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Xi gif Riding Chinese Dragon “Massive Idiots:” Calls To Ban TikTok After Osama bin Laden Letter Goes Viral: Wisconsin Rep. Mike Gallagher argues it's time to ban TikTok after 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden's “Letter to the American People” went viral.

“These people are, of course, massive idiots”, Gallagher said. “I just came from watching the footage that the Israeli Embassy compiled about the Oct. 7 attack. It is horrific. You are seeing Salafi jihadists, Hamas in this case, but al Qaeda was a Salafi Jihadist organization, kill babies, behead innocent civilians with garden hoes. These images are very disturbing and show the true face of evil.”

The bulk of users weren't born or were either infants or toddlers on Sept. 11, 2001, when terrorists hijacked four planes, flying two into the Twin Towers in New York City, one into the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, and another that crashed in Pennsylvania.

Bin Laden's letter blames the U.S. and “the Jews” for provoking the Muslim world to commit terrorist acts through its policies, and that civilians were legitimate targets due to their voting in its leaders. Foremost in the letter is a condemnation of the treatment of Palestinians, which apparently struck a chord with young TikTok users.Washington Examiner

ABC Omits Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Controlled App TikTok Boosting Osama, Tout App and New Disney Park in China

Disney-owned ABC put their profits ahead of America on Thursday after they refused to report that TikTok, the social media app controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, was promoting the writings of terrorist Osama Bin Laden.

They ignored the story in order to promote their new amusement park in China themed after the movie Frozen. And not only did they ignore TikTok promoting the man behind 9/11, they actually ran a segment touting the app as a good thing.News

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Xi Jinping Riding Chinese Dragon Xi Jinping Riding Chinese Dragon To San Francisco: A Weak President Kowtows To The Monster of Beijing In a Third World U.S. City But, that's not even the most humiliating part of Xi's San Fran propaganda circus

Xi Tells “Old Friend” Biden “Planet Earth Is Big Enough For BOTH”: U.S. and China as leaders vow to avoid conflict at ALL costs at start of crunch talks on Taiwan and Fentanyl

Top Republican Chairman of the House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party tears into U.S. business group hosting a $40,000-a-head dinner with China's Xi: Mike Gallagher asks if diners have a “conscience” while sitting alongside Communist leader

Disaster for Biden as pro-Palestine protestors clash with riot police after thousands descended on San Francisco to “shut down” APEC summit as motorcade of 10 vehicles gets stuck in front of barricade

Another Biden Disaster: Hunter Biden wants to subpoena TRUMP and Former Attorney General William Barr in his criminal gun case: Court filing aims to uncover evidence of “Incessant, Improper and Partisan Pressure” to investigate Disgraced First Son who has no idea what is “Incessant, Improper and Partisan Pressure”.Daily Mail

A Massive Biden Family Coverup: Explosive new details about what seems to be another massive Biden Crime Family coverup. videoBongino

First photos reveal the COCAINE found in the White House.Daily Mail

FBI accused of targeting Trump types: agents who served in military deemed “DISLOYAL”.Washington Times

San Francisco Cleans Up for Xi. But Not for Thee.Wall Street Journal

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Ole Joe Blues Becoming Too Big A Liability - Getting The Boot Down The Stairs BIDEN AND XI'S DRUG DEAL: It Only Took Biden Three Years And Hundreds Of Thousand U.S. Citizens Dead To Realize There Is A Fentanyl Crisis In America - But Still Doesn't Realize There Is A Border Crisis That Allows This:

Xi Agrees To Clean Up His Own Mess! Biden and Chinese president are set to announce deal to limit fentanyl supply at APEC in San Francisco - after deadly opioids flooded the U.S. and crippled the city.

