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Interpreting The Headlines Changing BS into CS (Common Sense)

Interpreting Year II Of The President Biden Administration

Bidenfather Crime Family: Biden's Screw-ups Bidenfather Crime Family: Biden's energy screw-upWashington Examiner

Joe Biden Is Doing Everything Possible To Avoid Unleashing American Energy ProductionThe Biden Family Racket Is Everything Leftists Fabricated About The Trumps, And Media Are Crickets

Biden’s Lack Of Any Strategy For Ukraine And Afghanistan Shows He’s Got None For U.S. National Security EitherWhy Did Biden Go Public With Charges Putin Might Use Chemical Weapons?The Federalist

Biden Set To Use Emergency Powers To Promote Clean Energy ProductionBiden Announces 1M Barrel Daily Release From Strategic Petroleum Reserve, Doubles Down On Clean Energy For “True And Lasting American Energy Independence”Daily Wire

Biden's “New World Order”: Disturbing Video Reveals What Their “New World Order” Looks LikeBongino

ANALYSIS: The Biden New World Order: A Corrupt Media, Government Bureaucrats, Voting System, Counting of Votes and Dumbing Down Education is what gets you when Campaigning from the Basement is allowed.

America's rudderless ship: A doddering, lying, corrupt old fool at the helm. Second in line, a crackling, clueless and confused woman embarrassment to all. Third in line, combinations of both.

• American taxpayers Pay to transfer the Oil from the Emergency Oil Reserve,

• Pay for Oil at the pump already paid for by American taxpayers,

• American taxpayers Pay to replace the Oil from the Emergency Oil Reserve at a higher price later,

• A depleted Oil supply in the Emergency Oil Reserve if there were to be an Emergency in the event of War, and

• A depleted Oil supply due to restrictions through federal permits and access.

We have threats and enemies:

• Communist China threats to Taiwan,

• Russia invades Ukraine,

• North Korea tests ballistic missiles with nuclear capability,

• Iran the World's largest State Sponsors of Terrorism, wants money, trade, nuclear capabilities and already tests ballistic missiles,

• Biden Administration in the background with Russia negotiating terms and reinstatement of the “Iran Nuclear Deal”,

• And a Wide Open Unchecked Southern Border where drugs, terrorists and diseases cross daily by the thousands in record numbers.

Like it or not the World runs on Oil, there are no good replacements in science discovered or created. There are very bad people in the World, who want all power at the expense of all others.

This is truly either the most corrupt, or most incompetent American president in history, or more likely both.

The National Pulse 04/01/2022 • RumbleDuckDuckGo Search

DISINFORMATION; “Laptop From Hell” DISINFORMATION; “Laptop From Hell”: CIA Officers Signed Letter Claiming Stories About A Laptop Allegedly Belonging to Hunter Biden Were Disinformation: CIA Officer Who Signed Hunter Biden Laptop Letter Claims Credit for Trump Loss

Election Watchdog Finds At least 137,500 Absentee Ballots Unlawfully Trafficked in Wisconsin: TEN trillion unique cell phone “pings” were used to reconstruct the movements of ballot box intermediaries in 2020 electionThe Epoch Times

House Judiciary Committee hearing: Hunter Biden laptop enters into congressional record: FBI’s Cyber Division, assistant director who informed the congressman that he had no information about the status of the copy of the laptop hard drive the FBI has had in its possession since 2019 as the president's son faces a federal investigation into his financial and foreign business affairsWashington Examiner

Laptop From Hell: Embarrassing moment FBI cyber chief admits to not knowing what the agency has done with Hunter Biden's seized laptop - as Florida Republican Matt Gaetz whips out a copy of the hard drive and has it admitted into Congress as evidenceDaily Mail

Hunter Biden’s Laptops Are Now An Active National Security Threat: An urgent concern for the country is the continuing threat to our national security posed by a compromised President BidenThe Federalist

The National Pulse 03/24/2022 • RumbleDuckDuckGo Search

America's Bio Labs: Not Russian Disinformation But Hunter's “Laptop From Hell” America's Bio Labs: Not Russian Disinformation But Hunter's “Laptop From Hell” America's Bio Labs: Not Russian Disinformation But Hunter's “Laptop From Hell” - Too Dangerous for America, But Not Too Dangerous for Non-Democracy Foreign Governments: EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden Bio Firm Partnered With Ukrainian Researchers “Isolating Deadly Pathogens” Using Funds From Obama’s Defense Department.

