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THE BIDEN FILES: Mystery Surrounding Biden Classified Files Deepens THE BIDEN FILES: Mystery Surrounding Biden Classified Files Deepens as it's revealed they were stored at ANOTHER D.C. location before they ended up at Joe's “Think Tank” - and aide recommended by Hunter is responsible

Ron Klain will step down as Biden's chief of staff within WEEKS as president faces legal turmoil over classified documents found at his home and “Think Tank”Daily Mail

Feds Search Biden’s Home, Discover More Classified Documents

FBI Conducted 13-Hour Search Of Biden’s Home, Found More Classified Material

Experts Weigh In On FBI Search Of Biden Home: He Consented Because “There Was Probable Cause Of Crimes”

Biden's Justice Department Tells House Judiciary Committee: We Likely Won’t Share Information On Probe Into Biden Document ScandalDaily Wire

The Biden Files: Justice Department searches Biden's home, finds six more classified documents

Justice Department officials conducting a search of President Joe Biden's home in Wilmington, Delaware on Friday uncovered an additional six classified documents on the premises, the president's lawyer said Saturday evening.

The search, which took over 13 hours to complete, resulted in authorities seizing ”materials it deemed within the scope of its inquiry, including six items consisting of documents with classification markings and surrounding materials, some of which were from the President’s service in the Senate and some of which were from his tenure as Vice President”.

White House dogged by classified documents saga: Washington Photos of the WeekWashington Examiner

Did Someone Flip On Biden? Shocking New Evidence The Biden White House Is In Real Trouble. video

• The documents scandal erupts as the cover-up is exposed.Breitbart

• Don’t get distracted, there is no “visitors log”.Fox News

• Why did the Justice Department shut down this China counter-espionage program?

Did it have anything to do with Hunter?PoliticoBongino

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BIDEN's SOUTHERN BORDER CRISIS HITS “SANCTUARY CITIES” Southern Border Crisis: Record number of immigrants stopped trying to cross illegally in December

Despite the record unprecedented 301,625 encounters, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) maintained that its new border protocols to deter illegal migration attempts were a success.

In total, 5.2 million immigrants have tried to get into the U.S. illegally between February 1, 2021, and December 30, 2022 - more than any other period in the Border Patrol's 98 years.Washington Examiner

Biden Administration Shatters All-Time Record For Number Of Illegal Alien Encounters On Southern Border

Border Sheriff Puts Out Call For Aid: “Homes Are Being Broken Into In The Middle Of The Night”Daily Wire

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THE BIDEN FILES: “I HAVE NO REGRETS:” THE BIDEN FILES: “I HAVE NO REGRETS:” Moment Dismissive Biden Snaps At The PRESS For Asking Him About His Handling Of Classified Documents instead of storm damage and climate change

Hunter Biden laptop images captures him driving his father's Corvette that was parked next to Joe's classified documents: Female aide who fears she may be to blame for files fiasco “got the job through HUNTER!”

EXCLUSIVE: That's Not What The White House Said! Secret Service DOES maintain records of visitors to President Biden's Wilmington house - conducting background checks which generate electronic records that are NEVER expunged

You Need How Much, Comrade Biden? Some 51% of adults say America is becoming a “big government socialist state”, as climate spending pushes debt above $31 Trillion

Biden is preparing to announce his 2024 bid after the February 7 State of the Union - and his inner circle has dismissed the documents debacle as the “D.C. elite” making “noise”, report claimsDaily Mail

THE BIDEN FILES: Hunter's Unvetted Vette

THE BIDEN FILES: Hunter's “UNVETTED:” Vette: Unvetted: Hunter Biden seen behind the wheel of Joe’s Corvette in photos from laptop

President Joe Biden’s troubled son Hunter was pictured behind the wheel of his father’s Corvette just outside the Biden home in Delaware, where classified documents were stored in the garage where the president’s prized sports car would be parked.