WALLS ARE OKAY... WHEN THEY PROTECT PRESIDENT XI THIS DAY! Democrat-run San Francisco erects security barriers for Communist leader's APEC visit - after first clearing out all the homelessDaily Mail

Clean For Xi But Not For Thee: Democrats Hastily Clean Up San Francisco Ahead Of Chinese VisitThe Federalis

San Francisco Cleans Up City's Homelessness Ahead Of Xi Jinping Visit: San Francisco cleaned up its homelessness in preparation for a visit from Xi Jinping, scheduled for this week.

America Needs A New President: President Joe Biden’s misguided appeasement of Iran, his catastrophic retreat from Afghanistan, and his fragile physical and mental state have signaled to the world that America is weak

President Joe Biden’s meeting with Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping: With U.S. and Chinese officials making their final preparations, “The Magic Mushroom Lady”, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen sat down with the communist regime’s top economic official.Washington Examiner

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Dined On Psychedelic Mushrooms In China: Yellen, 76, gobbled four portions of jian shou qing, a type of wild mushroom, when she dropped in at a casual Beijing restaurant soon after she arrived there on July 6, Chinese state media reported in an effusive story that took care to praise the secretary’s chopstick skills.New York Post

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Killer's Manifesto Killer's Manifesto: FBI, Justice Department (DOJ) Refuse To Call Covenant School Shooting An Anti-White Hate Crime Even After Racist Manifesto Is Leaked: The DOJ and FBI refuse to investigate the Nashville shooting as a hate crime against white Christians even after the shooter’s racist manifesto leaks.

These 70 Republicans Just Rewarded The FBI With New Headquarters Worth $375 Million

[Think The FBI Deserves The Benefit Of The Doubt] This Laundry List Of Corruption Should Make You Think AgainThe Federalist

Public Enemies - Serial Killer ArtworkTop Public Enemies

Nashville Shooter's Manifesto Causes The Media To Melt Down: The hack media and big tech companies are melting down over the explosive manifesto from the Nashville trans shooter. videoBongino

• A Defiant Trump Battles Justice Engoron on Stand in New York Civil Fraud Case.Breitbart

• Department of Homeland Security (DHS) created group that censored speech before the 2020 election.New York Post

• Biden Regulators Fine a Christian College $37.7 million in what looks like unfair punishment.Wall Street Journal

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The Party Of Hate, Violence And Blame Biden Surrounded By Vultures Of Choice - The Party Of Hate, Violence And Blame

Top Senate Republican Demands National Security Investigation Into Whether Journalists Working For CNN, New York Times and Associated Press Embedded With Hamas: Tom Cotton writes to Justice Department (DOJ) asking if outlets committed federal crimes during the October 7 attack on Israel

Cotton had claimed in a letter to the DOJ: “These individuals almost certainly knew about the attack in advance, and even participated by accompanying Hamas terrorists during the attack and filming the heinous acts.”

“If your employees, as part of their work, participated in terrorist activities or if your organization or employees provided material support (including any funding) to Hamas, the leadership of your organization may also face criminal penalties under federal law”, he said.

“The Israeli government made the accusation after watchdog group Honest Reporting raised concerns over four freelance photographers from Gaza - Among them is Hassan Eslaiah, a photographer who has now been seen in an image being kissed on the cheek by Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar.Daily Mail

Broken Borders: Associated Press & Reuters Pictures of Hamas Atrocities Raise Ethical Questions

On October 7, Hamas terrorists were not the only ones who documented the war crimes they had committed during their deadly rampage across southern Israel.

Some of their atrocities were captured by Gaza-based photojournalists working for the Associated Press and Reuters news agencies whose early morning presence at the breached border area raises serious ethical questions.

What were they doing there so early on what would ordinarily have been a quiet Saturday morning? Was it coordinated with Hamas? Did the respectable wire services, which published their photos, approve of their presence inside enemy territory, together with the terrorist infiltrators?

