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Biden Administration Makes Deal With Iran, The World's Top State Sponsored Terrorism Biden Administration Makes Deal With Iran, The World's Top State Sponsored Terrorism To Swap Five American Prisoners For $6billion In Frozen Funds

Trump said he had never paid to release any hostages, and added: “This incompetent FOOL is absolutely destroying America. He had the audacity to announce this terrible deal today, September 11th.”

His Republican rival for the presidency, DeSantis, said: “This deal bankrolls nuclear ambitions, hostage takers, and extremists who hate America.”

Hichael McCaul, the chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and a Republican representing Texas called the timing of the announcement “particularly egregious”, “creates a direct incentive for America's adversaries to conduct future hostage-taking.” Daily Mail

Iranian President Says Tehran Will Spend The $6 Billion Released In Prisoner Exchange “Wherever We Need It”

Biden administration officials have said that the funds, the proceeds of Iranian oil sales to South Korea, can only be spent on “humanitarian” purposes.NBC News

Daily Mail 09/11/2023 - 09/12/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Kim Jong Un, Vladimir Putin on the Hooterville Cannonball at Petticoat Junction Kim Jong Un, Vladimir Putin on the Hooterville Cannonball at Petticoat Junction: Warmonger poses for photos with North Korea's dictator at Russian cosmodrome amid fears the global pariah leaders will discuss arms and nuclear techDaily Mail

North Korea Nuclear Crisis: Kim’s not there, but North Korea is still firing off missiles

North Korea’s Kim Jong-un arrives in Russia for Putin talks Experts suggest Kim is in search of advanced satellite technology, nuclear-powered submarines and food aid, while the Russian president reportedly seeks weapons from North Korea.

A Chilling Video From North Korea For Those Who Wish America To Follow A Weaponized Government Against Half Its People: Kim Jong-un attends paramilitary parade marking North Korea’s founding day, as leader Kim Jong-un attends parade ahead of Russia trip videoSouth China Morning Post

Daily Mail 09/14/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

911 Statue Of Liberty; EXCLUSIVE “LET'S ROLL”: Todd Beamer’s Dad on His Son’s Iconic Words “Let's Roll” and the 9/11 Legacy

More than 500 Marines and Sailors with the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable) and USS Belleau Wood commemorate the one-year anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks September 6, 2002, by spelling out the now famous quote from Todd Beamer, on the flight deck of the ship.

Beamer was one of the passengers on United Flight 93, which crashed in a western Pennsylvania field after he and several other passengers attempted to regain control of the plane from terrorist hijackers

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Hanoi Joe “Good Evening, Vietnam!” “WE'RE IN TROUBLE” - Hanoi Joe “Good Evening, Vietnam!” Tour Ends Abruptly With Rambling Story Telling: Incredible moment White House staff are forced to abruptly end Biden's rambling Vietnam press conference mid-sentence and cut his mic after he ranted about “Indians” and John Wayne

“Good Evening, Vietnam!” An Evening With Hanoi Joe: An Impromptu Bit on Robin Williams, John Wayne And “Indians” Where Joe's Wheels Are “Off The Reservation”: Tactless Biden says “Good Evening, Vietnam!” while in Hanoi- as he mistakes Robin Williams' anti-war movie for a SONG - during ANOTHER bizarre press conference where he rants about “Indians” and John Wayne

Even Biden Flouts The Centers for Disease Control (CDC)'s Debunked Diktats - But Bafflingly America's Health Elite Continue To Push It On Our Kids. Now two esteemed MEDICS make a passionate case that there's no evidence masks stop COVID

Top pundit who backed Biden in 2020 calls for him to quit as he slams president's “ancient, botoxed, fillered face” and “slurred” words, while insisting “no-one rooted in reality” believes he can last until 2028

Biden's Department of “NO” Education: Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin Pardons Father Of Girl Raped In School Bathroom By “Boy In A Skirt” after he was convicted for erupting at district board: “He should never have been prosecuted”

Biden's Department of “Woke” “Education” NOW Opens Probe Into Conservative Activist DeSantis Asked To Purge Florida College Of Wokeness after he “misgendered” ex-Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) boss who uses “ZE/ZIR” NOT “HE/HIR” pronouns

