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Video Statement Accusing Bidens Of Corruption - Coverup “Missing Witness” Hunter Biden Witness Comes Forward In Video Statement Accusing Bidens Of Corruption, Department of Justice (DOJ) Of CoverupDaily Wire

“Missing” Biden corruption case witness Dr. Gal Luft details allegations against president’s family in extraordinary video video

In the 14-minute recording, obtained exclusively by The Post, the fugitive former Israeli army officer claims he was arrested in Cyprus to stop him from testifying to the House Oversight Committee that the Biden family received payments from individuals with alleged ties to Chinese military intelligence and that they had an FBI mole who shared classified information with their benefactors from the China-controlled energy company CEFC.

The self-proclaimed fall guy says he provided the incriminating evidence to six officials from the FBI and the Department of Justice in a secret meeting in Brussels in March 2019 - but alleges that it was covered up.

“I, who volunteered to inform the U.S. government about a potential security breach and about compromising information about a man vying to be the next president, am now being hunted by the very same people who I informed - and may have to live on the run for the rest of my life on the run …” videoNew York Post

Daily Wire / New York Post 07/06/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search


Who Is U.S. Attorney for the District of Delaware David Weiss That Announced A “Sweetheart Plea Deal” With Hunter Biden?

State Supreme Court Lets University of Delaware Keep Biden Senate Records Hidden From The Public

Judicial Watch: Records Show New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg Paid over $900/Hour to Shut Down House Judiciary Oversight into Indictment of President Trump

Washington, D.C. - Judicial Watch announced today that it received the engagement letter showing New York County District Attorney Alvin L. Bragg paid $900 per hour for partners and $500 per hour for associates to the Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher law firm for the purpose of suing Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) in an effort to shut down the House Judiciary Committee’s oversight investigation into Bragg’s unprecedented indictment of former President Donald Trump.Judicial Watch

Only “One of the Family Members” Could Have Brought Cocaine Inside White House: Former Secret Service

The White House is an 18-acre complex surrounded by magnetometers and checkpoints, Former secret service agent Dan Bongino said in a recent Rumble video, adding that there were only specific ways into the White House, and all of them go through the checkpoints. “Whether it (cocaine) was found in the Lincoln bedroom or in the diplomatic reception room, it doesn’t matter. Somebody had to bypass the security magnetometer checkpoint to get that in there.”The Epoch Times

Judicial 07/06/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Biden's Cocainegate Biden's Cocainegate - White House Cocaine Scandal: White House now says dime bag of cocaine was found near the Situation Room and NOT in the West Wing visitor entrance - as location changes for a THIRD time

White House REFUSES to rule out if the West Wing cocaine belongs to Hunter Biden Spokesman says he has to be “Careful” of campaign laws invoking the Hatch Act when responding to Trump's wild claim the drugs belonged to the president and his son

Daily Mail 07/06/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

“Sweetheart” Tax Deal “Sweetheart” Tax Deal: EXCLUSIVE: “This Calls Into Question The Integrity Of Their Investigation.” Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson slams Hunter Biden probe as it's revealed prosecutor who signed off on “Sweetheart” Tax Deal previously worked for First Son's BUSINESS PARTNERDaily Mail

July 4th HOLIDAY SPECIAL videoBongino

Whistleblower: FBI threatened to fire agents who criticized emphasis on Jan. 6 investigations.Washington Times

The inside job to rig the 2020 election.New York Post

• Did U.S. intel know about the Wagner Rebellion?Becker News

Open source Artificial Intelligence (AI) could be an enormous threat.Axios

• Liberals are salivating to enact an enormous tax hike on the poor and middle class.Associated Press

Daily Mail 07/03/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Biden and Son “This Is The Big One” Biden and Son “This Is The Big One”: Bizarre moment Biden, 80, walks off at end of live MSNBC interview where he was asked about the Supreme Court, January 6, Trump and John McCain - but wasn't questioned about son Hunter, bribery claims or his health

Inside the IRS Laptop Debacle: Whistleblower's memo reveals the FBI knew the contents of Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop but sat on the information for years so it did not embarrass Pa Pa Joe in run-up to 2020 election

Hunter Biden's four-year-old daughter won't get his last name - but will get one of his paintings: Settlement agreement with baby mama reveals president's son will give child a piece of his artwork worth up to $500,000 (and she can keep the profits)

Daily Mail 06/30/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Jill Biden 1930s Great Depression Organized Crime Biden Inc. Jill Biden 1930s Great Depression Organized Crime:

Overseas Payments to Biden Family Could Exceed $40M, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer Says: “This Was Organized Crime”

Comer noted that of the six policy decisions, four of them “were made while Joe Biden was president early on - [where] we cannot come to any other conclusion as to why these decisions were made, other than the fact that this president is compromised.”