Did the photojournalists who freelance for other media, like CNN and The New York Times, notify these outlets? Judging from the pictures of lynching, kidnapping and storming of an Israeli kibbutz, it seems like the border has been breached not only physically, but also journalistically.Honest Reporting

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Joe Biden Diddler On The Roof “Diddler On The Roof” - The World Is Burning and Biden Bans Menthol Cigarettes and Other Flavored Cigars: Biden's “retributive” ban is going to hurt black smokers more than anyone - the president will soon roll out a national ban on menthol cigarettes and other flavored cigars.

The Diddler Diddles On! Iran's Khamenei calls for oil embargo on Israel (“Little Satan”) - in Spanish and soon same for U.S. (“Big Satan”)

While The World Still Runs On Oil, “The Diddler” Shuts Down Domestic Oil Production, Drilling and Pipelines, Depletes The National Oil Reserve, And Buys Less Environmentally Friendly Same From Hostile Enemy CountriesWashington Examiner

ISRAEL AND HAMAS WAR: Israel “Breaks Through Hamas Front Lines:” Israel Defense Forces (IDF) takes major step in invasion with satellite images showing tanks deep inside Gaza - as enclave officials claim strikes on refugee camp killed 195

Biden Calls For A “Humanitarian Pause” In Israel's War With Hamas “To Get The Prisoners Out” - then takes credit for tempering Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin NetanyahuDaily Mail

In The U.S., The Pro-Hamas Left Is Warming Up For Real Violence: The emerging Red-Green alliance is poised to plunge the country into a spat of civic violence comparable to the summer of 2020, or worse.

Senate Democrats Send A Corrupt, Inexperienced Hyperpartisan Iran-Booster Architects Of Barack Obama’s 2015 Iran Giveaway To “Help” IsraelThe Federalist

America And The West Has A Terror-Simping Problem: This viral clip perfectly illustrates how to deal with Hamas supporters, Updates on the Trump's legal persecution. videoBongino

Soros funneled $15 M-plus to groups rallying for Hamas.New York Post

• Did Joe Biden's MillionsReally Come From His Book Sales?The Federalist

Biden’s Only Salvation A New Vice President.Wall Street Journal

The Money Trail Leads To Joe Biden: The latest findings of the congressional committee investigating the Biden Crime Family, the left's increasingly insane climate crusade, and their immigration endgame. videoBongino

The fine print of Democrats' plan to turn “migrants” into “voters”. Right now.Fox News

Joe Biden got $40K from bro James in “laundered” China funds.New York Post

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Biden - Xi Chess Match Biden Fell For China’s Empty-Promises Playbook At The San Francisco Summit: President Biden wants Americans to believe his meeting with Xi Jinping was successful. But in truth, the U.S. gained nothing.

Sadly, Biden and his foreign policy team are known to turn U.S. leverage into weakness by focusing on the wrong priorities. For example, they continue to believe that climate change is the world’s biggest challenge and that the U.S. needs China’s cooperation to save the planet, even though China remains the world’s biggest polluter after signing the Paris Climate Agreement.

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Declares Israel A Terrorist State Committing War Crimes Turkey's President Erdoğan Declares Israel A Terrorist State Committing War Crimes But insists Hamas is NOT terror organization But “a political party elected by Palestinians”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan insists those who hide behind women and children to commit atrocities, serial rapists, serial pedophile and serial baby throat slitters are NOT terrorists, but politically elected officials carrying out politically sanctioned deeds and not war crimes.

ISRAEL-HAMAS WAR: Israeli soldiers storm Al-Shifa hospital as they bid to prove once and for all Hamas terrorists HAVE hidden a base beneath the building and used Gaza's most vulnerable citizens as human shields

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) prepares to storm Hamas terror tunnels: Israeli troops face most dangerous stage of ground invasion as they enter booby-trapped Gaza passages where terrorists lie in wait

Jewish students SUE NYU claiming they face antiSemitism including chants of “gas the Jews” and “Hitler was right” after Hamas' attack - and university tells them to call a wellness hotline

Rashida Tlaib is a “long-time member of a closed Facebook group”

