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Interpreting Year III Of The President Biden Administration

R.I.P. USA R.I.P. USA: The police state indictment of Donald Trump, and the shocking coverup of the Biden crime family. videoBongino

The police state is here Right now.NewsMax

• This article perfectly sums up why the case against Trump is weak at best.Just The News

• The FBI is attacking whistleblowers.MNBC News

• Billionaire liberal gets caught funding a massive censorship effort.Lee Fang

• Shocking allegations in the Fox-Tucker battle.Daily Caller

Biden Laughs Off Damning Corruption AllegationsBongino

Biden Judicial Nominee Who Defended Church Closures During COVID Faces Grilling From Senator HawleyBongino

Bongino 06/09/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Biden's Deep State Prosecutor Jack Smith From The Files of “Police Squad”, Biden's Deep State Prosecutor Jack Smith - “I am an Innocent Man:” “Dark Day” for U.S. - Donald Trump Indicted Again: Former president says he has been charged in classified documents case

Former President Donald Trump says that he has been charged in special counsel Jack Smith's investigation into his alleged mishandling of classified records at his Florida resort home of Mar-a-Lago.

Trump-backers say indictment and Biden FBI revelations coming on same day NOT “Coincidence” - “Imagine being naive enough to believe that the Biden Bribe evidence and Trump indictment happening the same day was a coincidence.”

Trump slams indictment as “election interference” in Truth Social video

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy says Trump indictment marks a “Dark Day” for AmericaRepublican Party rush to Trump's defense amid indictment reports

House Republicans subpoena tactics start to bear fruit - House Republicans cancel FBI Director Christopher Wray contempt vote as Oversight members get the chance to review Biden FBI document.

Republican whistleblower witness suspended from FBI for leaking information - An FBI special agent who testified for Republicans as a whistleblower was suspended, according to a bureau official.

FBI informant document alleges Joe and Hunter Biden were paid $5M by Ukrainian energy company Burisma: Republican Party

Washington Examiner 06/08/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

FBI Director Christopher Wray, Attorney General Merrick Garland - Deep State Cops FBI Director Christopher Wray, Attorney General Merrick Garland - Deep State Cops - Nothing To See Here But A Credible Whistleblower Accusing The President Of BriberyThe Federalist

$5Million Foreign Bribery Scheme: FBI director Christopher Wray “CAVES” to the House Oversight Committee as he's forced to release documents on Joe Biden foreign bribery claimsDaily Mail

EXCLUSIVE: Former Attorney General William Barr Confirms Rep. Jamie Raskin Lied About Biden Family Corruption Investigation ‘The FBI is attempting a coverup, and Democrats are doing their bidding by lying to the American people,’ Rep. James Comer told The Federalist.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan Demands Interview With FBI Official Used In Democrats’ “Russian Disinfo” Smear CampaignThe Federalist

Daily Mail 06/08/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Merrymakers Of Washington On The Potomac Merrymakers Of Washington On The Potomac - “Highly Credible” Source Reveals Scandal Bigger Than Biden Bribery: FBI Election Interference - More important to America’s future than unearthing Biden family corruption is uncovering corrupt bureaucrats who violate the rule of law.The Federalist

CORRUPTION CHRONICLES: Hillary Caught - Again! Russia Hoax Scandal: Judicial Watch Was RIGHT - Hillary Did It and Obama Knew

Hillary Clinton continues to insert herself into national politics, and the FBI continues to demonstrate disdain for the rule of law, but new evidence is coming to light about their role. Judicial Watch chief investigative reporter Micah Morrison lays it out in the Investigative Bulletin.

