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Interpreting The Headlines Changing BS into CS (Common Sense)

Interpreting Year II Of The President Biden Administration

Biden's Gender Neutral Bathroom Gender Neutral Bathroom: Federal Judge Blocks Biden Administration’s Guidance Allowing Biological Males In Girls’ School Bathrooms

Biden Administration Is A Vivid Illustration Of LGBTQ+ Activism On Steroids

The Headline Was Bad Enough, Biden’s Trans Assistant Secretary for Health and Human Services (HHS) Admiral Rachel L. Levine, MD and “Non-Binary” Puppy Fetish Department of Energy (DOE) Worker Sam Brinton Make Splash At French Ambassador’s Bastille Day Party

The Picture Was Even Worse! (You go back in time and have to explain this picture to someone from 2005. How do you explain what’s going on and how we got here?)

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“I’m The One Who Has To Use Paper Straws” “I’m The One Who Has To Use Paper Straws:” Billionaire Kylie Jenner Gets Blasted For 3-Minute Private Jet Trips To Avoid Traffic

The outrage began with a photo Jenner posted to her Instagram page, showing her and rapper Travis Scott standing in front of a parked Rolls Royce and two private jets - one of which belonged to Scott and the other to Jenner.

Jenner captioned the photo - on which comments and embed options have been limited since the backlash began - “You wanna take mine or yours?”

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Biden Gets COVID, Exposing Huge Double Standard Biden Gets COVID, Exposing Huge Double Standard Once Again President Biden has tested positive for COVID. We should all hope the president has an easy time. We should not ask for media nastiness and/or glee.

CNN Uses Biden Catching COVID to Trash Trump, Demand Nationwide MaskingAfter Getting COVID, Now NBC Highlights “Growing Focus” on Biden's Age

Press Still Burying These Biden Afghanistan DisastersMSNBC Analyst Urges Charging Trump With “Manslaughter” for Deaths on January 6

FLASHBACK: ABC's “The View” Decries Trump's “Privileged” COVID TreatmentsUnivision Goes Full North Korea in Propaganda Piece On Biden's Health

CNN's S.E. Cupp LOSES IT Because Trump Hasn't Been IndictedWashington Post's Max Boot Flip-Flops on Dictators: Impeach Trump, and “Cut Biden Some Slack”

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House Democrats Don’t Mind Emptying Out Strategic Petroleum Reserve To The Chinese Communists House Democrats Don’t Mind Emptying Out Strategic Petroleum Reserve To The Chinese Communists - China, which has equally sized reserves to the U.S., has tapped only 7.4 million barrels of its own stockpile while our emergency supplies are shipped to Beijing.

“It is irresponsible and dangerous for the United States to provide a foreign adversary with fuel that we need to keep here in the United States in case of an emergency” ... “It seems the Biden administration is helping to support China’s national security at the expense of our own.°The Federalist

House Democrats Block Legislative Amendment to Prevent U.S. Oil Sales to China - House Democrats have blocked a Republican effort to prevent the Biden administration from selling oil from the United States’ Strategic Petroleum Reserve to entities with ties to the Communist Party (CCP).The Epoch Times

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“The Queen Of Gestures:&rdquo “The Queen Of Gestures:” AOC, Omar Mocked For Pretending To Get Handcuffed At ProtestDaily Wire

Smirking AOC and Ilhan Omar are arrested outside Supreme Court during Roe v Wade protest and then MOCK cops by pretending they've been cuffed: “Squad” members are among 34 nabbed for blocking trafficDaily Mail

AOC Talks A Big Game, but she'd rather fake being handcuffed than do her jobWashington Examiner

Remember Senator Josh Hawley’s Fist Pump That Got Him Smeared As A Nazi? AOC Just Did The Same Thing The Federalist

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UPenn Move To Elevate “The Patriarchy Strikes Again:” Over UPenn Move To Elevate Trans Swimmer Lia Thomas

Social media exploded with criticism after the University of Pennsylvania nominated transgender swimmer Lia Thomas, who is biologically male and self-identifies as a woman, for the 2022 NCAA Woman of the Year award.