Biden's Border Crisis Comes To New York City: NYPD overtime to be slashed as Mayor Eric Adams orders budget cutsand warns of migrant women and children sleeping in TENTS as border crisis overwhelms NYC

Daily Mail 09/10/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Biden's Denial! “Not The Nile, A River In Africa” Biden's Denial! “Not A River In Africa”: Hunter Biden STILL DENIES Infamous Laptop Is His But Says He Was “EMBARRASSED” By Its Naked and Drug-Fueled Pics of Him and Prostitutes

Hunter Biden continues to deny that the infamous abandoned laptop is actually his, though he admits to being embarrassed by its content, according to newly published excerpts from his deposition in a civil suit.

Computer repairman John Paul Mac Isaac is suing Hunter for defamation over his claim that the laptop he dropped off for repair in April 2019 is not his, or was hacked or stolen, while Hunter is countersuing Mac Isaac for invasion of privacy.

Daily Mail 09/08/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Bidenfather Joe and Hunter Newsstand Corruption Bidenfather Joe and Hunter Newsstand Corruption: House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer calls Biden investigation “Biggest Political Scandal” of his lifetime

“We’ve been obstructed at every turn, not only by Biden attorneys, but by the Department of Justice, by Homeland Security now, we’ve been obstructed by the media, by Democrats on the House Oversight Committee, the FBI, and the list goes on and o.,”

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer subpoenas Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas in Hunter Biden investigation. Comer subpoenaed Mayorkas over claims the DOJ tipped off Biden’s Secret Service detail to an interview investigators wanted to conduct.Washington Examiner

Biden Bribery Breadcrumbs Leave Only One Possible Conclusion: Deep-State Partisans Buried The Evidence - Mounting evidence of deep-state corruption and cover-ups demands an answer.

EXCLUSIVE: FBI Lies About “Highly Credible” Source Claims Were Leaked To New York Times And Spoonfed To Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss: The emails confirm David Weiss and his top deputies were fed the false New York Times story - which raises the question: Which FBI agent fed the Times the lies?

What Will America Be Like Under Biden’s Digital Dollar? Look At Communist China: Biden’s executive order gave the game away by stating that a U.S. digital dollar must ensure “financial inclusion and equity” and monitor or mitigate “climate change and pollution”.The Federalist

Email: Then-VP Biden Signed Off on Talking Points for Burisma Damage Control:

According to House Oversight Committee Republicans, there’s evidence that then-Vice President Joe Biden signed off on a number of talking points as part of damage control from the Burisma scandal.

In one example, on December 4, 2015, Eric Schwerin, a longtime Biden family business associate, wrote to Kate Bedingfield in the Office of the Vice President, providing quotes the White House should use in response to media outreach regarding Hunter Biden’s role in Burisma.

Later that day, Ms. Bedingfield responded to Mr. Schwerin saying, “VP signed off on this[.]”Bongino

Washington Examiner 09/06/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Dr. Anthony Fauci Branded A “Fraud” And A“Liar” “More Subterfuge!” Dr. Anthony Fauci Branded A “Fraud” And A“Liar” after admitting there IS a lack of evidence showing masks have any effect on slowing COVID spread

Are Mask Mandates Coming Back? Do I Need To Stay Off Work If I Have Covid? Everything you need to know about virus as Jill Biden catches disease and up to 20% of tests come back positive

That Was Fast! Biden Takes Off His Mask during Medal of Honor ceremony - moments after Karine Jean-Pierre insisted he would keep it on after Jill's positive COVID test

EXCLUSIVE: Vaping may lower men's sperm counts and shrink their testicles, study suggests - but normal cigarettes still MORE harmfulDaily Mail

EXCLUSIVE: “JUST IN TIME FOR 2024 MAIL-IN ELECTION BALLOTS:” CDC Announces Deadly New “Electionyearicron” Covid Variant:

ATLANTA, GEORGIA — The Center for Disease Control (CDC) warnes Americans “Electionyearicron” is thought to be the most disruptive variant yet, and will be here all through 2024 until approximately November sixth”, said CDC director Mr. Bob Cohen. “So everyone, stay home and get ready to vote by mail!”

