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Trump's Supreme Court pick to replace Ginsburg will be a womanBiden explains why he won’t release list of Supreme Court nominees like Trump - arguing the rejection of nomination norms could politicize the court and subject those on the list to unnecessary attacks

Trump campaign leaves immigration hawks wanting moreTrump insistent on payroll tax cut via executive action despite lack of interest from employers

Package containing deadly ricin addressed to Trump interceptedLisa Murkowski is second Republican senator to oppose replacing Ginsburg before 2020 electionLiberals propose expanding Supreme Court if they win in November

MOST READ: Bob Woodward releases taped conversations with Trump discussing Supreme Court‘October Surprise:’ New details emerge about FBI delay on Weiner laptop in 2016“Black Lives Matter” activist admits to not being actually black Washington Examiner

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In Washington D.C., Ruth Bader Ginsburg Vigil Speakers Prep For Kavanaugh 2.0House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Is Not Ruling Out A Second Round Of Trump Impeachment To Block Supreme Court PickIn New York City, The Republicans Take A Stand For Law And Order

President Trump Urges GOP To Move Quickly On Supreme Court Nomination: ‘We Have This Obligation, Without Delay!’Biden’s Campaign Is Too Nervous To Door-Knock In A Pandemic, Leaving Some Democrats PanickedTwitter Promotes Media’s Spin On Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s Baby Killing Comments

MOST READ: Why Aren’t We Allowed To Talk About George Soros’s Plan To Remake America?Leaked 2016 Call Reveals Joe Biden Risked National Security To Sabotage TrumpThree Supreme Court Justices Were Confirmed In Less Than 45 Days, Including Ginsburg

Corporate Media Didn’t Report What It’s Really Like In Kenosha, Wisconsin, So I WillJoe Biden Resurrects False College Claim That Helped Ruin His 1988 Presidential RunSenator Ted Cruz Decimates Democrats’ Demands For No SCOTUS Confirmation In An Election YearChinese Organization With Communist Party Ties Funds “Black Lives Matter” Ventures The Federalist

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Biden Against Releasing Supreme Court List, Says It ‘Could Influence That Person’s Decision-Making’Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: ‘We Must Consider’ Impeaching Trump, Barr To Stop Supreme Court NominationFormer Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) Mural Appears In Downtown D.C. Near White House And BLM Plaza

Report: Woman Arrested For Allegedly Sending Ricin To President TrumpMichael Moore Suggests Republicans Want Supreme Court ‘To Keep The Feet On The Necks Of Women’Mark Ruffalo Urges Americans To ‘Vote For Love And Compassion And Kindness’ At Emmys

WATCH: What Top Democrats Said About Filling SCOTUS Seat In 2016‘There’s A Long History Here’: Ted Cruz Explains Why He Believes SCOTUS Vacancy Is Different Than In 2016Former Chicago Mayor Slams Pelosi Suggestion Of Impeaching Trump: ‘Corrosive To Our Political System’ Daily Wire

CORRUPTION CHRONICLES - Mainstream Media Scream: (Watch Dog On-Line Publications) CORRUPTION CHRONICLES: Judicial Watch: Obama State Department Official Notes Russians’ Trolling of Joe Biden on Hunter Biden Corruption Allegations

“Investigating the Investigators:” Judicial Watch and Legal Insurrection Investigate University Retaliation against Professor Who Questioned ‘Systemic Racism’

Nearly Two Decades after 9/11 States Finally Comply with Driver’s License Security Law

Judicial Watch Obtains Justice Department Records Showing Top Mueller Team Repeatedly, ‘Accidentally’ Wiped Phones Judicial Watch

2020 Emmys Turn Into Anti-Trump, Pro-“Black Lives Matter” Woke-FestWashington Post Still Vomiting on Trump As Anti-Journalism After All the Access He Gave ThemUnivision Signals Vicious Coverage of Trump's Next Supreme Court Pick

Sniffing Glue? Kooky Susan Rice Compares Trump to Mao, CNN's Erin Burnett's Little No-PeepNBC's Chuck Todd Makes Faces and Rages at Republican Senator, Claims Democrats Wouldn’t Fill SeatABC's George Stephanopoulos Interview with Speaker Nancy Pelosi Proposes Trump Impeachment to Block Supreme Court Action, Court-Packing as 'Retaliation' News Busters

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Leifer accusers express relief at long-awaited extradition rulingPolice checkpoints jam roads as Israelis go back to work under lockdownVirus czar orders hospitals to open new COVID wards, warns of 600 deaths monthly

Bulgarian court jails duo for life in absentia over 2012 Burgas bus bombingLeak: Israel aerospace giant paid $155m to opaque firms linked to Azeri elitesIsrael Media Review: 5781 problems and a lockdown’s just 1: What the press is saying on September 21

MOST READ: Only as old as your genes: Ashkenazi ‘super-agers’ could hold key to long lifeTrump says Kuwait may soon normalize ties with IsraelSaudi royal family said divided over possible future ties with Israel Times of Israel

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Mitch McConnell secures key swing vote of Republican Senator Lamar Alexander in the fight for the Supreme Court nomination after two Republican dissenters said they would vote against Trump's pick before the electionJoe Biden makes another gaffe by saying 200 MILLION Americans - or two thirds of the U.S. population - have died of COVID-19 instead of almost 200,000

Woman who 'sent a letter with RICIN to President Trump' is arrested while trying to cross the border into the U.S. from Canada'If Trump holds a vote in 2020, we'll pack the court:' Democrats threaten to fill the Supreme Court with extra justices if the president's nomination goes through and they win the election

AOC and Chuck Schumer blast Mitch McConnell's 'blatant, nasty hypocrisy' over the Supreme Court pick and claim equality will 'go down the drain' if Trump gets his nominee before the election'We have arrows in our quiver:' Nancy Pelosi refuses to rule out IMPEACHING Trump to stall a Supreme Court nomination as she accuses him of using the vacancy to try to 'crush the affordable care act'

Trump says the Democrats don't want a vaccine before the election because he will get the credit, claims Biden 'barely knows he's alive' and believes the U.S. will turn into 'Venezuela on steroids' if the 'far-left' winIran says America is facing 'maximum isolation' as world powers dismiss U.S. claim that UN sanctions against the country are back in force

UNREST ACROSS AMERICA: Furious New Yorkers paint a giant BLM-style 'f*** Cuomo and de Blasio' mural onto a Brooklyn street after their bungled responses to COVID and the surge in crimeRevealed: “Trained Marxist” “Black Lives Matter” co-founder is being funded by group linked to the Chinese Communist PartyBar owner shoots himself dead just hours before he was due to turn himself in for shooting and killing a BLM protester during George Floyd riots in Omaha Daily Mail

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China’s ‘sea turtles’ return in record numbers into crowded job market China’s wealth gap drives young “losers” online in search of solice

Coronavirus: Leading virologist Malik Peiris says ‘absolutely not’ an outbreak at University of Hong Kong lab, believes researcher contracted virus in communityUS-China relations: the pre-Trump warning shot that signalled trouble ahead

HSBC, JPMorgan, StanChart and others processed trillions of dollars of transactions despite concerns over potential crimes, reports say China lectures Zimbabwe on transparency and environment after mining ban

North Korea Nuclear Crisis: Japan seeks new missile defence plan with eye on China, North Korea / Book reveals how Kim Jong-un wooed Trump with flattery-filled letters / Explainer: Will Kim Jong-un’s sister really take over North Korea if he dies? South China Morning Post

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FinCEN Files: Deutsche Bank tops list of suspicious activity - Leaked documents shed a light on Deutsche Bank's central role in facilitating financial transactions deemed suspiciousDeutsche Bank's biggest scandals - The revelations out of the FinCEN Files are the latest in a long line of scandals from Germany's largest bank

Explained: What are the FinCEN Files?How Turkey’s Aktif Bank helped the porn industryOpinion: Deutsche Bank's tailspin

Belarus protesters keep pressure on Lukashenko - It's the sixth Sunday in a row that anti-government demonstrators have taken to the streetsWoman accused of sending poison to White House arrestedIslam's obstacles on path to be part of Germany

Coronavirus Digest: Global death toll nears 1 millionCan European countries avoid a second lockdown?Thousands march at Dusseldorf virus skeptics rally Deutsche Welle

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U.S. envoy says Russia must agree to arms control deal with no NATO scaleback, or else it’s ‘happy to modernize nukes without START’‘Obama was a schoolboy when we started hypersonic experiments,’ Russian missile guru rebuffs Trump’s claims of stealing US tech

United Nations will not support Washington's unilateral move to reimpose UN sanctions on Iran, says organization's chief Richest 1% cause more than double CO2 emissions of poorest half of humanity - Oxfam

FinCEN leak paints picture of indiscriminate money laundering with help of world’s largest banks as govt turns blind eye Biden claims 200 MILLION Americans will die of Covid-19 ‘by the time I finish THIS TALK’

‘100% our fault’: Twitter apologizes for ‘racist’ photo-cropping algorithm as Team Woke scores another touchdown Authorities detain suspect who allegedly sent package containing deadly RICIN poison to President Trump ‘What do you represent? You ain’t from here!’ Agitated black driver schools protesters as unrest renews in Portland (VIDEO) Emmys host Jimmy Kimmel ordered to shout ‘black lives matter’ in racially charged skit (VIDEO) RT Russia Today

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"The whole Democrat Party has become a hostage to ideology." audio   The campaigning Democrats flee in silence from the Abraham Accords. audio   Did the Democrats and Biden forget to mention the disorder in the cities until Kenosha? audio  

Attorney General Barr recommends seditious-conspiracy statute, Section 2384. audio   "His campaign was quite correct in saying that the downside of staging this Oz-like figure was not as much as the downside of letting him loose..." audio  

The recovery underway while the Pelosi-led Democrats stall. audio   California Governor Gavin Newsom opines, "This is all your fault, you climate deniers." audio   Calculating the long term national costs for the school lockdowns of 2020. audio  

What explains rust on the moon, front and back? audio   The trouble with TikTok and WeChat is tCommunist China. audio   The Belarus crisis: democracy challenges autocracy. audio   John Batchelor (09/18/2020)

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