Major Revelations in Trump Russia Scandal, Clinton Corruption - Hillary Did It, Obama Knew - Judicial Watch Warnings Came Early & Often

Investigating The Investigators: Another $60 Million for Vice President’s Failed Project Aimed at Tackling Root Causes of Irregular Migration

Judicial Watch Sues National Archives filling Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) for Biden Family Business Records

Border Crisis: U.S. Put Migrant Gangbanger with MS-13 Tattoos in Foster Home after Raping, Killing Woman

Another Illegal Immigrant Protected by Local Sanctuary Laws Charged with Violent CrimesJudicial

The Federalist 06/05/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

George Soros, “The Plague Doctor” George Soros, “The Plague Doctor”: George Soros is Spreading Addiction and Death Across America

The Drug Policy Alliance, a group that has received millions of dollars from international banker George Soros, takes credit for “creating cutting-edge policies that have fundamentally transformed the direction of drug policy in the U.S.”

This claim is true. The alliance has been instrumental in legalizing marijuana in 11 states and Washington, D.C. The promised benefits of marijuana legalization, however, have failed to materialize, leaving hundreds of communities with more addiction, death, and chaos.

Washington Examiner 06/02/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Biden Falls Again Biden Falls Again - “I Got Sandbagged!” Biden laughs off fall at Air Force Academy ceremony - the fourth public tumble of 81-year-old's presidency - as he arrives back at White House (but not before bumping his head when exiting the helicopter!)

It happened again! 80-year-old Biden's latest fall on stage in Colorado is another in a string of battles the oldest president in history has had with balance

Ron DeSantis wishes Biden a “swift recovery” from his fall - adding that he hopes America can ALSO recover from “the injuries sustained” as a result of the president's policiesDaily Mail

“World Elder Abuse Awareness Month:” Biden’s Latest Fall Offers Reminder That June Is “Elder Abuse Awareness Month”

President Joe Biden kicked off the first day of “World Elder Abuse Awareness Month” by tripping on what appeared to be a flat surface at the Air Force Academy’s graduation ceremony.Daily Wire

The Alphabet Legacy Media Comes To Biden's Rescue: Lifted After The Fall From The Proverbial Floor Before The Pounce: CBS, NBC Join ABC in Lifting Biden After The Fall, Fret Republicans Being “Quick to Pounce” and “Seize”News

Daily Mail 06/02/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Roller Coaster Ride, The Obama Connection No One Is Talking About Roller Coaster Ride, The Obama Connection No One Is Talking About: The “Treacherous Charade” of the Russian Collusion Probe and Scandalous Connection to Obama - Special Counsel John Durham Places Deep State On Notice For Criminal Trial Codenamed “Crossfire Hurricane” The Durham Report Leaves No Doubt: The Deep State Is A Mortal Threat To Democracy videoBongino

Resurfaced Video Shows Joe Biden and George Soros Together in the 1980s

Twitter user @Mazemoore, a video editor, uncovered video of the duo on a TV together. He said that he found the video without a description as part of a compilation of hours of clips, but from context it appears to be from 1989, given that the topic being discussed is reforming Poland’s economy after the fall of communism.

Biden Takes Credit for Establishing Quad Alliance That Was Re-Established Under Trump in 2017

The Quad alliance (officially the “Quadrilateral Security Dialogue”) is a strategic security dialogue between Australia, India, Japan, and the U.S., that was created in 2007 but only lasted until 2008 before being re-established in 2017 under then-President Donald Trump.

America's Mentally Sharpest Democrat Doesn't Remember 3-Month Absence She Just Returned From

Dianne Feinstein, who despite recent health troubles and tough competition from John Fetterman still remains the most cerebral Democrat in the Senate, doesn’t remember that she wasn’t at the Capitol for the past three months due to a medical absence.

Chilling Words From An FBI Whistleblower: The explosive FBI corruption hearing and the chilling words that ended the hearing. videoBongino

• Dopey congresswoman gets the twitter account of an FBI whistleblower wrong.Daily Caller

• Then why is this former Biden administration diversity hire on the run from law enforcement?Daily Wire

• Was the FBI spying on your bank records?Just The News

• Half of New York City hotel rooms are filled with illegal immigrants.Breitbart

Bongino 05/22/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s Control of the Technology and Resources Behind Batteries, Solar Panels and Wind Turbines Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s Control of the Technology and Resources Behind Batteries, Solar Panels and Wind Turbines; Middle East, Russia and Bad Players' Control Over Oil; And Biden Administration 's Policies - Have Ended In Biden's Dependency On Its Enemies For America's Power Grid: Complicating Washington’s efforts to make a swift transition from fossil fuels or any power play for that matter.Politico

China Invests $546 Billion in Clean Energy, Far Surpassing the U.S.

China accounted for nearly half of the world's low-carbon spending in 2022, which could challenge U.S. efforts to bolster domestic clean energy manufacturing.

Nearly half of the world's low-carbon spending took place in China, according to a recent analysis from market research firm BloombergNEF. The country spent $546 billion in 2022 on investments that included solar and wind energy, electric vehicles and batteries.

That is nearly four times the amount of U.S. investments, which totaled $141 billion. The European Union was second to China with $180 billion in clean energy investments.Scientific American

Politico 05/18/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

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The Flying Pig with Lipstick

Hillary Clinton Scrubber Woman FLASHBACK: Hillary Clinton Scrubber Woman: The 12 Juiciest “Bits” From The FBI’s Clinton Report

From the “Oh Shit” moment

To the work-related email that wasn’t a “Difficult Time” at the State (WikiLeaks disclosures “because it was a ‘Difficult Time’ at State”.

Hillary Clinton Used Special Tool “BleachBit” (Computer Software Whose Website Advertises It Can “Prevent Recovery” Of Files), to wipe her private email server

Clinton has long said that the deleted emails were all of a personal nature, relating largely to yoga and her daughter’s wedding.

“She and her lawyers had those emails deleted. And they didn’t just push the delete button; they had them deleted where even God can’t read them.”

“They were using something called “BleachBit”. You don’t use “BleachBit” for yoga emails or bridemaids emails. When you’re using BleachBit, it is something you really do not want the world to see.”Politico

Why Hillary Clinton Deleted 33,000 Emails on Her Private Email Server (If you can believe this explanation):

Hillary Clinton's Illegal Private Email Server - Hillary's “Legal Team” Deleted 33,000 Emails She Says Were NOT “Work Related”; 60,000 Emails She Deemed Sent From Or To A .gov And .mil Address Were “Work Related” Not Deleted.ABC News

Clinton Broke Federal Rules With Email Server, Audit Finds: She should have surrendered all emails dealing with State Department issues, the audit found.

Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton violated federal records rules through her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state, a State Department audit has concluded

“At a minimum, Secretary Clinton should have surrendered all emails dealing with Department issues before leaving government service”, says an audit by the State Department Inspector General.

“Because she did not do so, she did not comply with the [State] Department’s policies that were implemented in accordance with the Federal Records Act.”NBC News

Politico 06/09/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Hunter Biden, Parable of the Rich Man Hunter Biden, Parable of the Rich Man - Biden Alleged “Bribery” Charges: Biden whistleblowers “Fear For Their Lives”: Republicans say FBI won't hand over alleged $5M “bribery” document because key informant's safety could be in jeopardy

Love Bird To Jail Bird: Hunter Biden ordered to appear in court in July and warned he faces JAIL for allegedly concealing his finances in child support payments to daughter he has with stripperDaily Mail

White House dismisses House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer's comments on an FBI briefing concerning a tip into alleged wrongdoing by President Joe Biden as “Fact-free Stunt:”

“It suggests a pattern of bribery where payments would be made through shell accounts and multiple banks. There’s a term for that: It’s called money laundering”

Hunter Biden emails show Joe Biden “lied” on business dealings “knowledge”: Comer charges

The profoundly dishonest - Fired FBI Director James Comey forgets the FBI’s corruption is now established factWashington Examiner

Daily Mail 06/06/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Chuck Todd Leaving Meet the “DePressed”</em> BREAKING: Chuck Todd Leaving Meet the “DePressed”, Kristen Welker Taking Over - Todd informed viewers his reason for leaving was Not To Overstay His Welcome (30 years too late) and He Wanted To Spend More Time With His Family

Why the Sudden Exit of Chuck Todd? Chuck Todd announced he's going to leave NBC's Meet the Press. Did he leave voluntarily? Was he pushed? There's one thing we know: It's hilarious when he claims he's been all about the facts.

“We didn't tolerate propagandists and this network and program never will...I take the attacks from partisans as compliments.”

Bye-Bye Chuck! The Worst of NBC’s Todd

News 06/04/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Snow Blight Kamala And The Wicked Joe Snow Blight Kamala And The Wicked Joe: Are Fairy Tales Fair? NOW Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps find gender bias in children's storybooks

Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty have more in common than their origins as classic fairy tale figures and, now, part of Disney's famous roster of characters.

Their fairy tales are also full of gender bias and stereotypes, according to “literature scholars” - and NOW Artificial Intelligence (AI) or rather those who write in their criteria and their bias for the artificial

Video Exposes The Cabal Pushing The Woke Agenda. videoBongino

• Disinformation Inc.: Biden State Department “stands by” grant to conservative blacklister.Washington Examiner

AI is a threat to humankind.Daily Caller

• New study shows that left wing extremism is associated with narcissism.New York Post

• The media always blames the Republicans in a debt ceiling fight.News 06/02/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

What Is A Woman? The Question Of Pregnancy “What Is A Woman?” The Question Of Pregnancy: “Every Parent Should Watch This:” Elon Musk Retweets “What Is A Woman?” To His 140M Followers


“The View” audience gasps as co-host Joy Behar slams “election-stealing” Republicans and Alyssa Farah Griffin for saying that Republicans supports gay rights: “They're using it as a political cudgel - to vilify one group of people unifies all these other people”Daily Mail

ABC's “The View” Kicks Off Pride Month Claiming Republicans Want Gays Executed

While having the gall to whine about people’s “nastiness” towards them on social media, ABC’s “The View” celebrated the start of so-called “Pride Month” by falsely claiming that conservatives wanted to turn America in Uganda and have laws that called for the “execution” of homosexuals.

This was followed up by the insane accusation that “the only way” Republicans get into office was by “stealing” elections. Of course, the “conservative” on the panel was just an empty suit.News

Daily Wire 06/02/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

It's Not For High IQ Value These Elected Officials Are Put In Office, It Must Be Flamboyant Name Recognition It's Not For High IQ Value These Elected Officials Are Put In Office, It Must Be Flamboyant Name Recognition: Huh? New York Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer Slams “MAGA Supreme Court” After A Unanimous Decision 9 - 0

New York Mayor Eric Adams Signs Bill Banning Weight Discrimination, Says “Body Type” Not Connected ”To Whether You’re Healthy Or Unhealthy”

Once Upon A Time, Baseball Was America's Game: “Not Enough:” Pro-Drag Queen “Nuns” Los Angeles Dodgers Announce “Christian Faith And Family Day”. Give Me A Break.

And The Woke Get Dumber: “People With Female Sex Organs:” Major Feminine Product Maker’s Latest Attack On Girls And Women

Governing Body Blames Critics: Transgender Athletes Competing Against Girls Are No-Shows At State Event

It's More Than Just Bud Light, It's Practically Running Rampant In Corporate America - “Clean Up On Aisle NINE”: “Boycott Target” Song Racks Up Millions Of Views, Takes Off On iTunes

Daily Wire 05/28/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Nancy Pelosi's Iconic Pose January 6 Capitol Rioter Pictured With His Feet On Nancy Pelosi's Desk Is Jailed For Four Years - The photos of Richard “Bigo” Barnett lounging at a desk in Pelosi's office made him one of the most memorable figures from the riot. Barnett, 63, testified he was “going with the flow” and struck a pose after news photographers told him to “Act Natural”. (Why are there News Photographers in the Capitol building instructing rioters?)

BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi's Iconic January 6 Capitol Rioter Chair Pose, gets Former House Speaker Pelosi jailed 8 years. (News Photographers made no comment that could be repeated.)

Daily Mail 05/26/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search