Progressive Rashida Tlaib is a “long-time member of a closed Facebook group” where members glamorize Hamas terrorists and brand October 7 slaughter “the achievements of the resistance”

Anti-Israel mob attempts to STORM DNC Headquarters in Washington D.C. demanding a ceasefire in Gaza: Cops arrest dozens of violent protesters and shut down Capitol Hill

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Secret Service Photos of Cocaine Found inside the White House CORRUPTION CHRONICLES: Judicial Watch: Secret Service Photos of Cocaine Found inside the White House - Documents Suggest the Cocaine Evidence Was Set for “Destruction”

Investigating The Investigators: Judicial Watch: Records Show Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity Agency Worked with Election Integrity Partnership to Suppress 2020 Election “Disinformation”

Censored and Controlled

Judicial Watch: Emails Show Communications Between Biden Surgeon General and Facebook on Covid Censorship

Judicial Watch: FBI Records Show Top Officials Rushing to Craft a Response to Leaked Memo Revealing its Targeting of Catholics

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Ole Joe Blues Becoming Too Big A Liability - Getting The Boot Down The Stairs RACE FOR THE WHITE HOUSE: Ole Joe Blues Becoming Too Big A Liability - Getting The Boot Down The Stairs: No Not AGAIN Biden! President suffers yet another embarrassing gaffe as he appears to get lost while laying wreath for Veterans Day - and has to be given stage directions by Arlington honor guard

Obama's former chief strategist David Axelrod warns 80 year-old Biden's “Age Issue” is huge for Democrats - after ANOTHER embarrassing gaffe by president at Veteran's Day service

San Francisco Cleanup For Presidential Bid: No Homeless Crisis Here! San Francisco Conducts Massive Cleanup Effort - Clearing out encampments and removing vagrants from streets - in bid to conceal its hellish reality while hosting foreign dignitaries for APEC trade summitDaily Mail

Newsom's Moves For The White House: Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) hasn’t shaken the rumors he is the leading Democrat in line for the presidency if President Joe Biden's party decides to look elsewhere in 2024Washington Examiner

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Under Mr Money Bags Watch Under Mr Money Bags Watch: Biden officials blame Republican “Extremism” for poor Moody's outlook: The Biden administration released statements Friday evening disagreeing with Moody's Investors Service changing the United States credit outlook to “Negative”Washington Examiner

Moody's slashes U.S. Financial Outlook From Stable To NEGATIVE amid concerns America's “fiscal debts will remain very large” - but nation will KEEP its AAA rating for now

IRS confirms new tax brackets will rise by 5.4% in 2024 - here's what it means for YOU

The IRS makes adjustments to tax brackets annually to avoid a trend known as “bracket creep” which sees taxpayers pushed into higher income brackets despite their purchasing power remaining unchanged - or even decimated - by high inflation.Daily Mail

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The Privileged Press and Deep State The Privileged Press and Deep State: Vivek Ramaswamy Asks RNC Boss to Resign, Cites Giving NBC Debate Privileges

One of the fieriest moments of the third Republican Presidential Debate Wednesday night was during the opening round of questions when candidate and businessman Vivek Ramaswamy asked Republican National Committee (RNC) chairwoman Ronna McDaniel if she wanted to come on stage a resign given the Republicans' sweeping election losses on Tuesday the day before.

Vivek also called her out for awarding NBC the privilege of hosting a Republican debate despite how the network pushed the Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax.

“I think there’s something deeper going on in the Republican Party here. And I am upset about what happened last night. We’ve become a party of losers at the end of the day, there is a cancer to the Republican establishment”, Ramaswamy declared.

“Speak the truth. Since Ronna McDaniel took over as chairwoman of the RNC in 2017, we have lost 2018, 2020, 2022; no red wave that never came.”News

“Answer the Question - Go!” - Tables Turned on NBC’s Kristen Welker During Third Republican Party Debate videoBongino

“Think about who's moderating this debate”, Vivek Ramaswamy said. “This should be Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan, and Elon Musk. We'd have 10 times the viewership.”