What Could Go Wrong With This? (Hunter Biden partners with Christopher Heinz (Heinz the stepson of former U.S. Secretary of State and current Climate Czar John Kerry)The National Pulse (Natalie Winters, Raheem J. Kassam)

Biden Family Dirty Laundry Hunter Biden’s Laptops Are Now An Active National Security Threat

FOUR Big Takeaways From The New York Times’ Attempt To Control The Hunter Biden NarrativeEIGHT Joe Biden Scandals Inside Hunter Biden’s MacBook That Corporate Media Just Admitted Is LegitThe Federalist

The National Pulse 03/24/2022 • RumbleDuckDuckGo Search

Bldquo;I’m Not A Biologist:” Biden's Supreme Court Nominee Says She Can’t Define The Word “Woman” Bldquo;I’m Not A Biologist:” Biden's Supreme Court Nominee Says She Can’t Define The Word “Woman” “I’m Not A Biologist:” Biden's Supreme Court Nominee Says She Can’t Define The Word “Woman”Biden Nominee Serves On Board Of D.C. School Promoting “Critical Race Theory”Daily Wire

Judge Nominated To Supreme Court On The Basis Of Her Sex Can’t Define “Woman”Ketanji Brown Jackson Is A Trustee At School That Hosts Racially Segregated “Affinity Groups” For Middle-SchoolersEverybody Knows Rachel Levine Is Truly A Man, Including Rachel LevineThe Federalist

Daily Wire 03/22/2022 • RumbleDuckDuckGo Search

Biden's Devil Wears Pravda Mainstream/Blamestream Media Scream: Devil Wears Pravda: Internet traffic cop NewsGuard Gives 100/100 Scores to Outlets Who Tried to Bury Biden Laptop StoryABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and CNN Gave It “Zero attention” Networks OMIT New York Times Story on Hunter Biden Emails (Stelter Hardest Hit)News

Senator Ron Johnson leads Republicans asking when the “Corrupt” Media, Twitter and Facebook will be held to account for taking a YEAR to “acknowledge” the Hunter Biden laptop story after dismissing it as fakeDaily Mail

Hunter Biden’s emails expose the Big Tech threat to democracyWashington Examiner

EIGHT Joe Biden Scandals Inside Hunter Biden’s MacBook That Corporate Media Just Admitted Is LegitThe Federalist

Pressure Mounting On Joe Biden After New York Times Acknowledges Hunter Biden Laptop First Reported By The New York Post Prior To 2020 ElectionDaily Wire

Daily Mail 03/22/2022 • RumbleDuckDuckGo Search

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Kamala Harris Tosses Word Salad, Waitress Deliverss Kamala Harris Tosses Word Salad, Waitress Delivers: “Say what?” Kamala Harris tosses word salad after meeting Jamaican prime minister, drawing a new round of ridicule from her critics - “For Jamaica, one of the issues that has been presented as an issue that is economic in the way its impact has been the pandemic ... we will assist Jamaica in COVID recovery by assisting in terms of the recovery efforts in Jamaica that have been essential” Washington Examiner 03/31/2022 • RumbleDuckDuckGo Search

Joe Biden “The Big Guy” Freak Show “The Bigger They Are The Harder They Fall:” Joe Biden “The Big Guy” Freak Show, “It's All About Joe, Not Hunter”: The media avoided the ties between Joe Biden and Hunter’s laptop

“Thank you for your service”, Joe Biden's 10% [percent] cut: What “Big Guy” Joe Biden said to Hunter's business partner Tony Bobulinski at discreet hotel meeting - two weeks before “Vice” President “asked for a 10% share in Chinese Communist Party energy firm”, new book claimNew York Post