Thomas, 22, competed on the men’s team at the University of Pennsylvania before identifying as female in 2019 and taking testosterone blockers and estrogen. The swimmer started competing on the women’s team in 2021, and quickly cleaned up at the NCAA Division I national championship, taking the women’s 500-yard freestyle event this March.

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Dr. Jill Biden Extracting The Stone Of Madness Biden's Bedlam, Where “The Inmates Are Running The Asylum”: Biden’s Trans Assistant Secretary for Health and Human Services (HHS) Admiral Rachel L. Levine, MD, “Non-Binary” Puppy Fetish Department of Energy (DOE) Worker Make Splash At Ambassador’s Party

“Week 4 On The Job: Champagne and Celebration with the French Ambassador in his residence for Bastille Day.”

Two members of the Biden administration, transgender Assistant Health Secretary Rachel Levine and “Non-Binary” Department of Energy official Sam Brinton, make a splash at a party at the French ambassador’s home.

Brinton, who dresses in drag and has boasted online about his puppy role-play fetish, wore a blue dress and high heels. Levine, who Biden elevated from Pennsylvania health secretary to health “Admiral” despite a highly controversial handling of COVID lockdowns, wore a uniform with a skirt and heels.

Daily Wire 07/16/2022 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

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The Flying Pig with Lipstick

The “Snarky” Jill Biden Jill Biden Gives Snarky Response When Heckled About Gas Prices, Biden Performance

First Lady Jill Biden dismissed a man who yelled criticisms of President Joe Biden’s performance in office, namely the sky-high gas prices across the country.

“Your husband is the worst president we’ve ever had”, an unidentified male yelled as Jill Biden walked into a building.

“Thank you! Thank you for your support”, Biden yelled back, waving and smiling. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona, on her left, seemed to be smiling and laughing, too.

“You owe us gas money!” the man shouted.

“Thank you”, Biden again responded, a smile still on her face.

Daily Wire 07/22/2022 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Joe Fly Fishing For Hunter Biden's Laptop Reeling In Hunter's Connections: Exposing Joe Biden and Hunter's Colombia Connection

The Hunter Biden story has always been a Joe Biden story. (He has never spoken to his son about his son's overseas business dealings). It has been clear all along that Hunter Biden, like some other relatives of high office-holders, spent years trying to cash in on his father's government position. And we've known for a while that Justice Department investigators are looking into whether Hunter Biden paid taxes on the money he got from various overseas deals and whether he fully complied with foreign agent registration requirements.

It's hard to imagine a son traveling all around the world trading on his father's name and position and the father not knowing a single thing about it. And yet, that is what Joe Biden claims.

According to documents found on the Hunter Biden laptop, Hunter and his partners began corresponding about the Brazilian construction company called OAS/Colombia business in February 2011. They planned to pitch OAS - $20,000 a month, plus a 5% “success fee” - for Hunter's help in getting the Colombia projects. “If it works, we'll all be rich.”

An article by Reuters described OAS as “one of many Brazilian engineering and construction groups accused of paying bribes and rigging public contracts in Brazil's biggest-ever corruption scandal”.

Washington Examiner 07/19/2022 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search

Whoopi “Croaks Out” Whoopi “Croaks Out”: On ABC's “The View”s Whoopi Declares U.S. Just as Bad as Saudi Arabia With Roe Overturned

With President Biden back from his trip to Saudi Arabia to beg for oil (instead of increasing domestic production like his predecessor), the cast of ABC’s “The View” (except Sunny Hostin) manned the ramparts to defend him from those on the left who decried his fist bump greeting with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS).

As part of this defense, co-host Whoopi Goldberg suggested the overturning of Roe v. Wade meant the U.S. opposed women just like Saudi Arabia.

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Washington D.C. Democrats beg for help as border states bus migrants to Biden's backyard Washington D.C. Democrats beg for help as border states bus migrants to Biden's backyard:

AUSTIN, Texas - More than 150 buses traveling from Arizona and Texas have transported nearly 6,000 migrants to the nation’s capital over the past three months, and Democrats in Washington are complaining that they cannot accommodate the mass releases, as they turn a deaf ear to Hundreds of Thousands illegals pouring in at the Southern Border States due to Biden's Border Policy.

Washington Examiner 07/18/2022 • YouTubeDuckDuckGo Search