On ABC’s “The View”, Ana Navarro Whipped Out The Tiny Violins, Declaring The Biden Corruption Scandal “is a story of a father’s love, and Joe Biden has never and will never give up on his son Hunter”... But Allegations against Biden and his family are too credible to wipe away with a “father’s love” sob story

New York Post 06/28/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Biden's Rotten Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Decaying Tree Biden Family Cover-up - Biden's Rotten Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Decaying Tree: New Hunter Biden WhatsApp messages show him demanding $10 million from Chinese energy venture and bragging that his family is “the best” at appeasing company's now missing billionaire chairman

Hunter Biden Privately SETTLES With Baby Mama over child support payments for their four-year-old daughter: President's son's contributions drop from $20K to $5K a month and daughter cannot use family name

“Hunter Biden Should Not Have Been There!” Joe Biden inviting his son to state dinner slammed “The View” co-hosts for “ridiculous” defense that it “just shows the president's love for his son”

Daily Mail 06/28/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Biden's Lady Justice Hunter Biden Investigation: Republicans targeting testimony from pivotal figure in Hunter Biden investigation:

Republicans in Congress are preparing to drill down on allegations that U.S. Attorney David Weiss faced roadblocks in the Hunter Biden investigation from the Justice Department under Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Latest Whistleblower Reports On Bidens Are Ultra Explosive: Whistleblower reports about the business dealings of the Biden family sound less like a mere whistle and more like a five-alarm fire bell

Steadily, almost inexorably, the reports released late last week raise the likelihood that President Joe Biden was involved with his son Hunter’s obviously disreputable business dealings.

Steadily, almost inexorably, it becomes more likely that elements of the Justice Department took unusual steps to protect both Bidens from legal accountability.

The Stuff Hunter Biden Didn't Get Indicted For

Last week, Hunter Biden agreed to plead guilty to two misdemeanor counts of failing to pay his taxes on time.

There's no doubt Hunter Biden had some serious tax problems. In the 2010s, he took in millions from shady overseas business dealings, trading on the name of his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, and had a history of filing his returns late with six-figure amounts of taxes due.

There was also his lowlife, high-cost drug addict lifestyle in which he threw away hundreds of thousands of dollars on prostitutes and crack. He had personal financial problems most people don't share.

Washington Examiner 06/27/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Biden's Lady Justice Biden's Lady Justice: Joe Biden's one-word response when pressed on bombshell Hunter Biden claims - “NO.”

Testimony from IRS whistleblowers, released last week by House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith (R-MO), alleges that Joe Biden had more of a role in Hunter Biden's business dealings than previously reported.

The whistleblowers allege a Hunter Biden business associate told the FBI that Joe Biden had stopped by at least one China-related business meeting at Hunter Biden’s apparent request.

When asked if he had ever talked with Hunter Biden about his overseas business dealings, the older Biden walked away.

Why is America divided?

It appears the rule of law is only applied to those who are powerless or pose a threat to the institutional elite. If you tick the right boxes, with literally unlimited funds our government law enforcement agencies may invent mitigations for criminal behavior to where you are guilty, that is - unless you prove yourself innocent with your limited funds.

The ACLU sides with bureaucrats against the little guy

Washington Examiner 06/26/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

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July 4th Spectacular Little Rocket Man Joe New York Times prints blistering column slamming Joe Biden for disowning Hunter's daughter by stripper - and warns president's “unconscionable” behavior will lead to the four-year-old being BULLIED at schoolDaily Mail

Who Needs Cops When You've Got Bodyguards: Mark Zuckerberg spent $43M on security in three years while donating millions to woke groups who want to ABOLISH the police

Its reign is officially over! Bud Light falls outside top 10 favorite beers in the U.S. following $20B Dylan Mulvaney marketing disaster, new survey finds Daily Mail

July 4th HOLIDAY SPECIAL - Best Of Corruption videoBongino

Daily Mail 07/08/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

>Federal Court Handles The Biden Scandals Federal Court Handles The Biden Scandals: Delaware-Based Federal Judge pressured to reject “Sweetheart” Hunter Biden Plea Deal after IRS whistleblower claims “sweetheart” treatment.

Cruel Summer: Biden Faces Bruising Few Weeks Of Setbacks And Scandal - Beginning a week of a barrage of questions about illegal drugs found on White House grounds and acknowledgment of biological granddaughter whose existence the Biden family has worked to ignoreWashington Examiner

Federal Judge BANS “BIDEN'S TRUTH”: Biden administration BANNED from meeting with social media companies over accusations they colluded with executives to create an “Orwellian Ministry of Truth” during COVID and censored conservatives

White House Cocaine Scandal: There's no hiding now! The Secret Service orders DNA and fingerprint analysis of “dime-sized” cocaine baggie found in the West WingDaily Mail

Missouri v. Biden Proves Corporate Media Lied About Big Tech’s Censorship Crusade Against Conservatives - U.S. media should care about Americans’ First Amendment rights. Instead, outlets repeatedly insisted that online censorship wasn’t happening.