New Evidence Suggests This Was a Lie. Exclusive: Joe Biden’s CIA Director Told Congress He Terminated a Relationship With a Chinese Communist Party Influence Group, China-United States-Exchange Foundation (CUSEF)The National Pulse (Natalie Winters, Raheem J. Kassam)

NOW Hunter Biden's business practices are broader than previously known: New details emerge about federal investigation into Hunter BidenCBS News

Hunter Biden’s laptop: Here’s how The Post analyzedBIG TECH Cancel Culture: Hunter Biden laptop findings “Renew Scrutiny” of Twitter, Facebook CrackdownsWashington Post

CNN Finally Admits What We Knew All Along: The double standard with Hunter Biden's laptop - It's worse than you thinkCNN

New York Post 03/30/2022 • RumbleDuckDuckGo Search

Biden used “cheat sheet” while doubling down on unscripted message to oust Putin Joe Biden's “Cheat Sheet”: President Joe Biden once again referred to a numerically ordered questions/answers printed “Cheat Sheet” as he doubles down on his unscripted weekend claim that Vladimir Putin “Cannot Remain In Power”New York Post

WAR IN UKRAINE: Biden claims his three Russia gaffes DIDN'T HAPPEN despite White House having to walk them back: President says he stands by his comment that Putin “cannot remain in power” but insists he was “expressing moral outrage not policy change”Kremlin says Biden's gaffe was “alarming”: Putin's inner circle has tepid response to President's “this man cannot remain in power” slip-upDaily Mail

The National Pulse 03/28/2022 • RumbleDuckDuckGo Search

Jen Psaki, Cleanup On Aisle Nine Squad Jen Psaki, Cleanup On Aisle Nine Squad: White House launches damage control over Biden's “Butcher” Putin remarks “Stand Against Putin To Stop War”

Confused call for Putin to lose power mars Biden's bid to show improvement since Afghanistan debacleWashington Examiner

Biden slammed for his “unscripted” declaration that Putin ”cannot remain in power”: Experts fear “off-the-cuff” remark will seriously escalate tensionsDaily Mail

Washington Examiner 03/26/2022 • RumbleDuckDuckGo Search

Biden Lonely in a Crowd WAR IN UKRAINE - OH DEAR, DEER IN HEADLIGHTS: After Kamala spectacular cackling events at NATO, Joe's brutal gaffes of incompetence and senility follow: Biden refuses to rule out first-strike use of U.S. nuclear weapons under “extreme circumstances” in dramatic reversal of his campaign vow after Putin's invasion of Ukraine

Joe's Brain Fog of War: Bungling Biden suggests U.S. troops WILL be sent into Ukraine in slip-up during speech to troops in Poland - forcing the White House to make correction

Don't Test Us, Vlad: Biden warns Putin that NATO has “Contingency Plans” amid fears he could strike a member country as President lands in Poland and meets troops from 82nd Airborne

Biden visits 82nd Airborne in Poland and tells the specialist parachute division “Don't Jump”, says Declaration of Independence “Sounds Corny” and reveals Beau called himself Hunter in Iraq to hide his name

Daily Mail 03/26/2022 • RumbleDuckDuckGo Search

Chief Medical Advisor to the President Dr Fauci, Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky Counting Deaths Chief Medical Advisor to the President Dr Fauci, Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky Counting Deaths: Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Tells New York Times It Hid Covid Data For Political ReasonsThe Federalist

Reported pediatric COVID-19 deaths plummet 24% after CDC fixes “coding logic error”Washington Examiner

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Responds After Reporting Fewer COVID-19 Pediatric DeathsPfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Goes Into Liver Cells and Is Converted to DNA: Study

Made In China Poison Control Centers Warn About Toxic Chemical in At-Home COVID-19 Test KitsFauci Agency Knew Chinese Authorities Were Withholding COVID-19 Data in January 2020, Documents ShowThe Federalist

The Federalist 03/22/2022 • RumbleDuckDuckGo Search