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre: In an effort to flatten the curve, “The President says we'll probably just go ahead and cancel the general elections next year as a precaution.”...“You don't want to kill grandma, do you?”The Babylon Bee

Daily Mail 09/04/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Joe and Hunter Biden Crime Familye - Untouchables So Far WHITE HOUSE 2024: Wrong Track, Joe: Biden claims he's been TOO busy to visit East Palestine in Ohio after toxic train crash 212 days ago left town with polluted air and contaminated water - and admits he STILL has no plans to visit Republican state

Your Government Dollars At Work: Bring government employees back to the office or SELL the unused space, Biden told: With federal buildings 75% empty, Republicans say end remote work from bubble baths and golf courses or hold a “clearance sale”Daily Mail

Mayhem On Main Street: How liberal policies have fueled the retail theft epidemic - California is ground zero for retail theft prosecution controversy, included “unsafe conditions for customers, retailers, and employees, coupled with the fact that these significant issues are preventing an economic recovery of the area”Washington Examiner

Wait, There’s Another Tape Waiting: Stunning revelation that there’s another devastating Biden tape waiting to drop. videoBongino

New Hunter Biden emails show deep involvement in the Burisma investigation.Daily Mail

A plan is under way to take a “wrecking ball” to the deep state if a Republican is elected.Washington Times

News crew is robbed in Chicago while covering robberies.The Hill

The Associated Press is a disgrace to humankind.New York Post

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Hunter Indicted, Joe Gets Vote Of No Confidence Hunter Indicted, Joe Gets Vote Of No Confidence, Booted Down The Stairs: Hunter Biden Is INDICTED On Gun Charges: First son lied about his drug addiction when he bought pistol - and faces maximum of 25 years in prison

Vote Of No Confidence Hardly a ringing endorsement! Nancy Pelosi concedes Biden may DROP OUT of 2024 race, then smirks, raises her eyebrows and dodges question when asked if she thinks Kamala should run

Ailing Biden Feels The Heat: Awkward moment White House National Security Council John Kirby avoids answering question about Biden's “lies” about 9/11, witnessing bridge collapse and his dead grandpa

A White House memo instructs all U.S. media how to report the Biden impeachment process - accusing “liars and hucksters” of peddling disinformation. Have they no irony... or shame

New York Times and Washington Post BOTH run op-eds branding Biden, 80, too old for office, with NYT raising specter of him dying before retiring like Ruth Bader GinsburgDaily Mail

Even A Blind Hog Could Find Evidence Here: Ridiculous “No Evidence” Biden Impeachment Spin

On “Defund” PBS Greets Biden Impeachment Inquiry: “Far-Right” Republicans' “Unsubstantiated” Claims

Networks Scream “No Evidence” in Gleeful Compliance to White House Memo on Biden Impeachment

Must Read: ELECTION INTERFERENCE: Nine Big Biden Scandals the Networks Have HiddenNews

Daily Mail 09/14/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Creepy Joe Curtailing What It Deems To Be Internet Hate Speech Or Misinformation Creepy Joe Curtailing What It Deems To Be Internet Hate Speech Or Misinformation: Court rules Biden administration engaged in illegal censorship - The Biden administration has again lost a First Amendment case, curtailing its efforts to address what it deems to be hate speech or misinformation.

The Biden administration has again lost a First Amendment case, curtailing its efforts to address what it deems to be hate speech or misinformation.

White House officials coerced social media companies about election information in 2020 and vaccine efficacy during the COVID-19 pandemic, with then-press secretary Jen Psaki bragging in July 2021 that “we're flagging problematic posts for Facebook”.Washington Examiner

ELECTION INTERFERENCE: Nine Big Biden Scandals the Networks Have Hidden

“I’m Gonna Go to Bed!” Networks BURY Biden’s Latest Embarrassing GaffeNews

White House 2024: Biden Is Caught Out LYING by claiming he was at Ground Zero one day after 9/11 in speech to U.S. troops in Alaska - despite pictures and his 2007 autobiography “Promises to Keep” placing him in Washington D.C.