Biden's “Phenomenally Successful” partnership with foreign-funded Penn examined

The photographs, taken in July 2017 and found on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop, provide further evidence that the now-president’s son likely had access to the garage where classified records had apparently been improperly stored since the end of Joe Biden’s term as vice president in early 2017

Biden campaign adds tax document links to website following Washington Examiner report

Justice Department asked Biden team not to investigate the classified documents further: Report

Partnership with foreign-funded Penn examined... Which includes China, Russia and Ukraine as past and present donors and beneficiaries)

Republicans in Congress are ramping up investigations into President Joe Biden’s Washington “Think Tank”, the center’s funding, and who had access to the previously little-known center after classified documents were discovered inside a closet.

Hunter Biden blacked out near classified documents while working with Chinese businessman: ReportWashington Examiner

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White House says there are NO Visitor Logs for Biden THE BIDEN FILES: “We Don't Need No Stinkin' Logs”: White House says there are NO Visitor Logs for Biden's Wilmington home where Classified Documents Found: Top Republican says Americans “need transparency not secrecy” and will keep pressing for more information

“The Stench Of Hypocrisy Is Making American People Sick:” Top Republican tears into Biden administration for sitting on the documents discovery or two months and trying to “engineer” the scandal

“Where was the Trump-like raid?” “The Embarrassing Crime Scene Photos? Why Are Joe's Lawyers Doing The Digging, Not The FBI?” This All Stinks To High Heaven - but don't expect our liberal media to notice

How Hunter Biden complained in 2010 that “HALF” of his salary went to paying Joe's bills and for maintenance on the Wilmington home where the classified documents were foundDaily Mail

Biden Administration: White House Counsel: Visitor Logs From Biden Delaware Home Do Not Exist

There are no logs kept of people who went to the home where two batches of classified documents were found

The discovery of the documents, with the third batch being found at the Penn Biden Center in November 2022, was revealed in January of this year, causing both Republicans and Democrats to express their frustration at the potential breach of national security.

“White House Keeps Digging A Hole Deeper:” Legal Twitter aghast at Biden's documents saga

Former Chairman Of The House “Intelligence” Committee Adam Schiff Says “We Need More Evidence” If Biden's Classified Documents Jeopardized National Security

Schiff previously claimed former President Donald Trump “and his team knowingly put our National Security at risk” based on how the former president allegedly “mishandled documents”.Washington Examiner

House Oversight Chairman On Biden’s Document Scandal: National Archives Won’t Disclose What Was Found

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer Spars With CNN Hosts Over Biden Classified Document Scandal: “For God’s Sake”

Democrat “Squad” Member Ilhan Omar Interview On MSNBC: Investigations Into Biden Classified Document Scandal Are A “Political Game”

Ex-Clinton White House Official: Biden In “Very, Very Big” Trouble Over Document Scandal, Will Get “Creamed”

Classified Documents Found In Biden’s Private Office Contained “Top Secret” Material: ReportDaily Wire

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BIDEN'S CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS FOUND AT “THINK TANK” AND IN THE GARAGE WITH CRAZY JOE'S RESTORED CORVETTE THE BIDEN FILES: “Still No FBI Raid...” Top conservatives demand to know why Biden hasn't been probed for keeping classified documents like Trump was, as president attends mass in Delaware

Democrats fear Biden's classified documents will be his “Hillary Emails Moment” - as Clinton's former adviser slams president for staying silent on THIRD batch of files found at his Delaware homeDaily Mail

House Oversight Chairman On Biden’s Document Scandal: National Archives Won’t Disclose What Was Found

Classified Documents Found In Biden’s Private Office Contained “Top Secret” Material: Report

Chuck Schumer Spars With CNN Hosts Over Biden Classified Document Scandal: “For God’s Sake”

Ex-Clinton White House Official: Biden In “Very, Very Big” Trouble Over Document Scandal, Will Get “Creamed”Daily Wire

The Biden Files: Republicans look for Hunter Biden connection as documents furor roils White House

“White House Keeps Digging A Hole Deeper:” Legal Twitter aghast at Biden's documents saga

Earlier this week, it was revealed that a Biden lawyer flagged a stash of classified documents at a think tank stemming from his vice presidential days, then a flurry of stories surfaced about additional findings last December and even this week.