Top Republicans Demand Federal Investigation Into Retaliation Against IRS Whistleblowers

Judge Bars Biden Administration From Colluding With Big Tech To Censor Free SpeechThe Federalist

Biden Administration To Appeal Judge’s Order Blocking Contact With Social Media Companies: Lawyers with the Department of Justice (DOJ) file a notice of appeal in United States District Court for the Western District of Louisiana, setting up “fireworks” over U.S. District Judge’s judgement on July 4.Daily Wire

Washington Examiner 07/06/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Biden and Son Salvage Business On “Defund” NPR: Racist Whites Are Exploiting Asians to “Bamboozle” People on College Quotas

On “Defund” PBS, VICE News Smear Parents Group Moms for Liberty as Violent HarassersNews

Fury as San Francisco Reparations Panelist Blasts Straight White Men as a “Danger to Society” - claiming they're “the ones shooting up schools”

Activist Lawyers Demand Harvard ENDS “Legacy Admissions” as they argue they unfairly favor White Students... just days after Supreme Court ended affirmative action

MSNBC's “Joyless”Reid admits the only reason she got into Harvard was because of Affirmative Action as she slams Supreme Court for outlawing it at colleges

Jemele Hill Accuses Asian Americans Of “Carrying The Water For White Supremacists” for backing Supreme Court's affirmative action rulingDaily Mail

News 07/04/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Democrats, Legacy Media, Justice Department, and Intelligence Agencies IN-DEPTH - U.S. Takes First Step to Counter China’s New Opium War: Drug cartels operate clandestine laboratories in Mexico that synthesize these precursors into finished fentanyl on a large scale and sell them throughout the United States.

The massive export of fentanyl from China has already caused hundreds of thousands of deaths and billions of dollars in economic losses in the United States. Experts say that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) deliberately allows the drugs to flow into the United States. The recent prosecution of related Chinese companies can be seen as the United States firing the first shot in the counterattack.

In order to successfully transport the drugs to the United States and Mexico, these Chinese companies go to great lengths. They claim to guarantee a “100 percent invisible shipment”, which means using deceptive packaging, for example, claiming the contents are dog food, nuts, or motor oil.

“They even disguised the chemicals at a molecular level, adding a molecule to mask the precursors so they would not be detected as banned substances during transport”, DEA chief Anne Milgram said. “They taught their customers how to remove that molecule after they received the chemicals.”

The Epoch Times 07/02/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Biden and Son Salvage Business “Black Friday” For Biden As He Tries To Salvage His Administration: Biden failed to plan and respond to the rapid collapse of Afghanistan during chaotic withdrawal of troops, damning State Department report finds

Supreme Court STRIKES DOWN Biden's $400 Billion Student Loan ”Forgiveness”: President will address nation TODAY as he plots fightback

“The 87% Of Americans Without Student Loans Are No Longer Forced To Pay For The 13% Who Do:” Republicans celebrate Supreme Court axing Biden plan as a victory for taxpayers - while Democrats call court “corrupt”What Does The Supreme Court Ruling On Student Loan “Forgiveness”? SIXTEEN MILLION people approved for a clean slate must resume payments this October when pandemic pause comes to an endDaily Mail

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ignores Supreme Court citation in statement following student loan ruling - Thursday's ruling to strike the use of “affirmative action” in college admissions may have opened the door to further litigation.Supreme Court cites Nancy Pelosi in striking down Biden’s student loan plan

303 Creative web designer says Supreme Court win is “victory for each and every one of us” - Supreme Court ruled that it was within 303 Creative owner and website designer Lorie Smith’s First Amendment rights to not want to make wedding announcement websites for same-sex couples.

Justices keep reminding the Left what the First Amendment meansSupreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch rebukes Justice Sonia Sotomayor for saying his ruling gives LGBTQ+ people “second-class status”

After the Supreme Court ruled Colorado cannot compel a web designer to create messages including art, graphics and words that run against her sincere Christian beliefs, liberal Justice Sonia Sotomayor dissented and said the majority reduced LGBTQ+ people to “second-class status”.Washington Examiner

Daily Mail 06/30/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

“Dud Light” Toronto Naked Squirrelly Bike Parade Gone Nuts “Dud Light” Toronto Naked Squirrelly Bike Parade Gone Nuts: Bud Light was the official sponsor of Toronto Pride parade - Where wild footage shows naked men marching and dancing in front of children and families along the parade routeDaily Mail

Naked Men Freely Expose Themselves To Kids At Pride Because The Right Bought The Left’s “Tolerance” Lie

Our children are paying the price for prior generations’ passive acceptance of the LGBTQ agenda with their innocence - with photos and footage of nude men and women prancing at pride parades all across North America.The Federalist

Bud Light Will Permanently Lose Nearly a Fourth of Its Business: Analysts

“We believe recent underperformance implies a permanent reduction in ABI’s U.S. business”, Deutsche Bank analyst Mitch Collett wrote for Barron’s, referring to Anheuser-Busch InBev, the parent company of Bud Light. “Our proprietary survey data suggests these headwinds are likely to fade even if we do not expect the U.S. business ever to fully recover from its current challenges.”The Epoch Times

Daily Mail 06/26/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search