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Interpreting Year II Of The President Biden Administration

Bidenocchio “Master Of Liars ” BIDENOCCHIO “MASTER OF LIARS”, HUNTER BIDEN: THE OUTRAGEOUS COVER-UP: Top FBI agent accused of protecting Hunter Biden from probes RESIGNS: Veteran is marched out of HQ over claims he suppressed laptop story and was “Politically Biased”

EXCLUSIVE: Top Republican claims Biden is using the government to protect Hunter and his family after CIA chief of staff who dismissed laptop story as “Russian intelligence” was appointed to White House intelligence advisory board

Republican senators DEMAND Facebook hands over conversations with FBI over suppressing Hunter Biden laptop scandal - AND name the agents who falsely them it was Russian disinformation

Secret Service agent, 48, who “claimed Trump grabbed the limo steering wheel to go to the Capitol on January 6” RETIRES: Comes two months after Ex-White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson's explosive testimonyDaily Mail

The FBI Strikes Again! videoBongino

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Biden Is “Uncle Sugar” (US) Tax Collector, Here To Collect For Student Debt, It's Not “Forgiveness” When Others Must Pay Biden Is “Uncle Sugar” (US) Tax Collector, Here To Collect For Student Debt, It's Not “Forgiveness” When Others Must Pay: America's 144 million taxpayers will be forced to pay $2,500 EACH to foot Biden's student $600BN college debt write-off that could worsen inflation and erase deficit reductions

REVEALED: How Americans in 13 states could be TAXED up to $1,100 to cover Biden's “Student Loan Forgiveness Plan”

“For The Love of God, Science and Humanity, Please Remove That Mask:” Top physician questions why Biden is still wearing a mask outside after four COVID vaccine shots

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Wolf Biden & Little Red Riding Hood Absurdly Redacted Trump Raid Affidavit Debunks “Trust The System” Talking Points: When an Administration targets opponents and then pretends a blacked-out document is “Accountability”, you can’t just “Trust The System”.

The Short Life (And Amazingly Fast Death) Of The FBI’s Mar-A-Lago Play: Our country is far from healthy today, but a collective laugh at the FBI’s joke of an affidavit is a long-needed step in the right direction.

Redacted Mar-A-Lago Affidavit Confirms Biden’s Justice Department Fished For A Crime To Pin On Trump: Manipulating the criminal code to find a basis to search the home of a political enemy represents an appalling weaponization of the criminal justice system.

The FBI’s Trump Raid Should Concern Every American, Including His Detractors

The FBI Should Apologize For Its Crooked Past And Focus On Accountability For The Future: The FBI needs leadership confident enough to work with independent oversight authorities to expose and correct serious misconduct.

The Raid Is Even Worse Than You Thought videoBongino

The Federalist 08/29/2022 • RumbleDuckDuckGo Search

Biden's Redacted and Rigged Above The Law Approach Biden's Redacted and Rigged Above The Law Approach, CONFIRMED: FBI Colluded With Big Tech To Prevent Voters From Learning About Hunter Biden’s Laptop - Mark Zuckerberg admitted that Facebook suppressed stories about Hunter Biden’s laptop during the 2020 election at the request of the FBI.

FBI Is So Committed To Transparency Nearly Entire Trump Raid Affidavit Is RedactedThe Federalist

Furious Republicans demand Mark Zuckerberg testify before Congress after his astonishing admission that Facebook willfully censored Hunter Biden laptop revelations for 10 days in run-up to election - after FBI's “Russian disinformation” warning

“I don't respect these MAGA Republicans:” Biden tells crowd Trump and “extreme” Republicans are “destroying America” and don't care about inflation - before heckler is carried off by security for telling the president: “you stole the election!”

Trump and “Extreme” Republicans of “Semi-Fascism”: President tears into the “MAGA philosophy” at DNC fundraiser in $3.1million Maryland homeDaily Mail

Zuckerberg Drops A Bombshell About The Rigged Election video

Proof That We’re Being Governed By Idiots videoBongino

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 Biden to the Working Class: “Drop Dead:” Biden to the Working Class: “Drop Dead:”: Biden’s “Student Loan Bailout” is Illegal, Inflationary, and Immoral

If Biden’s college loan amnesty is illegal, why can’t it be stopped? Pelosi questioned its legality. So did Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors chairman. Conservatives uniformly say it is illegal.

Student loans gambit is the latest example of Biden's selective COVID-19 emergencyWashington Examiner

Karine Jean-Pierre STILL has NO ANSWER for how much Biden's “Student Loan Plan” Costs and if it's fully paid for - but insists “We've Done It In A Fiscally Responsible Way” and claims “Economy Has Been Turned Back On”

Biden administration officially CANCELS the “Ministry of Truth” Disinformation Board after furious backlash and its head “Mary Poppins” resigned

Kamala Harris set to fly back from her Hawaii vacation TOMORROW after hiking and going to farmer's markets while Biden signed spending bill and revealed enormous “student loans” planDaily Mail

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Biden's Attorney General Merrick Garland's Paper Shuffle Biden's Attorney General Merrick Garland's Paper Shuffle: Justice Department Responds to Trump’s Request for Special Master, Says Classified Papers Were Moved Amid Probes

Judge Cancels Upcoming Hearing on Trump Attorney’s Seized Phone

FBI Responds to Zuckerberg’s Claim It Helped Suppress Hunter Biden Laptop Story

Former Federal Prosecutor Kash Patel Denounces Biden Administration for Keeping Name in Redacted FBI Trump Warrant Affidavit

The FBI Strikes Again! videoBongino

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Biden Is Not Walking On Water, But Rather Treading on Water Biden was told NOT to cancel student loan debt by Janet Yellen and Jill - but Kamala pushed him to do it and the “$1TRILLION” scheme was unveiled before it was properly costedDaily Mail

Biden Is Not Walking On Water, But Rather Treading on Water: No, Joe Biden “Canceling” Student Debt Isn’t Like Jesus Forgiving Sins - The Gospel Isn’t “Literally Based On Forgiving Debts.” It’s Based On The Glorious Fact That Our Debts Have Been Paid In Full.

Studies Show Biden’s Illegal Student Debt Scheme Is Welfare For The Rich The Federalist

Pay Your Own Damn Loans! videoBongino

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Fauci a “Little Elf” Fauci a Lucky Charms “Little Elf” Who's Charm Has Worn Out: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis calls Fauci a “Little Elf” that should be chucked “Across The Potomac”Washington Examiner

Good Riddance, Saint Fauci: No person has ever done more to damage trust in public health.The Federalist

Fauci's Lockdown Legacy: Increases in cancer and drug overdose deaths, a mental health crisis, financial devastation and disruptions to education that left millions of kids behind

“F**k you, Dr Fauci!” Megyn Kelly launches blistering attack on COVID czar for saying he'll “CONSIDER” attending Republican hearing and says he should face jail if he refusesDaily Mail

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“I'm a high-profile person:” Paul Pelosi DUI footage released after guilty plea “I'm a High-Profile Person:” Paul Pelosi DUI footage released after guilty pleaWashington Examiner

2021 Porsche Carrera 4S wrecked by Paul Pelosi during DUI crash in California's Napa Valley goes up for auction online: Listing cites damage to the vehicle's “side” and “undercarriage” - but no price

Paul Pelosi's lifetime membership in the California Highway Patrol association is REVOKED after DUI crash because he flashed CHP card at officers in “doomed attempt to wriggle out of charges”

With Pelosi Backing, California Approves New “Open Container Law” AND California Votes to APPROVE Ban on the Sale of New Gas Cars by 2035Daily Mail

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