deal to get access to promising Oxford University vaccine

Does the U.S.-led Five Eyes have wider sights on China?U.S.$100 for Trump: Beijing’s top representative in Hong Kong mocks US sanctions

‘Nobody knows our work’: Hong Kong’s unsung workers who risk Covid-19 for less pay Pansy Ho, daughter of Stanley Ho, makes court filing over father’s estate China hopes ‘unpredictable’ Trump loses election, U.S. official says

North Korea Nuclear Crisis: UN finds North Korea ‘probably’ has miniature nuclear warheads / Kim Jong-un says having nukes will guarantee peace for North Korea South China Morning Post

Top News Stories - Photos (Deutsche Welle)

Beirut: Frantic search for survivors hastens, dozens missingGermany allows non-married couples to reuniteCoronavirus digest: Travelers to Germany must be tested or face €25,000 fine

Belarus police arrest DW reporter before vote - targeting independent journalists ahead of presidential electionA diminished Lukashenko faces polls in BelarusSvetlana Tikhanovskaya: The teacher challenging Lukashenko — Europe's last dictator

Germany's mandatory testing: What you need to knowGermany's growing anti-lockdown movementWhat Germany's mandatory testing means for travelers Deutsche Welle

Top News Stories - Photos (RT Russia Today)

U.S. ex-commandos sentenced to 20 years in prison over failed attempt to depose Venezuela's Maduro Blatant & barbaric interference: Hong Kong government blasts U.S. for using city as ‘pawn’ after Trump sanctioned Chinese officials Damned if you do, damned if you don’t? U.S. intel director warns all election outcomes may be driven by Russia, China or Iran

Newly-emerged VIDEO shows how intense the Beirut explosion was, as search for more than 60 missing still underway Police stop RT interview with asylum seeker as we investigate the controversy of migrants living in hotels all around the UK Deadly crash-landing of Air India Express flight renews concerns over ‘dangerous’ TABLETOP location of Kozhikode airport

WATCH left-wing protesters clashing with police in last stand over Berlin pub eviction ‘Why not a diverse Latino?’ Maxine Waters claims Biden ‘can't go home without black woman Vice President’, gets mocked for ‘racism’ ‘Most sophisticated tunnel in U.S. history’ - ICE uncovers 400m smuggling railway under Arizona-Mexico border (PHOTOS) RT Russia Today

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Suddenly discovering that Clinton's agent Steele had a source, Danchenko, who travelled to Petersburg and Moscow in 2016: “How hysterical is it that now we know that we had a paid operative where? Russia! Russia! Doing what? Digging up dirt on what? OH!” audio  
The Barr/Bash inquiry about the Obama Administration abuse of surveillance likely reaches back to the first term. audio  
August 17, 2016 was not a "Defensive briefing" of Candidate Trump by FBI agent Joe Pientka. audio  

The President disciplines the untrusted Communist China; The President inclines to payroll and stimulus relief by Executive Order. audio  

#PacificWatch: The decline and fall of San Francisco creates the Meth Lab Hotel audio  

Asia's New Geopolitics: 1of4: Essays on Reshaping the Indo-Pacific audio   2 of 4 audio   3 of 4 audio   4 of 4 audio  

Imbeciles audio   2 of 4 audio   3 of 4 audio   4 of 4 audio   John Batchelor (08/08/2020)

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