Biden Is Accused Of Bankrolling “Extremists Who Hate America” as he agrees to pay rogue nation Iran $6 BILLION for FIVE U.S. hostages - or $1.2B each - in deal announced on 9/11 anniversaryDaily Mail

Washington Examiner 09/12/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Surfin' Joe “Jump The Shark” Surfin' Joe “Jump The Shark”: Biden Administration considers plan to “FORCE” Illegal Immigrants to remain in Texas videoSky News, Australia

I Can’t Believe It, They’re Doing It Again: The shocking TV appearance by a Republican member of Congress getting ready to sell us out. videoBongino

Biden jumps the shark and considers forcing illegal immigrants to stay in Texas.Los Angeles Times

Hunter Biden case evidence keeps piling up.Just The News

New York schools are overflowing with illegals immigrants.New York Post

Democrat gets carjacked.Washington Times

Sky News, Australia 09/08/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Biden's Generic Excuses “The Dog Ate My Homework” Biden's Generic Excuses “The Dog Ate My Homework”: White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre says Biden PLANNED to exit Medal of Honor ceremony for war hero EARLY because he didn't want to “expose” anyone in case he has COVID - even though he took his mask off when he got on stage

Kamala insists she's READY to take over from 80-year-old Biden and run the country if Joe can't - as she dismisses age concerns after two-thirds of Democrats said he is too old to run again

Daily Mail 09/07/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Biden Struggles With Inner Self - Gets & Gives No Respect White House 2024 - Biden Struggles With Inner Self - Gets & Gives No Respect: Biden is slammed for having a “lack of respect” after walking out of Medal of Honor ceremony EARLY and leaving Vietnam War hero awkwardly listening to the closing benediction on his own

“It's Disrespectful:” Biden and Biden's Advisors Fume at Gavin Newsom's plan to debate DeSantis amid fears he is running a “shadow 2024 campaign” at a time Democrats are calling for an alternative candidate to step up

Rules For Thee, Not For Me! Biden is slammed for taking his mask OFF and flouting his OWN White House COVID edict while awarding Medal of Honor to 81-year-old vet - one day after wife Jill's positive testDaily Mail

Petty Covid Tyrants Want To Bring Back Masks And Lockdowns. Don’t Let Them - The new mask mandates will not be about science or data or public health. They’ll be about the raw exercise of power, nothing more.The Federalist

This Is The Only Way To Stop The Police State. videoBongino

What did Obama know, and when did he know it?.Washington Times

• Is there a shadow President in the White House?Red State

YouTuber’s rant on the state of the entertainment industry goes viral.The Sun UK

Putin is threatening nukes again.Just The News

Daily Mail 09/06/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

“Menace to the Planet” ABC's “The View” Blames Trump “Menace to the Planet” ABC's “The View” Blames Trump for Rain at Burning Man

“The View” returns from their summer vacation following the Labor Day weekend for their 27th season, and the “Cackling Coven” of ABC “News” co-hosts were itching to take swipes at former President Trump since they missed most of his indictments.

TV’s Distorted Republican Primary Race: Three-Fourths Trump, 90% Negative: TV’s Distorted Republican Primary Race: Three-Fourths Trump, 90% NegativeNews

White House 2024: Fighting fit! Trump arrives at his NYC home showing off his slimmed down 215lb frame and strawberry blonde locks after hosting Bikers For Trump at Bedminster amid his myriad legal battlesDaily Mail

Trump’s Life Is In Danger, And The Media Laughs It Off: Shocking new police state tactics they’re getting ready to launch. videoBongino

Kentucky’s democrat governor embraces police state tactics and hints at stealing a senate seat.Washington Post

Ignore the morons at MSNBC. COVID lockdowns did severe damage to your children.New York Post

“Bidenomics” Like “Bidenflation”is a total failure.Just The News

• Even the Washington Post acknowledges the debt is exploding.Washington Post

Fauci gets busted looking like an idiot on masks.New York Post

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