His team had been quietly cooperating with the Justice Department for weeks, but legal experts on Twitter were largely baffled about the communications strategy.Washington Examiner

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BIDEN'S CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS FOUND AT “THINK TANK” AND IN THE GARAGE WITH CRAZY JOE'S RESTORED CORVETTE THE BIDEN FILES - BIDEN'S CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS FOUND AT “THINK TANK” AND IN THE GARAGE WITH CRAZY JOE'S RESTORED CORVETTE: How holes in Biden's classified documents story pushed Attorney General Merrick Garland to appoint a Special Counsel - before he sat beside the President and watched him ignore questions on if he mishandled files

“The Gray Lady”'s Hunter Whitewash: How the “New York Times” sugarcoated the Bidens' dodgy business deals, shared bank accounts and whistleblowers in 5,300-word “investigation” into the troubled First Son

“Let Me Unconfuse You” Condescending White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre Says NOT Telling The Public About New Classified Documents Found At Biden's Home and Garage Was “The Right Thing To Do”Daily Mail

Classified Documents and Double Standards Here Were the Smartest and Dumbest Questions on the Biden Documents from Friday’s White House Briefing

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre faced the press corps Friday to close out a week almost no one saw coming with the revelation that the Biden administration had kept hidden for two months that classified documents were found at a (faux) “Think Tank” and his Wilmington, Delaware home.≈≈

Biden Responds To Classified Documents Found At His Home: Were “In A Locked Garage” As “Well As My Corvette”Daily Wire

The Stuff Is Hitting The Fan The Latest Shocking Twitter Files Drop Exposes The Troubling Mechanics Of The “Deep State”, and How They Organize To Attack Their Enemies. video

• The DOJ appoints a Special Counsel to investigate the Biden classified documents scandal.

• The inflation number remains unacceptably high.

• The latest Twitter files drop show the Democrats knew the Russia hoax was nonsense.

• The Pfizer COVID vaccine is under more scrutiny.Bongino

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The Flying Pig with Lipstick

U.S.-China Experiments Continue With Gain Of Function Research U.S.-China Experiments Continue With Gain Of Function Research: Dangerous gain-of-function research continues to go on in U.S. because of poor oversight, says damning congressional watchdog report prompted by revelation

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) warns Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) over prescription could be as bad as OPIOID CRISIS in stinging letter to pharmaceutical giants it accuses of “aggressive marketing” - as users rise 10% in a year to 41 million

Daily Mail 01/20/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

The Biden, Soros, Ukraine Connection The Biden, Soros, Ukraine Connection: (Renaissance Man, First Eating With Inventor Of The Spoon - “The Golden Spoon”): The shocking connections between the Biden documents scandal, the Russia hoax, the impeachment hoax, Ukraine and George Soros. videoBongino

• An older, but important, piece about Soros and Ukraine.The Hill

Biden Attorney Interviewed By Feds In Documents Review - But No “302” Summary.Daily Wire

• Ex-Intel Officer Admits He Lied About Hunter Biden's Laptop.Red State

• It’s time to stop using the “Fire In A Movie Theater” quote.The Atlantic

Follow The Biden Money! The Biden classified documents scandal explodes, as the money trial is exposed. videoBongino

• Why was Hunter Biden paying for Joe Biden’s home?Breitbart

Republicans pounce!News

• The definitive voter fraud

• San Francisco proposes FIVE million dollars for reparations payments for each person.Fox News

• Democrat introduces anti-First Amendment legislation.Red State

Bongino 01/18/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

THE BIDEN FILES THE BIDEN FILES: Political Media Cover Up Scandals Boiling-over Are you kidding, Karine? Biden's Press Secretary says she HAS been “Forthcoming” on Documents Scandal as she dodges MORE questions on President's hypocrisy

Biden Smirks and LAUGHS at Reporters while again refusing to answer questions on classified files - as shocking report reveals Department of Justice made deal to keep FBI agents AWAY from search

Biden's Personal Attorney has spoken to FEDS about Classified Materials scandal after he found TEN TOP SECRET documents at President's “Think Tank”

“Come On In:” Biden's Classified Documents Scandal Deepens as photos from 2019 show DESERTED Secret Service post at his Delaware mansion - the day he announced his 2020 White House run

Former Top Intelligence Chief Admits “Significant” Parts Of Hunter Biden's Laptop “Had To Be REAL” - despite signing letter with 50 others dismissing it as Russian information just before the 2020 election

EXCLUSIVE: Justice Department is concealing 400 pages of “Sensitive Documents” Laying Bare Payoffs And Gifts to Hunter and Jim Biden from China, Russia and Ukraine - after acknowledging the records exist - lawyer claims in suitDaily Mail

Justice Department Declined To Monitor Biden Attorneys’ Search For Classified Documents At President’s Home, Report Says

Biden Attorney Interviewed By Feds In Documents Review - But No “302” Summary: ReportDaily Wire


FOUR Absurd Media Narratives To Distract Americans From Joe Biden’s Simultaneous Scandals

Despite being embroiled in multiple scandals, Biden need not fret. Corporate media have dispatched their journalists to moonlight as his Public Relations team.

Here’s Why The Hunter Biden Corruption Story Is Worth Investigating, Chuck Todd

The Praetorian Guard, reporting for duty.

There can’t be an investigation until we know for certain that something criminal occurred, but we can’t know if anything criminal occurred until there’s an investigation.

Convenient. This, of course, is not the standard journalists have ever embraced for scrutinizing presidential wrongdoing in the past.

However, Todd regularly entertained notions of criminality without any tangible evidence, that is if Todd's victim is NOT Democrat.The Federalist

MSNBC's Vile “Joyless” Reid Uses Martin Luther King Jr Day (MLK) Day to Falsely Smear Reagan and Republicans as Racists

NBC/MSNBC's Chuck Todd Laughably Claims He's All About Facts: Why does “Meet the “Depressed” host Chuck Todd keep inviting on Senator Ron Johnson, attacking him, and then getting angry Johnson bites back about bias?

ABC Frets Republicans “POUNCING” On Biden Over Documents Scandal, Revel in No Delaware Visitor Logs

ABC's “The Shrew” Sunny Hostin Decries Judging a Person’s Character, Not Skin ColorNews

Daily Mail 01/18/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

“Mass” Hysteria! Activists erupt as Diocese of Des Moines enacts anti-woke rules in churches and schools “Mass” Hysteria! Activists Erupt As Diocese Of Des Moines Enacts Anti-Woke Rules In Churches And Schools, Banning preferred pronouns and forcing worshippers to use toilets and locker room of their biological sex

NOW SPACE Is Racist! Woke Colorado Astrophysics Professor Moans Her field Is Riddled With “White Supremacy” And Sexism - With Colleagues Using “Hypermasculine” And “Violent” Language To Describe The Cosmos

REVEALED: 55% Of Trans Wwomen Who Have “Bottom Surgery” Are In So Much Pain They Need Medical Care Years Later, according to study of dozens of cases - and up to a third struggle to use the toilet or have sex

EXCLUSIVE: “I will Call The Cops Every Single Time:” Arizona Mom who went viral dressed as cat to protest trans board member now slams gym for letting the member use women's locker room - claiming “he stared at her breasts”

Daily Mail 01/17/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search


New York Mayor Eric Adams Tours Migrant Shelters, Visits Southern Border During El Paso Trip as border crisis drives Big Apple to “BREAKING POINT”

BIDEN'S BORDER CRISIS: “Sanctuary City” New York City Mayor Eric Adams NOW says the city is at “BREAKING POINT” as 400 asylum seekers arrive EACH DAY - and submits an emergency aid request to Governor Kathy Hochul to shelter hundreds of migrants

Daily Mail 01/16/2023 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search