Debate And The State Of The Republican Party: Everything about last night's debate that proved a HUGE point about where we are politically. videoBongino

• Associated Press & Reuters Pictures of Hamas Atrocities Raise Ethical Questions.Honest Reporting

Biden’s AI Order Is Government’s Bid for Dominance.New York Post

Whistleblowers accuse senior FBI officials of retaliating against agents for their political beliefs.Washington Times

News 11/08/2023YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Left to Right: “Meet the Press” host Kristen Welker; NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt; Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel; President Joe Biden

Hunter Biden Fights Addiction Insults Addicts “You'll Find That Breaking The Law Hurts Much Worse Than Breaking Your Morality:” Hunter Insults Addicts to Deflect from Corruption: President's son Hunter Biden published a column in USA Today which he dismissed scrutiny of his flagrant corruption as merely being about the fact that he is an addict - a public relations spin that insults millions of Americans struggling with the illness and millions more with a loved one who is.

The President’s son wrote, framing the scrutiny of his business practices, based on materials from his hard drive, which he left at a repair shop while addicted to crack…as scrutiny of the fact that he was addicted to crack:

“My struggles and my mistakes have been fodder for a vile and sustained disinformation campaign against [President Joe Biden], and an all-out annihilation of my reputation through high-pitched but fruitless congressional investigations and, more recently, criminal charges for possessing an unloaded gun for 11 days five years ago - charges that appear to be the first-ever of their kind brought in the history of Delaware.”

However, what is actually craven is the Biden scion using the millions of Americans struggling with addiction as shields from legitimate scrutiny, and his shameless effort to exploit the sensitivity of the American people to the topic of addiction for a sinister PR effort.Breitbart

Hunter Biden: I Fought To Get Sober. Political weaponization of my addiction hurts more than me.USA Today

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BORDER “MIGRANT CRISIS” HYPOCRISY OF “OPEN ARMS” DEMOCRATS: “Where's the American intelligence?” BREAKING DOWN THE DOOR OF SANITY: BORDER “MIGRANT CRISIS” HYPOCRISY OF “OPEN ARMS” DEMOCRATS: “Where's the American intelligence?” “Migrants” caravan leader slams Biden for “failing to realize Latin America is conspiring against the U.S.” to create the immigration crisis - as 7,000-strong group heads to the border

“LET US IN:” Thousands march toward the U.S. border in the BIGGEST “Migrants” caravan in more than a year with parents seen cramming multiple children into strollers

600,000 Illegal “Migrants” have AVOIDED capture and entered into the U.S. this year: Biden's Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas dodges questions on border crossers with terrorist ties in grilling in Congress

Escape From Beijing: Feds reveal that 24,000 Chinese migrants have crossed from Mexico in the past 12 months - 10 TIMES more than the year before - as scale of Biden's border crisis deepens ahead of 2024 election

Democrat “Sanctuary” City Mayors Of FIVE Of The Largest Cities In U.S. Demand Meeting With Biden To Deal With “Migrant” Crisis: Chicago, Denver, Houston, LA and New York say White House has given them NO help with surge in arrivals

Biden’s proposed rule would force bad liberal policy onto everyone: What in the world is this President Joe Biden thinking?

White House Council on Environmental Quality, or CEQ, proposes a new environmental rule that would slow, if not stop altogether, the federal permitting of major infrastructure and energy projects that are necessary for our country to thrive.

Biden's first big battle with Speaker of the House Johnson has already begun “There are lots of things going on around the world that we have to address, and we will, but right now, what's happening in Israel takes the immediate attention”

Daily Mail 11/01/2023YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Left to Right: President Joe Biden; Vice President Kamala Harris; Michigan's 12th congressional district, Rashida Talib; New York's 14th congressional district Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC)